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Saturday, November 21, 2009

WARMING ALARMISTS DELIBERATE FRAUD PROVEN - Professor Phil Jones got £13.7 million for what he has boasted to colleagues is fraud & should go to jail

Somebody, probably Russians but perhaps somebody inside disgusted with what was going on, has hacked into The CRU (main world centre for global warming data collection) files & released a large amount of data & emails. I like to think it was Russian hackers, it is the romantic in me, but in any case some of the things these people have committed to email are astonishing/ For Example Professor Phil Jones
I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline.
Gary Funkhouser
I really wish I could be more positive about the Kyrgyzstan material, but I swear I pulled every trick out of my sleeve trying to milk something out of that. It was pretty funny though - I told Malcolm what you said about my possibly being too Graybill-like in evaluating the response functions - he laughed and said that's what he thought at first also. The data's tempting but there's too much variation even within stands. I don't think it'd be productive to try and juggle the chronology statistics any more than I already have
So no question then that these people & the people they were writing to, were perfectly well aware that they were deliberately falsifying the data to produce the appearance of global warming.

For this Professor Jones has received £13.7 million (that is about 1/3rd, adjusting for inflation, the £2.5 million the Great Train robbers got between them, but the collateral damage is far greater running into billions.

Once again we see that the entire warming scam is deliberately fraudulent but this time there is written evidence.

In Blackadder "The criminal's vanity always makes them make one tiny but fatal mistake. Theirs was to have their entire conspiracy printed and published in plain manuscript" but that was in an anachronistic 18thC & today they have used email. If this is what so many of them were putting in writing & reading think what they must have been saying over a beer. It is impossible that anybody in any part of the scientific community with any sort of regular communication with the Climate Research Unit (CRU), including the editors of Nature mentioned above, can have been unaware or unsuspicious of this. Those actively complicit in crime should be imprisoned. Those involved by inaction should never work in any scientific institution again. Indeed it will be impossible to describe any institution which wishes to retain any such frauds as in a scientific institution.

Since the money was provided by government it is unlikely that those at the top paying our money for it were not deliberately & actively guilty & impossible to believe any of them weren't at least passively so.

The BBC has reported on the hacking but carefully censored any mention of what was actually said which puts them in the position of saying of Auschwitz only that anybody who says anything about it is breaking German law. This has just broken but even so the lack of MSM coverage is indicative. By any objective standards this is the major news story of the day. I think, once again, we are seeing the blogsphere as the only trustworthy source of real news. Incidentally it looks like Palin is about right when she recently answered a repetition of the question what papers she reds by saying "I read Newsmax and the Frontiersman and Wall Street Journal and everything online" but I may be proved wrong & see the dead tree press giving the proof of the entire global warming story being built on massive & deliberate fraud as much coverage as they have of the original fraud. Any bets.

Either way congratulations to the hackers who brought these emails to the public. Links to the entire records further coverage is on The Reference Frame here & everywhere else shortly.

If it was Russian hackers who did this I will raise a glass to them & be glad that they, at least, live in a country which will not extradite hackers to foreign countries for things done in their own homes. That we learn of this today means that we live in a freer country because of them.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

5TH Anniversay of A PLACE TO STAND

I started this blog in November 2004, actually on the 14th, by putting up Milosevic's opening "trial" speech , some previous stuff from another page & a set of 12 programme suggestions made in response to a radio request for ideas. These still fit pretty well with what I am pushing now & are largely still things the MSM won't discuss. Some years later Ms Riddoch used 1 of them, a discussion of why Ireland's economy is growing & gave me an on air acknowledgement.

Looking back virtually everything holds up. Things I got factually wrong - I thought the Sun must have had Mark Oaten's outing on file for years & used it as a deliberate spoiler & the climate hoax. Falling for the hoax is the only thing which got me mentioned on Australian media but by holding up my hands to it & following up on it redeemed myself - certainly, as I pointed out at the time, the MSM fall for much more obvious hoaxes & don't hold their hands up. On balance I'm sure it did much more to discredit alarmist hoaxers than real science. I have been wrong several times in trusting to politicians. I was enthusiastic for the SNP's alleged conversion to Irish style growth. While there are people in the party who sincerely want that, the leader & deputy are quite obviously not & nothing has been done. I also thought Gordon Brown had the capacity to be a really very good PM. However in both cases they could have been & it was their error not mine. Still it makes me more cynical about politicians. Out of about 1.300 posts, almost all of them saying something controversial, that isn't bad.

