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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


So we have an election. As Henry Kissinger said about the Iran/Iraq war "to bad they can't both lose" & in fact that war ended up with not an inch of territory or anything else gained so they both did. My preference is a hung Parliament, leading to the replacement of David Cameron & either a Conservative party with real policies or, as Peter Hitchens has called for, a complete new competent & free market party.

There is no question that we can have a successful economy simply by government parasites getting out of the way & letting the market operate. There is equally no question that the 3 main parties (4 main Scotland) are overwhelmingly committed to destroying at least 1/2 our national wealth, wish to increase state power at all points, are willing to use any scare story to promote their fascism, have a proven record showing that their promises, as with the Lab/Lib/SNP manifesto promises of a referendum & the similar Tory "cast-iron" promise, are of absolutely no worth whatsoever. The Lab/Lib/Con party is also undeniably involved in war crimes, genocide, the sexual enslavement of children & dissecting living people to steal their organs

The facts prove that & cannot be honestly denied.
=============================== Provides a useful way of checking which party is a closest fit with your wishes. It isn't perfect - there are questions like "the Bank of England should have overall responsibility for financial regulation" or that "the government should be compelled by law to halve the deficit in 4 years" (a Labour Bill brought forward simply to have something to say while doing nothing in reality but still who can deny the principle that government should be cutting the deficit) to which there isn't a simple yes/no answer & the questions obviously & incorrectly, imply that each party actually has an intention to keep its promises, which we know not to be the case.

Nonetheless it is a vital tool for anybody who thinks we should vote for what we want not for the leader with the most attractive wife, accent, smile etc.

My result:

76% - UKIP
71% - BNP
63% - Conservative
39% - Liberal Democrat
35% - SNP
21% - Labour
20% - Green

That seems decisive. I assume this is because I support nuclear power as the only practical alternative to blackouts; believe catastrophic global warming isn't a problem; want the promised EU referendum; & am opposed to massive 3rd world or EU immigration for Labour's vaunted "social reasons".

There are other considerations - The BNP are, if the BBC, the rest of the media & a general agreement among the other parties are beyond the pale. On the other hand the BBC is a corrupt, racist, criminal organisation whose employees will tell absolutely any lie to promote genocide & worse whereas in reality the BNP is the only party to have publicly denounce dissection of 1300 living human beings to steal their organs, chosen on racial grounds & murdered by "police" deliberately hired by our own government. No other party or part our monolithic media has shown any opposition whatsoever to such Nazi crimes.

Another consideration is that promises from the Lab/Lib/SNP/Con party, even manifesto promises, which are the most important they can make, can't be trusted in any way.

My constituency, Glasgow North, is expected to be a Labour/SNP marginal. Thus if I vote tactically to get a hung Parliament the best option is to vote SNP. I suspect, but don't know, that UKIP will not put up a candidate & the BNP will (the BNP, being more socialist & less libertarian tend to do better in working class constituencies) in which case if voting for principle, which I would prefer, I will vote BNP.

I would not have expected that before but the facts, of what each party stands for, is clear & I always follow the facts.

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