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Saturday, June 27, 2009


The eco-fascists are always talking about how their computer models show that global warming/climate change is true so I have decided to join in the game & produce a pocket calculator model proving how many people the corrupt, lying, thieving scum who, UNANIMOUSLY, make up the Scottish parliament have voted to kill.

This is based on how a British Medical Journal study several years ago examined income inequality and its effect on mortality. It estimated that a 1 per cent difference in income translated into 21 deaths per 100,000 per year.

Over the next 11 years the Scottish Parliament intend to cut the use of fire by 42%. I will assume that this will merely lead to a 42% loss in GNP. From 2021 to 2050 the decline will be to 80%. From then on no further cuts are currently mandated. This takes no account of losses due to closing our nuclear facilities & no account for losses in future growth which are assured. On the other side it makes no account for emigration or child deaths (or not being conceived in such a society) leading to lower population.

So that makes 11 years at an average cut of 21%. 30 years at an average cut of 61% & & 50 years at a cut of 80%.

The total loss is (231% + 1830% + 4000%) 6061% years of lost growth.

Total lives lost in a country of 5 million people will be (50 X 21 x 6061) 6,364,050 early deaths directly & quite deliberately caused by these corrupt fascists over the next century. This of course makes no account whatsoever for the growth the country could have if we were not tun by medievalists.

Clearly when it comes to mass murder Pol Pot does not get a look in when compared to Alex Salmond. Even Stalin, with the great advantage of running a country of over 200 million people, trying to actually build an economy & doing so for decades may have only killed between 5 times as many (median estimate) & 55% (lowest est). Of course Stalin was not only trying to build a modern society but to build one which would be strong enough to resist attack by Germany & then the USA. I do not think anybody can claim any of our MSPs have one 5th or indeed one 55th as much excuse.

Am I serious - well ok not entirely since I am quite sure that an insane decision by power grabbing politicians today, no matter how unanimous, will not be carried out 91 years hence. On the other hand the figures are totally serious, transparent, factual & I believe cannot honestly be disputed (consider that an invitation to anybody who disputes that every Scottish MSP is a wholly corrupt mass murderer). There is obviously no fraud in the figures as we have seen from the warming alarmists, no concealing of algorithms, no misuse of figures (or here) - in which case the calculation is enormously more credible than anything from the alarmists.

What I am certainly serious about is that this programme will, indeed already has, caused substantial economic damage & therefore many deaths. That these were & are wholly pointless. That the politicians involved have been fully informed of what they are doing, purely for of power & to menace the public with yet another "hobgoblin" & thus know how corrupt & murderous they are.


Of the attempt to prosecute Michael Jackson I previously wrote
a man who wants to live in a childlike manner. I do not believe that there is any evil whatsoever in his behaviour - a lack of cynicism & a refusal to kow tow to the hypocrisy demanded by the media of all stars, politicians, popes etc but no evil. The Victorians are sometimes ridiculed for their obsession with sex & with respectability but they don't hold a candle to us. They produced Alice in Wonderland & we are destroying Neverland.
Afterwards I wrote
About bloody time too....

Jackson is clearly a true innocent & the very fact that he was ever charged with this nonsense shows the existence of VERY sick society.
Now let him Rest in Peace.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Scottish parliament leaders photo-op

The letter I said I was sending yesterday has been published in part today by the Scotsman which is more than I expected considering the reasoning that went into saying our MSPs compare, badly, against the most destructive, ignorant, witch doctor ridden & uncivilised savages in history.

With the exception of the leading letter which is from the WWF fakecharity, other letters are also opposed to this Ludditry. The bits published are in bold & you can see from the rest how contemptible I consider the behaviour of Holyrood's MSPs has been:

In 1856 a young African woman Nongqawuse said that the ancestors had ordered that all cattle be killed, that all stored grain should be destroyed, that no grain should be planted and that everyone should purge themselves of all charms and witchcraft. If this were done then the world would be saved, the Xhosa people fed & all would be well.

Not all believed, not even all their leaders & indeed threats & violence were used against sceptics & deniers. The mob hysteria was unabated even when the first predicted dates for this transformation failed to happen. Finally it was predicted that the Sun would rise coloured red on 16th Feb 1857 & unlimited cattle be provided by the ancestors.