Beyond those, while there are very many things which I said which weren't politically correct then & still aren't I cannot see anything on which I was actually wrong & not even anything on which opinion has clearly moved against me.

And that is the purpose of this blog. "Give me a place to stand & I will move the world" said Archimedes & he had got the orbital mechanics right, but to do it you have to get your fulcrum right & pull for a long time without any measurable movement. But once you change an orbit even slightly it can take an entirely new direction.

There has certainly been movement on nuclear power (all parties were opposed when I started); Yugoslavia (progressives now tend to think our leaders were wrong & nobody is willing to defend it, merely to censor); commercial space & X-Prizes; global warming (now rebranded climate change since it isn't warming); eco-fascism generally; the media (we have seen the net growing as a general & trusted source of news & the MSM deservedly failing); even on growth Irish style while we have only seen Brown take 2% off corporation tax it has become a subject of limited public debate & the Conservatives are, sort of, promising more. Whether on the blog or newspaper letters or comments on other blogs like John Redwood, Iain Dale, Mark Wadsworth & Douglas Carswell I have helped is impossible to say. The fact that Scotland's politicians are the most Luddite in UK on nuclear & warming would suggest not but I am not sure they are representative. In the process I have been banned from C4 discussion board, the Guardian, Herald, Scotsman, Your Scotland board, Sun & alternative history board (the last called me a liar for saying the Dargodan Massacre & Dissections happened in a thread discussing an alternate Kosovo war). Probably the one thing I can definitely say I achieved myself (well with Steuart Campbell's help) was the coverage of SEPA's fraud in claiming to have found radium at Dalgety bay which they are no longer pushing & which has probably spun off into the more limited cover recently of a similar lie about Dounraey. My expulsion from the LibDems coincided with their high water mark, having just been the 2nd party in Scotland in votes & in government & widely seen as more competent than the leading Labour party. I think their collapse has been for the same reason as my expulsion - divesting themselves of all liberal principles - but no newspaper has been willing to report my expulsion so I can take little credit. Had the party gone up as much as they have gone down they would be looking at being the government shortly.

I am proudest of having the first & still almost only news coverage of the Dragodan Massacre & of making myself unwelcome on various papers by saying they should report NATO's dissections of living people to steal their body parts. Following that would mainly be the engineering & science stuff - radiation hormesis - the various Big Engineering items - X-Prizes & a foundation - stuff on the Multiverse - Ascension Island spaceport - Scottish Tunnel Project - nuclear pulse launches. These don't generate as much reaction as I would like but there is a significant amount of original stuff there & it can all change the world in a massive way.

Over the years readership has risen to about 7,000 a month. This is not much compared to Dan Hannan's 80,000 or Iain Dale's quarter of a million but that can be multiplied by comments on other blogs etc & I am doing something more eclectic. I rarely do breaking news & am more interested in stuff which will be important in 1,000 years than today's headlines. For example if humanity survives to then & we have not cybernetically enhanced ourselves so much that we no longer use language the question of whether the language spoken by humans in star systems 10s of light years away will be derived from English or Chinese is being settled today by space development, with few headlines & fewer sensible ones, probably in China's favour.

My biggest disappointments are the things which everybody informed knows are lies but still monopolise the press. Yugoslavia, global warming, anti-nuclear lies, AIDS etc. To choose 1 - radiation hormesis which is the fact that at low levels not only is radiation not harmful, as the normal theory supposes, but that it is beneficial. I first wrote about this in May 2004 before I started this blog (it is on the "earlier stuff" section) & in my naivety really thought I had found something little known which would revolutionise attitudes to nuclear power saying
there can no longer be any intellectual doubt whatsoever. Radioactivity, up to 50mSv, is good for us.

