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Saturday, November 21, 2009

WARMING ALARMISTS DELIBERATE FRAUD PROVEN - Professor Phil Jones got £13.7 million for what he has boasted to colleagues is fraud & should go to jail

Somebody, probably Russians but perhaps somebody inside disgusted with what was going on, has hacked into The CRU (main world centre for global warming data collection) files & released a large amount of data & emails. I like to think it was Russian hackers, it is the romantic in me, but in any case some of the things these people have committed to email are astonishing/ For Example Professor Phil Jones
I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline.
Gary Funkhouser
I really wish I could be more positive about the Kyrgyzstan material, but I swear I pulled every trick out of my sleeve trying to milk something out of that. It was pretty funny though - I told Malcolm what you said about my possibly being too Graybill-like in evaluating the response functions - he laughed and said that's what he thought at first also. The data's tempting but there's too much variation even within stands. I don't think it'd be productive to try and juggle the chronology statistics any more than I already have
So no question then that these people & the people they were writing to, were perfectly well aware that they were deliberately falsifying the data to produce the appearance of global warming.

For this Professor Jones has received £13.7 million (that is about 1/3rd, adjusting for inflation, the £2.5 million the Great Train robbers got between them, but the collateral damage is far greater running into billions.

Once again we see that the entire warming scam is deliberately fraudulent but this time there is written evidence.

In Blackadder "The criminal's vanity always makes them make one tiny but fatal mistake. Theirs was to have their entire conspiracy printed and published in plain manuscript" but that was in an anachronistic 18thC & today they have used email. If this is what so many of them were putting in writing & reading think what they must have been saying over a beer. It is impossible that anybody in any part of the scientific community with any sort of regular communication with the Climate Research Unit (CRU), including the editors of Nature mentioned above, can have been unaware or unsuspicious of this. Those actively complicit in crime should be imprisoned. Those involved by inaction should never work in any scientific institution again. Indeed it will be impossible to describe any institution which wishes to retain any such frauds as in a scientific institution.

Since the money was provided by government it is unlikely that those at the top paying our money for it were not deliberately & actively guilty & impossible to believe any of them weren't at least passively so.

The BBC has reported on the hacking but carefully censored any mention of what was actually said which puts them in the position of saying of Auschwitz only that anybody who says anything about it is breaking German law. This has just broken but even so the lack of MSM coverage is indicative. By any objective standards this is the major news story of the day. I think, once again, we are seeing the blogsphere as the only trustworthy source of real news. Incidentally it looks like Palin is about right when she recently answered a repetition of the question what papers she reds by saying "I read Newsmax and the Frontiersman and Wall Street Journal and everything online" but I may be proved wrong & see the dead tree press giving the proof of the entire global warming story being built on massive & deliberate fraud as much coverage as they have of the original fraud. Any bets.

Either way congratulations to the hackers who brought these emails to the public. Links to the entire records further coverage is on The Reference Frame here & everywhere else shortly.

If it was Russian hackers who did this I will raise a glass to them & be glad that they, at least, live in a country which will not extradite hackers to foreign countries for things done in their own homes. That we learn of this today means that we live in a freer country because of them.

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