Obviously the Sun rose the normal colour, the Xhosa were not fed & 10s of thousands of them starved to death.

Compare & contrast this with the Scottish Parliament which has unanimously, unlike the Xhosa leaders, adopted a law that we should destroy most of our economy. The correlation between energy consumption & wealth is one of the clearest in all economics. As part of what has correctly been called "The War Against Fire" they wish us to destroy 42% of Scotland's fire producing facilities over the next 11 years & 80% by 2050. In a display of added insanity they want to close down the only substantial other source of power - our nuclear generators. This will ultimately reduce us to a level of energy usage & therefore standard of living unknown since Victorian times. We will sink into a 3rd world society as the BRICK (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea) become the dominant 21stC economies.

Nor do the Holyrood MSP's have the excuse of ignorance the Xhosa tribal leaders had. They lived in a world where people genuinely believed in the magic powers of the ancestors whereas we know that the scientific method works & that a science is only as good as the experimental predictions it makes. While Nongqawuse's predictions had less than a year to fail "catastrophic global warming" has had 30 years now & we know global temperature is not now demonstrably higher than 1979. Like all other massive catastrophe predictions made by our self appointed "environmentalist" shamans (global ice age, acid rain, pollution caused cancers bringing life expectancy down to 42 by 20 years ago, peak oil by 1993, increasing millions of deaths by starvation annually starting 30 years ago, radiation deaths etc. etc.) global warming, even when rebranded as "climate change" is not only a "theory" but one disproven by massive evidence.

Every single MSP knows this. Every single journalist pushing this hysteria has seen the facts. They are doing this merely because it increases their power & sells newspapers. Not a single one of what is now de facto a single party in Holyrood can ever again claim to be in any slightest way motivated by a duty to help constituents. Not a single one of these parasites can claim to be honest.

Since nearly 3,000 Scots already unnecessarily die, annually, from fuel poverty we may expect the ultimate death toll in Scotland from the War Against Fire to greatly exceed the 1856 hysteria.

Ref - Xhosa history
Previous non-truthful predictions by eco-shamans

One thing I may have understated - though the relationship between power usage & national wealth is clear it is fairly variable & Britain already produces less power for our GNP than any sizable developed country.

I previously quoted an SF writer on how nations decivilise & it seems appropriate. Scotland's parliament has unanimously voted for barbarism.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Said Gordon Brewer on BBC's Newsnight Scotland yesterday.

Another reporter then stated "climate change is happening, that is beyond doubt". That, while representing the absoluter pinnacle of honesty to which the BBC aspire is, of course, a complete total & deliberate lie which no organisation could claim unless it were totally dishonest, corrupt & fascist.

Unfortunately this seems to be exactly how Scottish politics is being run. Yesterday

Landmark legislation to help Scotland tackle the threat of climate change has been passed unanimously by MSPs.

Ministers have set a target for a 42% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, rising to 80% by 2050.

The SNP has claimed its climate change plan was more ambitious than Westminster proposals.

As well as meeting targets, ministers said other action was vital, such as boosting renewable energy and a leap in energy efficiency.

The Scottish Government's Climate Change Bill cleared its final parliamentary hurdle, after ministers upped their 2020 target from 34%.

But it will only be set at 42% if European governments agree to reduce emissions by 30%.

SNP ministers acknowledge an 80% cut in emissions in itself would make no difference on a global scale.

But they hope Scotland can take a lead on the issue - one of the most serious threats facing the planet - for others to follow.

The Scottish Government has set out a wide-ranging vision to address climate change, including a drive to boost renewable energy such as wind and wave power.

Ministers also want to see significant progress in boosting the energy efficiency of buildings, an increase in the number of electric vehicles on the roads and cuts in emissions across the farming and rural sector.

Finance Secretary John Swinney told MSPs that passing the "world-leading" legislation was a historic day for the Scottish Parliament...

Hollywood star and Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed the move by the Scottish Parliament.

He said: "Scotland's ambitious and comprehensive targets encourage other nations to step up to the plate as we look toward an international agreement in Copenhagen, and it sends a message to the world that we must act now and we must act swiftly."