This is reminiscent of the time when Galileo turned his telescope to the skies & for all time disproved the, then politically correct though scientifically shaky, theory that the Sun revolved around the Earth. True the Pope of the time forced him to recant or be dealt with as heretics then were. True it took a long time to bury. However from the time of Galileo's observations the official theory was dead. Unlike normal life, in science the truth always wins in the end though sometimes the end can be a long time coming & much pain may be caused in the interim. This is because while opinions change repeatable science results remain the same - that is the nature of the universe.

The effect of this proof on our nuclear power industries can hardly be underestimated since with the collapse of the theory go most of the fears that have so crippled it.
I still believe that but the end is clearly decades away. I found out that (A) nobody in the media was remotely interested in reporting truths, however exciting & I consider this infinitely more exciting than duckponds, which the establishment has invested political capital in the falsehood; (B) that nobody running government scientific institutions was more than marginally interested & such interest as they had was to blow smoke across the results & change the subject (many individual scientists are interested); & (C) that this had been thoroughly proven at least 4 decades before.

Take that as an example of a general condition. Pournelle's Iron Law , that organisations without competition come to be run by corrupt parasites, applies to government institution including political parties & the allegedly free media. But that people chosen randomly average pretty decent, real scientists much moreso. That while we are being bombarded by false scare "hobgoblins" there are no real problems that we cannot solve. And that we have barely entered the Age of Progress.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Vaclav Klaus has a website where his speeches are recorded, in English. They are well worth it. While our own politicians spend their time lying, or spinning as they call it, about issues of titanic insignificance he speaks, as somebody who has seen freedom, dictatorship, honesty, lies, competence & parasitism in government & recognises both the difference & the importance of knowing the difference. One of the great things about the net is that we can see the thoughts & opinions of politicians & political movements which our national MSM would rather we didn't.

This is part of a speech he made a few days ago at the Reform Club in London
about the collapse of communism, which he puts down to its total economic & moral failure, & clearly sees the same happening again. Can anyone imagine David Cameron saying this?:

To my great regret, our development in the last 20 years was not linear, going in one direction only. The first post-communist decade can be characterized as an “uphill” movement – more freedom, more democracy, more market economy, less state intervention, less regulation. In the fundamental equation: citizen vs. state, we had been moving towards the free citizen, away from the state and its masterminding of society. Socialism (or social democratism) was in retreat, the role of new collectivistic “isms”, such as environmentalism, was not yet as dominant as it is now.

This has, however, dramatically changed. The now ending second post-communist decade has been quite different. We have been moving into the opposite direction: downhill. Now, we experience less freedom, more regulation, more manipulation of people in the name of all kinds of politically correct ambitions, post-democracy instead of democracy, growing disbelief in markets. Social democratism and environmentalism are on the winning side. “Market economy” practically disappeared, we got a “social and ecological market economy” instead.

This shift has been made more profound by the current financial and economic crisis. As we all know, the crisis will sooner or later be over, but the real damage caused by the crisis will, I am afraid, stay with us for a long time. The adversaries of the market have again managed to spread a far-reaching distrust in the existing economic system, but this time it is not the mistrust in the free market capitalism, in the laissez-faire system, in the capitalism of Adam Smith, Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman, as it was the case 70 – 80 years ago. It is now the mistrust in the highly regulated capitalism of the second half of the 20th century. We have an interpretation crisis. The adversaries of free markets claim that for the last decades we have had a laissez-faire market-place. If they were right, the problems of today are due to laissez-faire, but they are not.

We should consider it our duty to fight against the newly rediscovered belief in the state, against the “second-generation” Keynesianism we see around us these days. We must not allow the repetition of the 1930s and the decades that followed. We must limit, not expand government interventions into the market

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tomorrow at the Barbican Centre in London Hyperion will unveil its design for small nuclear power plants.
CEO John Grizz Deal to present at several Masterclasses at the Powering Towards 2020 Event, The Future of Power Generation in the UK. Held at The Barbican, London
November 19th
Register to attend!
Al Fin reports
Hyperion's 25 MWe reactor is factory built and factory fueled and re-fueled. It can be shipped by truck, train, or ship. It provides enough power for 20,000 modern homes. A single fueling is good for 5+ years. They are designed for burial underground, for additional safety. All for a mere $25 million -- or about $1,250 per household in a 20,000 home community. For over 5 years of baseload power and heat, a $1,250 investment is minimal.
$25 million puts it at $1 bn per Gigawatt which is less than the purchase price of the Westinghouse AP1000 ($1.2-$1.8bn) & without the running costs. I assume they are expecting this because of the economies of scale in mass producing these. That comes to 42p a day though the price of $25 million does not include the power conversion and other "balance of plant" costs. So the price needs to be doubled to $50 million to get more of an all in price. I'd go for that - I think almost everybody would.

