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Sunday, July 19, 2009

THE FERMI PARADOX CUBED - The Craig Paradox #2

Nearly a month ago I asked the Fermi Question about the Multiverse. The question being that if the universe is full of inhabited beings why haven't we met the aliens?

The multiverse version that if there are an infinite number of parallel universes & it is possible, as the 2 slit experiment suggests, for information at the quantum level to cross over, why haven't we met ourselves?

One partial answer to Fermi is that other stars are so far away & light speed such an absolute limit that they can't get here.

The number of parallels being infinite any such bar on travel would have to be an infinite one. I therefore think that though the 2 slit experiment shows it possible to get limited amounts of information across it will forever be absolutely impossible to transfer anything much larger than a photon. No Captain Kirk meeting his Mirror Universe double, which considering the story is a good thing, but it may be possible for him to phone him someday.

I think there could usefully be experiments going on to see if the interference patterns of the 2 slit experiment can be altered. Note that if every decision taken is paralleled by a different one almost as soon as some experimenter starts doing such experiments his parallel will be doing something slightly different. That alone should affect the interference pattern though measuring any effect will be incredibly difficult. Nonetheless it would turn Multiverse theory from an unfalsified theory to an experimental science.

And I want to read the Piper & Heinlein books they wrote after they died in our alternate.


The other alternative is that we really are alone in the universe.

Al-fin linked to pdf document a few weeks ago that claimed that major parts of the universe are uninhabitable.
Even if we are alone in the universe if this multiverse theory is correct we cannot be alone in it - though whether we can ever contact alternates is a diferent question.
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