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Saturday, June 27, 2009


The eco-fascists are always talking about how their computer models show that global warming/climate change is true so I have decided to join in the game & produce a pocket calculator model proving how many people the corrupt, lying, thieving scum who, UNANIMOUSLY, make up the Scottish parliament have voted to kill.

This is based on how a British Medical Journal study several years ago examined income inequality and its effect on mortality. It estimated that a 1 per cent difference in income translated into 21 deaths per 100,000 per year.

Over the next 11 years the Scottish Parliament intend to cut the use of fire by 42%. I will assume that this will merely lead to a 42% loss in GNP. From 2021 to 2050 the decline will be to 80%. From then on no further cuts are currently mandated. This takes no account of losses due to closing our nuclear facilities & no account for losses in future growth which are assured. On the other side it makes no account for emigration or child deaths (or not being conceived in such a society) leading to lower population.

So that makes 11 years at an average cut of 21%. 30 years at an average cut of 61% & & 50 years at a cut of 80%.

The total loss is (231% + 1830% + 4000%) 6061% years of lost growth.

Total lives lost in a country of 5 million people will be (50 X 21 x 6061) 6,364,050 early deaths directly & quite deliberately caused by these corrupt fascists over the next century. This of course makes no account whatsoever for the growth the country could have if we were not tun by medievalists.

Clearly when it comes to mass murder Pol Pot does not get a look in when compared to Alex Salmond. Even Stalin, with the great advantage of running a country of over 200 million people, trying to actually build an economy & doing so for decades may have only killed between 5 times as many (median estimate) & 55% (lowest est). Of course Stalin was not only trying to build a modern society but to build one which would be strong enough to resist attack by Germany & then the USA. I do not think anybody can claim any of our MSPs have one 5th or indeed one 55th as much excuse.

Am I serious - well ok not entirely since I am quite sure that an insane decision by power grabbing politicians today, no matter how unanimous, will not be carried out 91 years hence. On the other hand the figures are totally serious, transparent, factual & I believe cannot honestly be disputed (consider that an invitation to anybody who disputes that every Scottish MSP is a wholly corrupt mass murderer). There is obviously no fraud in the figures as we have seen from the warming alarmists, no concealing of algorithms, no misuse of figures (or here) - in which case the calculation is enormously more credible than anything from the alarmists.

What I am certainly serious about is that this programme will, indeed already has, caused substantial economic damage & therefore many deaths. That these were & are wholly pointless. That the politicians involved have been fully informed of what they are doing, purely for of power & to menace the public with yet another "hobgoblin" & thus know how corrupt & murderous they are.

Neil, you state that every single Hollyrood politician is a batshit crazy leftwinger. Since these MSPs are elected, it would make sense that these men represent the middle of public opinion up there, which seems to be on the far left.

One of the things I have had to come to grips with after the 2008 election was how many people here in the US are either gullible, evil, naievely leftist or otherwise unsuitable to live or vote in modern society. Maybe 10-15% of the American electorate is not composed of cowards or leftists, making the US a left wing country.

1. Applying my point about America to Scotland, what do you think it would take to change public opinion in Scotland?

2. Do you think Scotland drags the British government in London to the Left?
That the public insist on electing idiots is always the problem. Scotland does have a self image of being "left" & when being a freethinker who believed in eqal opportunities for all was considered "left" we were. Unfortunately the designation has stayed while the political spectrum has moved drasticaly.

I must admit I had expected that our parliament, with PR, would new people & ideas in but that has not happened it has just let in an avalanche of the politically correct. It may be, as I was thinking with Porto Rico that it is because politicos have control over spending alone. If so independence might be the shock we need. Or stringing up everybody in the BBC - I don't think that beyond that our journalists are more stupid than the London ones.

Scots votes certainly drag the UK to the left since it would be very difficult for Labour to get a majority without 40-50 Scots MPs - not that i would like the Toriy's, or anybody, to have a permanent handle on power. Perhaps as important is that UKIP have made few inroads here. If we became separate countries i suspect the biggest "rightward" pressure would be the example of success or failure we would set each other as in the Ireland case.
Puerto Rico is officially an independent country in free association with the United States, although Puerto Ricans are US citizens. One thing I have never understood is why PRs are allowed to collect welfare on the island. From what I have read here on the mainland PRs often collect welfare at the same rate as Blacks and they are often as violent or worse.

I think this leftism is because every group seeks to preserve itself, and either does so by hostility to the majority or by having a separate country. If Scotland had its independence from both the EU and UK I think it would very quickly move to the right.

If you do get you independence though, don't allow the EU to use you against England, the way it did during the time of Elizabeth I.

Anyway, Because of PRs status they do not pay any federal income taxes, although I think other taxes may be collected on the Island, such as liquor taxes.

If Scotland had PRs status you would be able to implement most of your agenda, but you would have to deal with many of your people having their characters ruined by welfare.

I think the federal government pays the welfare either as a bribe to either keep the rest of the Puerto Ricans from moving to the mainland or to keep Pr in association with the US. The democrats, in their perpetual search for ways to debase America and garner votes is always pushing for PR to become a state.

Anyway, as far as I know there is no example anywhere on earth of national minorities in a multinational empire of ever identifying to the right of the group the empire is supposed to built around. Here in the US, east Asians vote Democratic even though they are intelligent enough to succeed on their own and they dominate academic institutions, as does every other colored group. This leftist minority rule also holds in Canada, where Quebec votes for the Left constantly because they feel alienated from the mainstream.

Let me beat the US example a little harder. If you look at my first blogpost you will see that I collected the a series of pre-election polls showing that only one religious group in the US votes Republican: White Evangelical Protestants. Every other group votes for the left, including Catholics, who have been here for at least a century and a half.
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