Previously I wrote of Hyperion's intent to make 1 of their 3 worldwide factories in Britain, thereby scooping the entire British media which is more interested in reporting, at least when feeding at the trough of government spin doctors, that the government is going to put £50 million into refurbishing 10 railway stations in Labour constituencies.

Before that I expressed doubts about this on the grounds that at that time it looked more expensive than normal sized reactors & that it was therefore an example of the political advantages of small engineering trumping the marginal cost disadvantage. This appears no longer to be the case while the political advantages remain.

Because the units are as interchangeable as cars & not much bigger, the service they provide will be exactly the same anywhere in the world. That means that it will be absolutely clear to voters that any difference in price or in installation time will be entirely due to government parasitism. This transparency will be a very strong factor minimising such regulatory parasitism.

Another effect Al discusses is that it will allow small communities to maintain easy power off the national grid. The social effects of this could be immense since it will make seasteding viable or economic independence for small communities. Just as Victorian mass industrialisation created big political units so technology like this makes small communities, competing on economic & technological freedom rather than economies of scale more viable. An Islay community as an independent state becomes more viable. There is also a psychological advantage in small local generation - indeed Hyperion have had enquiries from windfarmers about getting one of these so they can supply windpower when it isn't windy, which shows how cynical the entire eco-fascist thing is.

Next Big Future goes into the technology of these "nuclear batteries" here.

Al Fin also has this listing of small, though mostly not as small, nukes coming up.

The Age of Cheap & Available Power, far from being over, has barely begun as we see that nuclear generator technology generally improving & equally important, the ability of eco-fascist parasites to stop it has just been sharply reduced.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


That for any suit for damages to succeed it must be brought against the individual or body primarily responsible, or previous suit must have been brought & no lesser damages obtained against the primary defendant.

In the event of the defendant not being found liable they shall be entitled to recover their cost from the pursuer, or their legal representatives.

The legislature may not discriminate between the liability of professions within the same case.

The media shall be liable for non-punitive damages for damage caused by their statements, if untrue & which would not have been considered proven by a reasonable person with the information available at the time. The court may also order equal space or broadcast capacity to be made available for a correction.
The first of these is to prevent just suing the rich person (Bloom County legal maxim - never sue a poor person) & trivial suits by idiots who did it to themselves & then sue somebody else for not telling them the coffee was hot. The 2nd introduces the rule in British law, but not American, that, by ensuring the person bringing suit has to pay if they lose, discourages discourages "tactical litigation" where they make it better for the victim to settle out of court than to win the case. The third is to deter frivolous suits by lawyers & to end the injustice that a doctor may be sued for an error in an operation, by a lawyer who cannot be sued for bollixing a court case. The reason legislators, who are mainly lawyers, justify lawyer's inviolability, is because the stress of having to worry about a malpractice suit would have a negative effect on their work. Brain surgeons apparently do not worry about such things.

The final part is so that when the press say we had better ban fire because the globe is catastrophically warming or had better bomb hospitals because the Serbs are killing civilians it had better be justified or the press will have to pay for Kyoto or wars. As Michael Crichton said why should a journalist be able to shout "global warming" in a crowded theatre.

The intent of all of these is to make legal parasitism non-profitable. While America is, in some ways, more economically free than here they have saddled themselves with horrendous legal parasitism on the costs of living or doing business. This is an unusual sort of socialism which, in a small degree may be quite fun, a la Robin Hood, & probably even gives some people a sort of justice but whose overwhelming net effect is to transfer money from productive members of society to lawyers.


Monday, November 16, 2009


One of our parties has broken ranks with the others & indeed virtually all the media & reported the way our police (formerly KLA terrorists/freedom fighters) were allowed to kidnap thousands of Serbs & Gypsies & dissect them while still alive to provide body organs for our hospitals.
According to Swiss-born Del Ponte, who was a Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals and prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the kidnapped Serbs were given a medical test. Those who passed were treated well, fed and looked after until they were brought under the surgeon’s knife. From several concentration camps in Kosovo, they were then transferred to cities in the north of Albania. Their body parts were later flown to European destinations.

