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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Said Gordon Brewer on BBC's Newsnight Scotland yesterday.

Another reporter then stated "climate change is happening, that is beyond doubt". That, while representing the absoluter pinnacle of honesty to which the BBC aspire is, of course, a complete total & deliberate lie which no organisation could claim unless it were totally dishonest, corrupt & fascist.

Unfortunately this seems to be exactly how Scottish politics is being run. Yesterday

Landmark legislation to help Scotland tackle the threat of climate change has been passed unanimously by MSPs.

Ministers have set a target for a 42% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, rising to 80% by 2050.

The SNP has claimed its climate change plan was more ambitious than Westminster proposals.

As well as meeting targets, ministers said other action was vital, such as boosting renewable energy and a leap in energy efficiency.

The Scottish Government's Climate Change Bill cleared its final parliamentary hurdle, after ministers upped their 2020 target from 34%.

But it will only be set at 42% if European governments agree to reduce emissions by 30%.

SNP ministers acknowledge an 80% cut in emissions in itself would make no difference on a global scale.

But they hope Scotland can take a lead on the issue - one of the most serious threats facing the planet - for others to follow.

The Scottish Government has set out a wide-ranging vision to address climate change, including a drive to boost renewable energy such as wind and wave power.

Ministers also want to see significant progress in boosting the energy efficiency of buildings, an increase in the number of electric vehicles on the roads and cuts in emissions across the farming and rural sector.

Finance Secretary John Swinney told MSPs that passing the "world-leading" legislation was a historic day for the Scottish Parliament...

Hollywood star and Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed the move by the Scottish Parliament.

He said: "Scotland's ambitious and comprehensive targets encourage other nations to step up to the plate as we look toward an international agreement in Copenhagen, and it sends a message to the world that we must act now and we must act swiftly."

In fact every last one of them, along with every BBC & other journalist knows for a fact that there is no significant global warming happening & that this is simply an attempt by a party (since all 5 parties have virtually the same policy they are de facto the same party) to enhance its own power & money by deliberately impoverishing the rest of the country. Every single one of these fascists knows that they are sentencing innocent people to die of hypothermia because of expensive & soon intermittent power. There are no circumstances in which any of these obscene lying fascist parasites can ever honestly claim to be remotely interested in fighting poverty, improving health or any of the other things these liars claim to stand for.

I'll put up my letter to the press on this in a few days after the corrupt scum don't print it.

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That unanimity is traditional in one-party authoritarian states, I think. Even if MMGW were true, then surely there'd be a few nutcases who see it like we do.
In fact every last one of them, along with every BBC & other journalist knows for a fact that there is no significant global warming happening...

I think you are being too harsh. The average reporter doesn't know anything beyond what they have been told about GW on TV, and often has no desire to learn about such online, and as such many really do believe in GW.

Second, you are assuming that rank and file reporters think through the consequences of their opinions.

Most reporters are useful idiots, not thinkers.
Sadly, all exactly right.

It amazes me why others don't see it. Maybe when they sytart to shiver they will start to think?
here is an old piece of advice to delibnquent children - If you can't be a good example at least you can be a horrible warning.

I am very reluctantly coming to the conclusion that this is the only function we can now usefully serve.

hanks for the kind words on John Redwood by the way.
I may be being harsh but if they have been told something that an intelligent human can understand & have no coherent rebuttal then I take it that they know it even if they deliberately refuse to face the facts.
I did once blog about how Brian Monteith, libertarian Conservative MSP had been the only MSP to vote against building a Borders railway (a piece of LibDem porkbarreling) & how he had not been allowed to speak in the debate.

He was later expelled from the Tories. It seems even PR is not enough to allow diversity if the culture isn't there.
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