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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"this paper could not be more damaging to manmade global warming theory"

UPDATE & SPOILER WARNING I put up the undernoted article last night. As the numerous comments have pointed out it is a hoax. Indeed according to desmoblog:

"Hat's off (we think) to UK writer and consultant David Thorpe, the apparent creator for the impressive web-based spoof - a definitive bit of climate change denial as reported in The Journal of Geoclimatic Studies.

Although the "journal" lists two volumes and some very tempting content*, the only research paper on the website is titled: "Carbon dioxide production by benthic bacteria: the death of manmade global warming theory?" The paper reports that rising volumes of CO2 are actually caused "by saprotrophic eubacteria living in the sediments of the continental shelves fringing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans."

Unfortunately, this wonderful news is attributed to a group of scientists who can't be found, working at a series of institutions or departments that don't exist."

Well Mr Thorpe I think the chance of this being mentioned by the BBC has just increased massively - they haven't reported the fact of 1998 being found no longer to be the warmest year on record, but would not be surprised to find them willing to report a hoax. There was a similar incident when "environmentalists" sent a signature to the 17,000 strong Oregon Petition of scientists denying catastrophic warming, in the name of Dr Geri Halliwell. Elsewhere I said that all that that proved is that the Oregon scientists weren't followers of the Spice Girls & that warming alarmists had no compunctions about fakery - neither of which reflect worse on the victims of the hoax than the perpetrators.

This is a much more subtle hoax but the point still stands. The speed of the reaction to their successful hoax is interesting. I would hope that more responsible alarmists, if that is not a contradiction in terms, will advise Mr Thorpe, assuming he is indeed the author, that this is not how science is done.

On the other hand they didn't object to the hoaxed "facts" in Mr Gore's film, which he may be about to assure us were also deliberate :-)


Pete North has sent me the undernoted links from Australia.

"You were quite right about the hoax study now going to be all over the news worldwide- since it is obviously trying to make ALL of the GW sceptics look stupid & discredit them.

I think it may seriously BACKFIRE on the pro-GW crowd in the long run. I sincerely hope it does!

I picked up The Age newspaper (a nation wide Aussie paper) today (Friday) and your name was in the article sourced from Reuters!

The Reuters piece quotes me as having made the "could not be more damaging" remark which, in fact was me quoting the spoof article itself. The second link shows how easy journalism can be when you just rewrite press releases - reminiscent of the way the media carelessly reports not what James Watson & Hasiltow actually said but what other media say they said.

Apparently Rush Limbaugh fell for it too.
This link suggests suggests some widespread alarmist conspiracy which I suspect is overstating it - Mr Thorpe may have had some help in producing what is a well produced hoax but I don't think we have to assume a massive conspiracy.

Numberwatch on the other hand was less impressed having immediately spotted that the formula given was nonsense.

No mention from the BBC, but I just heard somebody on Radio Scotland talking about the supermodel who demands to be paid in Euros not realising that it has already been proven a hoax so I guess I can be pleased to have been able to match their journalistic standards.


The hoax seems to have run its full cycle & it looks, as Pete said, that it has, on balance discredited the alarmists more than the sceptics as the editorial line in the New York Times article shows, precisely because it was so quickly rumbeled.

The article quotes Thorpe saying

"What we wanted to emphasize is that it’s necessary to achieve scientific validity using the peer-review model. Proper climate science makes every attempt to do this, and is a constantly evolving and self-refining process, as all science is.”

The use of the plural does indeed mean a certain level of conspiracy.

I commented on the NYT article that the discovery of this hoax compares very favourably with the Hockey Stick graph, used by the IPCC as their prime exhibit surviving for years, despite peer review, befors McIntyre proved it fraudulent.

Thorpe's own reaction on his blog quotes me saying the "could not be more damaging" which presumably means I am the most prominent blogger to have fallen for this, even for a short time. I do not fool myself as to my prominence. I have replied on his comments section.

"David it appears you are falling for part of your own hoax.

You quote me, Neil Craig at 'A Place to Stand' said "this paper could not be more damaging to manmade global warming theory" - now this comes from various newspaper articles which, in turn, are rewrites of the Reuters report in which it does indeed quote me as saying this. However a more careful reading of my post would have shown that I was not claiming this as my view but was instead taking it as a quote from your own article. You are therefore quoting the quote of the quote of myself republishing your quote, which you apparently didn't recognise.

I note you have said that "we" arranged this hoax & since it is indeed well constructed in the style of a genuine paper perhaps the other alarmist conspirators involved might like to take a public bow." We shall see if they do.


This just received via CCNet so even if the MSM were going to report it the blogsphere would have it first. I somehow doubt if this is going to be on the BBC news.

Daniel A Klein*, Mandeep J Gupta*, Philip Cooper**, Arne FR Jansson**.
*Department of Climatology, University of Arizona;
**Department of Atmospheric Physics, Göteborgs Universitet (University of Gothenburg, Sweden.)

Received: 18 February 2007 / Accepted: 9th August 2007 / Published online: 3rd November 2007

It is now well-established that rising global temperatures are largely the result of increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The "consensus" position attributes the increase in atmospheric CO2 to the combustion of fossil fuels by industrial processes. This is the mechanism which underpins the theory of manmade global warming.