General Mamir Stayanovich was head of the intelligence service of the Serbian army during the war. He has no doubt that the claims in Del Ponte’s book will sooner or later be proven. The places she mentions as hidden operation rooms are in exactly the same location as the camps Albanians used for training soldiers.

“In these hospitals they decided amongst themselves what each commander of the Muslim KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) would have after victory. They decided who would make his money from drug dealing, who from weapons, and who from selling body parts. Hashim Thaci, the prime minister of Kosovo, was among them,” General Stayanovich claims.

There are more than 2,000 names on the list of missing Serbs. Sima Spasich is the leader of an organisation trying to discover their fate. He showed the pictures of body parts he filmed in 2003.

“Right after the war, when we understood that too many people had disappeared, I went to the K-For commanders and asked them where were the people, and they just shrugged their shoulders. ctd
Regrettably all the other parties as well as the main BBC, ITN C4 & Newspapers are still censoring mention of this. This party, the BNP, are thus the only one that can be conclusively described as anti-Nazi. The other main ones & even moreso the BBC & ITN are thus undeniably under the control of genocide deniers. This has been made particularly obvious in the case of the "LibDems" whose leadership have issued instructions that any comments which mention this holocaust (or it now appears Hitler's too) should be censored.

Talking of which here is a letter sent to most of our national press which has apparently & unsurprisingly not reached the required literary standard of any of them:

"The vote for the fascists at the Springburn by-election was only to be expected. It has long been said that this was the sort of loyal Labour constituency where you could put up a donkey in their rosette & it would win & once again this has been proven. The fact is that the Labour. Conservative, SNP & LibDem parties are essentially one group imposing fascism not through 1 leader but an amorphous political class with similar attribute to the old Soviet "nomenklatura".. When Mussolini came to power he changed the system to give an automatic majority to the largest party even though it had only minority support & with the SNP & LDs dissenting, our political class supports a similarly corrupt electoral system here - they know that the only thing that gets people voting for them is that an alternative vote is "wasted". These parties are also united in their commitment to an undemocratic empire controlling Europe; in their contempt for the electors, cynically making manifesto or "cast iron" promises of our right to a democratic referendum on the country's future & then cynically breaking them; in their enthusiasm for war crimes, mass murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing, the sexual enslavement of children & the dissection of Serbian "Untermensch" while still alive, for their body parts, all to support (ex-)Nazis) (to be fair the SNP were divided on these atrocities); this nomenklatura are united in spending £92 billion of our money on jobs for the boys quangos which cause immense economic destruction, though all of them promise a "bonfire of the quangos" & all of them break the promise after the election; they are unanimously committed to destroying half our economy, but subsidising their friends, in the name of "fighting global warming" when they know this is a lie designed merely to scare us & the globe is cooling; they all know how to end recession, by stopping their own parasitism which amounts to 75% of our entire economic potential; they are all committed to deepening the recession by preventing "continuous economic growth" (though only the Greens are honest enough to say so).

However this under the surface fascist alliance can depend on the total, loyalty of the media, not merely the directly state owned BBC with their enthusiasm for "lynchings" of politicians outside the nomenklatura. It is therefore unsurprising that the fascists took the first 3 places in the Springburn election though gratifying that their 4th segment, the "Liberal Democrats" (a party who have made it a condition of membership that one on no account support free market liberalism but are required to support war crimes & genocide) placed 6th. Such a party is clearly less entitled to the name "liberal" than Hitler was entitled to call his "Socialist Workers." Nonetheless the abysmal turnout proves that though they may be able to smear the opposition they can, under no circumstances, inspire the trust of the people.