In fact every last one of them, along with every BBC & other journalist knows for a fact that there is no significant global warming happening & that this is simply an attempt by a party (since all 5 parties have virtually the same policy they are de facto the same party) to enhance its own power & money by deliberately impoverishing the rest of the country. Every single one of these fascists knows that they are sentencing innocent people to die of hypothermia because of expensive & soon intermittent power. There are no circumstances in which any of these obscene lying fascist parasites can ever honestly claim to be remotely interested in fighting poverty, improving health or any of the other things these liars claim to stand for.

I'll put up my letter to the press on this in a few days after the corrupt scum don't print it.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


In reply to a letter by Steuart Campbell on the the utility of nuclear power a prat wrote in to give alternate figures from - well read for yourself
PETER Roche (Letter, 23 June) has been kind enough to say where his figures for the possible future cost of nuclear power came from – the Vermont Law School. In Britain and the US, most politicians are lawyers, whereas in China most are engineers.

With this law school knowing so much more engineering than the engineers (who say that at 1.7p a unit, nuclear is far less expensive) we must all be glad to be ruled by lawyers, otherwise we might now be in a recession as bad as China's 8 per cent growth.
I am told that the Vermont Law School report is so meandering as to be incomprehensible which means they are either very bad or very good lawyers, depending on whether they trying to inform or conceal, but either way very poor engineers.

I also sent Jerry Pournelle the previously discussed report from the World health Organisation about how all those promises of a widespread epidemic of infectious AIDS was no longer operative.

Jerry had previously, while not saying that infectious AIDS is a scam, made these reasonable points:

...Peter Duesberg, Chief Virologist of the University of California, said he did not accept the HIV = AIDS hypothesis, and proposed an experimentum crucium which would falsify the HIV causes AIDS hypothesis. As I recall he asked for ten millions of dollars; this from a budget of over a billion earmarked for AIDS research. (AIDS research funding very quickly grew to huge numbers, larger than the amounts earmarked for breast cancer, a matter of some concern to women's organizations.) He didn't get the money, and much of the scientific community turned on him with a vengeance. He was called an unqualified quack. In those days "AIDS Denialist" hadn't been invented as an accusation, but there are few epithets that were not hurled at him.

There are several problems here. First, Duesberg was hardly a quack, and had he requested a hundred million dollars for HIV research without stating his opposition to the HIV = AIDS hypothesis he probably would have got it -- he was, after all, a key figure in the discovery of the retrovirus, and was among the leading figures in virus research. One would have thought that the simplest way to deal with him would have been to give him the ten million and see what he did with it; one would have thought that his reputation would have earned that much.

Second, given the billion dollars to be spent on AIDS research -- just about all of it to be spent on the HIV = AIDS hypothesis -- it would seem to be a simple act of prudence to invest in a crucial test of the central hypothesis driving all that research. The evidence for the HIV = AIDS hypothesis may have been pretty strong, but it wasn't overwhelming them.

And, finally, the incident raises the general question of consensus science: in an era in which funding is largely governed by the peer review process, how do dissenters fare? What if the general consensus be wrong? That wouldn't be unprecedented. nor is the use of ridicule as a major argument against those with new ideas. (Recall "Tell me, Mr. Darwin, on which side of your family are you descended from an ape?" There was, after all, a time when "Creation Denialist" was a pretty serious charge...

I'm not an AIDS Denialist -- but because I have no expertise on the subject, and the only thing I've read about it in years is the New Scientist article I cite above; read that and you'll know all I do about it

I answer to my item he said

Actually, the threat of heterosexual AIDS and the question of why the discrepancy in heterosexual between the US and Africa may be an entirely different question from the HIV = AIDS hypothesis. The threat of heterosexual AIDS epidemics was originally a major factor in obtaining AIDS research funds. That's no longer such a critical factor. Until the actual cause of AIDS was known, the mechanisms of AIDS propagation were pretty hard to determine.

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Monday, June 22, 2009


The fourth launch of a liquid-fueled rocket occurred on July 17, 1929. Considered much more elaborate than the first three, Robert Goddard equipped the rocket with a barometer, thermometer and a camera to record their readings during flight. The rocket achieved a maximum altitude of 90 feet in an 18.5-second flight covering a distance of 171 feet.

