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Monday, June 13, 2005


About bloody time too.

They never had anything that could be called evidence.

Jackson is clearly a true innocent & the very fact that he was ever charged with this nonsense shows the existence of VERY sick society.

I hope he sues California for everything it is worth.

I am just seeing this reported on Newsnight & it is clear they had 2 lots of stock films in the can for this. Yuri Geller is about to be wheeled out to tell us how glad he, as a friend of Michael's, is SOOO pleased about this & had been using his magic powers to help the verdict. He should crawl back under his rock but I think we will see a lot of rocks moving.

Well, maybe. Possibly not guilty of the major charges, but still a strange man who likes to keep children in his bedrooms & slip them alcohol. Not wise. However, lots of agendas here behind the actual charges. Not pretty whichever way you look at it....
Well it shows that justice still works at least

agree with Donald, he does appear to be weird, but that is no excuse for jailing him
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