PS Since I am certain your news reporting, feature articles, columnists & leaders will be united in supporting the fascists & denouncing those who voted for the BNP it might be wise, if only to provide some slight appearance of balance, to allow one or two letters putting a balanced position"

Note that on other issues the BNP remain a much more statist organisation than the much more libertarian UKIP & perhaps surprisingly for people committed to national pride, uninterested in a realistic space development programme. I may be one of the few to disagree with the BNP primarily on their economic policies but it is quite certain they cannot be criticised on racial grounds by any party which supported these atrocities.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am astonished that this is not getting massive coverage with shadow ministers announcing how shocked etc they are. This is the AP version.
The crew of a Royal Navy vessel watched as a British couple was abducted by Somali pirates, unable to rescue them without endangering their lives, the British military said Friday.

As armed pirates boarded Paul and Rachel Chandler's yacht on Oct. 23, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary replenishment tanker Wave Knight was within view, carrying light arms and a crew of 75 merchant seamen and 25 navy sailors in the Indian Ocean, the Ministry of Defense said.

But the crew could not intervene without putting the Chandlers at further risk, and could only watch as the pirates forced the couple off their yacht, the Lynn Rival, and onto an open skiff.

The ministry refused to give further information, saying it could not comment on operational details. It said in a statement that the Wave Knight "did very well under the circumstances."

Authorities believe the Chandlers, who are in their 50s, are now being held on land in Somalia. Pirates have demanded $7 million for their release — ransom the British government says it will not pay.

Hardly in the tradition of Nelson then. Not even of Jelicoe with his Phyrric victory at Jutland. Even the Prince of Wales & Repulse went down fighting the Japanese. It is difficult to say how disgraceful it is that the British navy, at one point within 50 feet of this piracy, did absolutely nothing while British civilians were carted off. At the very least a pistol shot over the bow of this skiff would have made them amenable to an offer to let them leave in peace.

The captain of this ship is not fit to serve in the same navy as Thomas Cochrane even though I actually have some sympathy with the his predicament, caused by the rules of engagement the politicians have put him under.

The British Navy have been ordered that under no circumstances should pirates be brought aboard our ships because they would then be in a position to apply for political asylum. It seems we are all living in a political asylum.

The combination of bullying & the most abject poltroonery of the British political class is even more disgusting than each fault separately. Milosevic's act of good faith in releasing 3 incompetent American soldiers who strayed across the border & were captured by the Home Guard was rewarded by these Nazis continuing to cluster bomb civilians in the cause of "making NATO respected" by employing Islamic drug lords, child sex slavers & organleggers as "police". These same politicians are now so cowardly they cover themselves with stupid bureaucratic rules that allow pirates total freedom to operate.

I have previously discussed how the far more difficult task of preventing piracy in the Singapore Straits has been done in the tradition of our navy but fortunately without the assistance of the present emasculated muppets.

We were lied to about this. The initial reporting of this by the MoD said that the boat had been "found" empty on the high seas. This is not the same as that the "Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel managed to get within 50 feet of the pirates" as they stood & watched.
The admission by the Ministry of Defence that a Royal Navy ship was at the scene during the hijacking conflicted with an earlier statement which suggested the couple's yacht was found by HMS Cumberland empty some time after they had been seized. HMS Cumberland was the nearest warship to the scene but was two hours' away from the hijack, whereas the Wave Knight was close enough to see what was going on.

The MoD agreed it had been "economical with the truth" but maintained that it kept quiet about the true course of events for operational reasons during a "hijack situation".

which is a lie about a lie & one which only came out because one of the sailors went public. The reason you keep quiet during an operation is so that the enemy won't know about it. Since the enemy were on the skiff they already knew & were unlikely to need to read about it in London newspapers. The reason they suppressed the truth is simply that it shows them to be useless traitors who in a more honest age would have been courtmartialed & shot. In an earlier age incompetence, not remotely as gross, would have led to the government falling. Lying to the British people about it would have ensured that none of them ever held any form of office again. The government has said that they "do not pay ransoms" which sounds brave & has led to deaths in Iraq but it is only meaningful if you do something to actually discourage kidnappings & killings as well. We should negotiate a prisoner exchange between the Cabinet & the Chandlers & then demonstrate our bravery by refusing to pay a ransom for the cabinet while doing absolutely nothing else.

Pournelle mention here He also says of Sarah Palin "She would not be my first choice for President of these United States, but that should not be taken as condemnation -- I wouldn't be my first choice either" which is reasonable perspective. I would choose President Pournelle first.

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