Our data demonstrate that those who subscribe to the consensus theory have overlooked the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions. While a small part of the rise in emissions is attributable to industrial activity, it is greatly outweighed (by >300 times) by rising volumes of CO2 produced by saprotrophic eubacteria living in the sediments of the continental shelves fringing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Moreover, the bacterial emissions, unlike industrial CO2, precisely match the fluctuations in global temperature over the past 140 years.
If under ocean bacteria are producing 300 times more CO2 than us then clearly our effect cannot dominant or even important.

Less importantly, since it is merely politics not science, are these remarks.
It was not our intention in researching this issue to disprove manmade global warming theory. We have received no funds, directly or indirectly, from fossil fuel companies and have no personal interest in the outcome of the debate. We simply noticed an anomaly in the figures used by those who accept the "consensus" position on climate change and sought to investigate it. But the findings presented in this paper could not be more damaging to manmade global warming theory or to the thousands of climate scientists who have overlooked - sometimes, we fear, deliberately - the anomaly. We have found a near-perfect match between the levels of carbon dioxide produced by benthic eubacteria and recent global temperature records. By contrast we note what must be obvious to all those who have studied the figures with an open mind: a very poor match between carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels and recent global temperature records......

These findings place us in a difficult position. We feel an obligation to publish, both in the cause of scientific objectivity and to prevent a terrible mistake - with extremely costly implications - from being made by the world's governments. But we recognise that in doing so, we lay our careers on the line. As we have found in seeking to broach this issue gently with colleagues, and in attempting to publish these findings in other peer-reviewed journals, the "consensus" on climate change is enforced not by fact but by fear. We have been warned, collectively and individually, that in bringing our findings to public attention we are not only likely to be deprived of all future sources of funding, but that we also jeopardise the funding of the departments for which we work.
We believe that academic intimidation of this kind contradicts the spirit of open enquiry in which scientific investigations should be conducted. We deplore the aggressive responses we encountered before our findings were published, and fear the reaction this paper might provoke. But dangerous as these findings are, we feel we have no choice but to publish.

This paper is a rather elaborate hoax. Neither the authors nor the "peer-reviewed" journal actually exist.


Mike Asher
The opening sentence of their abstract seems to me to be untrue. Moreover, I am sceptical whenever good agreement is claimed with temperature measurements that seem themselves to be pretty flawed. Nonetheless, it's quite a stunning argument they are making. It reminds me that the Global Warming scare is such a scam that there must be potentially many sorts of argument that could hole it below the waterline. I suppose I'd better look at their paper.
Lest my previous remarks seem a bit grudging, I should say that if their argument survives scrutiny, it should be Nobel prizes and honorary knighthoods all round. Plus the public defenestration of all the crooks in the Global Warmongering camp.
I am a professor of atmospheric Sciencs at the university of arizona, and can say with certainty that 1) There is NO department of Climatology at UA, 2) there is noone by the name of Daniel Klein at the university, and 3) The journal of geoclimatology is a fabrication -- the editorial board has fictitious names as well.

Check it out:

Do a search for Daniel Klein
I think your doubts are well places. I don't think the BBC will touch this one.
Hook, line, and sinker, I see.

Now you can research some real science, rather than playing at journalist.
Thought that was real did ya?
Fool it was a fake. you got your ass handed to you.
You do know this paper was an admitted hoax, right?
Nice going. You have certainly proved something with this post. A lot of people will notice.
Hi Neil,
Just wanted you to know that this study is a hoax intended to show how gullible the global climate change deniers are. You probably noticed a bunch of hits to this post, this is because the blogosphere is making fun of you. You may wish to publish a retraction.
You've been duped...
Uhhhh... have you figured out that this was a hoax paper with made-up terms and made-up authors?

Like it really matters if the rise in global temps were man-made or not... which planet are you and your children living on once this one is cooked?
OMG so cool except it is fake, try finding the authors. Mandeep Gupta doesn't exist at U of Arizona.
You dumbass. That site is a fraud. Google _any_ of the editorial board.
I doubt you're smart enough to even understand that study, let alone judge it's quality. In fact, I know it!
> I somehow doubt if this is going to be on the BBC news.

It won't show up for a very, very good reason. It's completely fake.
It won't be published on BBC news because it's not real. See here:
lol, that's a spoofed paper. idiot.

Check your sources.
Sorry to tell you this but apparently this is a spoof - you are referenced on a nasty little site as having taken the bait - see


Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (thermofluids)
Executive Director
Natural Resources Stewardship Project
P.O. Box 23013
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 4E2

Paper's a fake, I suggest you do a quick search on the name of the journal or the purported scientists.
Neil, here's an idea: in order to discredit all "Global Warming" skeptics, how about saying that they are "all in the pay of the big oil companies"?