The scientific payload was recovered safely via parachute. However, the launch was so noisy and bright that it captured much public attention. Many eyewitnesses believed an aircraft had crashed in the area. Local fire officials quickly forced Goddard to discontinue his launch operations at the Auburn site.

Aviation hero Charles A. Lindbergh paid his first visit to Goddard on November 23, 1929. Lindbergh had become fascinated by accounts of the work of Goddard he had read, and believed strongly that rocketry had vast and significant potential.

Lindbergh arranged financial support for Goddard, which included a $50,000 grant from the Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics, paid to Clark University to fund research activities of Goddard. In addition, a smaller grant from the Carnegie Institution was received for the construction of test facilities.

In December, 1929 Goddard established a rocket test facility at Camp Devens, artillery range.

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon. The first steps by humans on another planetary body were taken by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969. The astronauts also returned to Earth the first samples from another planetary body. Apollo 11 achieved its primary mission - to perform a manned lunar landing and return the mission safely to Earth

The Saturn 5 rocket's capacity was:
Height 110.6 m (363 ft)
Diameter 10.1 m (33 ft)
Mass 3,038,500 kg (6,699,000 lb)
Stages 3
Payload to LEO 118,000 kg (260,000 lb)
Payload to
Lunar vicinity 47,000 kg (100,000 lb)

From about 1969 political movements, at least in America & western Europe have become ever more anti-technology. members of this movement asserted that the money could be put to better use here on this Planet & have since spent tens of trillions solving all our problems.

The Apollo programme was allowed to peter out & NASA budgets were cut so that, though there remained enough money to work as a job creation programme there was virtually noting left for space development. Though allowed to limp along the last Space shuttle is due to be cancelled in 2010 which will leave access to the International Space Station dependent on the Russian spaceship Soyuz-TMA. This is the latest of the Soyuz spaceships, a line first launched in 1967.

I think the comparison between the 90 feet achieved 40 years before Apollo, 250,000 miles achieved by it & the current reliance on Russia to reach Earth orbit shows that had we continued the trend up to 1969 we would now not only have unlimited power from solar power satellites, substantial space colonies & asteroid mining but would have explored the entire solar system. Whether these would be worth all the money spent fighting the new ice age, global warming, building windmills, preventing passive smoking, eating salt & preparing for the oil to run out in 1990 must be a matter of opinion.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009


The extreme age of the universe and its vast number of stars suggest that if the Earth is typical, extraterrestrial life should be common.[1] In an informal discussion in 1950, the physicist Enrico Fermi questioned why, if a multitude of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations exist in the Milky Way galaxy, evidence such as spacecraft or probes are not seen.
The wikipedia article & articles linked to it give a fair overview of the question. Since Fermi asked this we have seen & heard orders of magnitude farther & deeper into the universe than they had then & the lack of any evidence of other intelligent life is even more obvious.

I have discussed this before & I think it boils down to 2 options. The pessimistic one being that intelligent life finds it's capacity for self destruction growing geometrically until we destroy ourselves. The optimistic one, because it assumes we have passed the risky bit, is the Rare Earths Hypothesis &/or that the chemical formation of life itself is so improbable that it is only likely to form once, if that. This is part of why searching for microbial life on Mars, whether related to Earth life having been carried there, or slightly more likely here, by meteors or light pressure.

Which brings me to a further paradox which I mentioned in a recent throw away comment to Brian Dunbar. I have said that I think the Everett-Wheeler Multiverse theory probable. If so there exist an effective infinity of universes, some of which, well actually an effective infinity of which, will be more technologically advanced than us. I believe the 2 slit experiment shows information, namely location of photons in all the other alternates, being measured here. It may be that what we are seeing is the enormous number of possible alternates of the possible positioning of the photons in the experiment (& enormous number of attached universes) collapsing into 1. Nonetheless it does seem to show transferance of information across alternates. Since that is observed then communication is theoretically possible too. So where are they?

Where are the Professor Burroughs with his/their Continua Devices? & the Paratime Police of H. Beam Piper.
To be continued.... here


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