Still doesn't work? How about comparing all of them to "Holocaust deniers" (a la Marko Attila Hoare & Oliver Kamm of the UK Henry Jackson Society)maliciously labelling as "Holocaust deniers" all those independent researchers who "deny" that the late Bosnian muslim "president", Alija Izetbegovic, was "a moderate, secular, Western-oriented liberal committed to a multi-ethnic democracy" and who expose Izetbegovic's own writings and actions to prove that he was an Islamofascist WW2 Nazi SS collaborator, whom like Franjo Tudjman, was openly dedicated to genocide of the Serbs in Bosnia, Krajina & Croatia?

If that still doesn't silence these stubborn "Global Warming deniers",how about sending them death threats via e-mail?

Darn it, looks like that's been done already!

"...In examining that there is more evidence to prove the basis for a conclusion that changes in climate are more related to an increase in the temperature of the Sun rather than influence of people, we must examine why efforts to expose this myth are stifled and those who speak out are attacked.

"In fact, there are reported cases of scientists who speak out against the man-made theory as having received death threats.

"There has even been talk of relating those who speak out against the currently held theory on global warming as being equal to those who deny the Holocaust.

"In a recent op-ed piece in the Boston Globe commenting on the report issued by the UN, Ellen Goodman wrote, “Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future.”

"This is a very disturbing comment, not only because there is reason to scientifically doubt the man-made theory, but also because this is a scathing attack on freedom of speech, the most vital and important of all rights and freedoms."

Global Warming: A Convenient Lie

by Andrew G. Marshall

Global Research, March 15, 2007


"...It seems worrisome that politicians are all too eager to grab onto this man-made myth of global warming in order to make us afraid and guilty. Guilty enough to want to change it, and afraid enough to give up our freedoms and undergo massive financial expenses in order to do so.

"So this lie, being pushed by big money and big governments, is a convenient lie for those who want to exert control and collect money.

"However, it’s inconvenient for the mass amount of people who are already experiencing the problems of a widening wage-gap and fading middle class.

"...Timothy Ball, one of the first Canadian doctors in climatology, recently wrote an article addressing the issue of why no one seems to be listening to scientists who claim that global warming is NOT man-made.

He starts by writing, “Believe it or not, Global Warming is not due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This in fact is the greatest deception in the history of science”. He continues, “We are wasting time, energy and trillions of dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an issue with no scientific justification.”

Then he mentions how Environment Canada is spending billions upon billions of dollars on “propaganda” which defends an “indefensible scientific position while at the same time closing weather stations and failing to meet legisl
If the paper is indeed a hoax, then it only further confirms that the phony "global warming" environmental fascist crowd are getting really, intensely desperate; using the rather crude CIA-FBI COINTELPRO methods of creating elaborate hoaxes in order to ridicule, attempt to discredit and stifle legitimate dissent and public opposition to their fascist environmental agenda: nearly all of it based on an avalanche of egregious lies!

After all, all you merely did was post an article you received in good faith via CCnET. Big deal.

The peurile,imbecilic commentators above ridiculing you in such a childish,infantile manner should be ashamed of themselves! It just goes to show how dishonest and desperate these phony "global warming" people are.

The "we" is not a conspiracy. It is simply that Thorpe had a consultant working on the paper with him...hence the "we." Again, jumping to conclusions...
"If the paper is indeed a hoax, then it only further confirms that the phony "global warming" environmental fascist crowd are getting really, intensely desperate"

Well no Andrew, it proves that the deniers will jump on any old rubbish that somehow supports their assertions, whereas everyone else relies on proven, published research.

Admit it mate, you've been found out.
"Well no Andrew, it proves that the deniers will jump on any old rubbish that somehow supports their assertions, whereas everyone else relies on proven, published research.

Admit it mate, you've been found out."

Well, no "finite",sir, it actually proves that you and the delusional "Global Warming" environmentalist fascist crowd does not have any valid scientific arguments which hold water (i.e., those based on irrefutable scientific facts instead of "junk science") which can withstand close scrutiny: otherwise the delusional "Global Warming" liars being bought and paid for (i.e., "funded") by Big Government would not have to resort to dishonest CIA-FBI COINTELPRO style tactics: namely, by producing elaborate hoaxes.

Admit it "finite", the jig is up and you and your ecological fascist friends of Big Government have been thoroughly exposed for what you really are:a bunch of pathetic, egregious,shameless liars.
This seems to provide a useful overview of the hoax.
Apparently it took the developer of the hoax 4 days to put the paper together - worth it eh?

David thorpe is still working as a Guardian journalist.
Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.
Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.
Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.
Global warming it is a disputed topic these days. I don't have an opinion yet. I have just listened to others so far. The temperature as I have noticed has changed. I gets warmer, due to all the machinery and appliances that we are using. The truth is that this year, in Eastern Europe, the temperature has not grown so much. It has been a warm summer, but we had plenty of rain. Now is just the begining of September and you have to have a jacket now to go outside. Of course, you cannot made an opinion just after the temperature of one year.
The Medieval Warming Period was certainly 1 - 1.5 degreess warmer than now & the Climate Optimum (9,000 to 5,000 BC) was up to 4 degrees warmer. Neither was "catastrophic", indeed they were quite prosperous, so we can be certain that uless or until warming pushing these limits is observed the entire scare story is a fraud.
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