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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Excerpts from FCO covering letter:

Dear Mr Craig
........ Following a search of our current records I can confirm that some documents are available which mention the name of a cemetery called Dragodan and the investigation of human remains found there, which may be related to the period of inter ethnic violence in Kosovo in 1999. I enclose copies of these documents and Hansard archives I obtained in researching your questions. Some information has been redacted from the FCO documents as it is not relevant to your request.

I am sorry that the informatio in these documents does not enable me to answer your questions about the number of British police involved, whether any indictments have been issued or whether any other bodies were found. They also offer no clue as to when the bodies were buried at Dragodan so it is not possible to comment on the implication in your letter that a massacre took place during the period after British Forces had entered Kosovo. It appears that the investigation of this site was conducted under the auspices of the ICTY & it may be that they have information more readily available that would provide answers to your questions.

I can also confirm that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) holds more information falling within the description specified in your request in its historical records. However, we estimate that the cost of complying with your request would exceed the appropriate limit of £600.....
Yours Sincerely
(name not published to protect the probably innocent)
Western Balkans Group

My reply

Ref 0977/07
Dear --------------
Thank you for replying to my enquiry.

I think from the documents we can be certain beyond reasonable doubt of a number of facts.

1) That no British police were involved in any conventional murder investigation; that the ICTY "investigation" was deliberately carried out in such a way as to maintain a good relationship with our genocidal KLA allies, now sworn in as NATO police; that no DNA tests were made, which would certainly have been done had any serious investigation been done; and, since all records are now in your historical dept, that the number of people now working on solving what is officially the 2nd greatest murder case in contemporary UK history is zero.

2) That none of the dozens of perpetrators of this genocide has been prosecuted & that no real attempt has been made to do so.

3) I regret you have been unable to confirm if the number of bodies found has gone up though the Roma advice that the total of KLA murders in the area was 250-300 suggests 210 may be indeed the total at this particular mass grave though at least 360 unidentified bodies from the neighbourhood have been displayed by NATO.

4) I have independently been able to confirm the name of the Prime Minister at the time, which, you assure me, cost limitations precluded you finding out. He was a Mr T Blair.

Since Serb relatives confirm some victims were definitely alive when NATO took over on 1th June. e.g. "Sasa Ristanovic recognised a blue shirt his father, Momcilo, wore June 17, 1999 - the day he disappeared in the Kosovo city of Prizren" as AP has reported. Thus this genocide undeniably happened under UK authority.
Secondary command authority lies with George Robertson & Robin Cook (deceased) who were Ministers for defence & foreign affairs. Under the doctrine of collective responsibility all other ministers also bear legal responsibility, as must a number of members of the FCO & armed forces. Since the war was a criminal aggression under the rules we accepted during the Nuremberg Trial & Parliament has also accepted that the war was illegal it follows without question that there is a prima faci case against all those invalid in the illegal war & genocide that they are guilty under British law of murder on a scale that makes the late Mr Frederick West look comparatively humane.

I presume the FCO has equally never expressed any regret about HMG rewarding the KLA for their genocide by allowing them to kidnap thousands of children, mainly female, from the streets of Kosovo to sell to brothels across Europe. The class from which our civil service is drawn once, in an earlier era, played an honourable part in the end of the slave trade.

One of the Yes Minister episodes has Sir Humphrey comfortable with the suggestion that he is a moral vacuum in a situation similar though much less serious than this deliberate genocide. It seems the civil service is indeed determined to live down to the most obscene expectations.
Neil Craig

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This will include relevant sections or interesting sections of the 9 pages I have been sent & covering letter. My comments will be in italics:

Parliamentary Question 6th Feb 2002

123 Mrs Mahon: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what progress has been made in identifying the bodies found in Dragodan and Suva Reka in Kosovo

124 Mrs Mahon : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what progress has UNMIK made in tracing the missing Serbs in Kosovo.

No answer is given & I don't know if this is because it is a private written answer or not.
Source Unknown (not found on Google or Hansard either)

Mr Ancram: To ask the |Secretary of state for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many of the bodies found in the mass grave at Dragodan, Pristina have been identified, broken down by (a) ethnic background and (b) sex. {10450}
Mr McShane: The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has exhumed 210 bodies from individual graves at the cemetery in Dragodan, Pristina. Of the bodies exhumed, 36 were females and 139 were male. The gender of 35 bodies could not be identified. According to the Missing Persons Unit of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), 52 of the 210 bodies have been identified to date. Five bodies were Kosovo Serbs (4 male & 1 female), 47 bodies were Kosovo Albanians (40 male & 7 female).
The reference to 210 "individual graves" is deliberate. A mass grave is ipso facto proof of genocide whereas 210 individual graves are merely proof of 210 murders. Normal practice is for the ICTY to classify 2 bodies as a mass grave, so clearly they have no doubts of who the culprits are here. Mr McShane used the same wording in his previous letter to me. Were he to admit the truth he would be admitting to our government complicity in genocide instead of merely 210 over enthusiastic murders.

Presumably the "identification" has been achieved entirely by having locals identify the remains rather than using DNA. Since Serbs had been "cleansed" it is amazing that as many as 5 were identified as Serb. It is quite likely that many of the Albanian "identifications" may be fraudulent since fraudulent claims of massacres by them were very common on the other hand the KLA is widely accepted as having killed as many Albanians as Serbs so finding bodies from both nationalities is not surprising. A DNA check would have proven whether the people identifying relatives were genuine. In fact, had a serious attempt been made there is no possible doubt that all of the bodies could have been identified by sex & most of them by race by the "investigators" testing DNA. I have written previously on the obvious refusal to seriously check DNA in Bosnia.

the following is marked XXXX where blacked out & ' where a letter is obscured
OF 230600Z AUGUST 99

MASS GRAVES y/war crimes
11. XXXMedia reports talk of a mass grave at DragodanXXX this phrase had been obscured but I assume using a different colour of felt tip than the photocopier is designed for & thus the deleted words are visible. The phrase "war crimes" is handwritten & the stroke points to the censored phrase. I am told that all deletions were because the information is "not relevant" which I think we may take as a lie. I assume this deletion was because it proves that our government knew about this massacre, knew it was a "mass grave" despite MacShane's lie, & had no intention of doing anything about it until it became media knowledge the middle-class suburb of Pristina where our office and residence are located difficult for them not to know of it then. A local doctor reported finding nine sites with civilian bodies while looking for the body of a friend no mention of his nationality but since he was able to move around possibly he was an Albanian on the other hand most professionals were Serb so possibly he was a Serb & was able to persuade British military to give him protection as he searched. British squaddies seem not to have been as willing to turn their eyes from genocide as their superiors. Roma witnesses are reported as saying that there are between 20 and 50 sites in and around Pristina where 250-300 bodies are buried. Roma are generally described in the media as "allies" of the Serbs thus justifying genocide against them too so we can assume they are talking about mass graves created by our KLA "police"

12. KFOR have confirmed the arrest by Dutch & German troops of three Serbs in Orahovac on war crimes charges> Local Serbs have reacted strongly, demanding their release & complaining about double standards in treatment from KFOR. Tanjug Yugoslav news agency has also issued a statement drawing the inevitable comparison over war crimes between here and Bosnia and Croatia: it is always the Serbs that get picked on.
(comment: this along with a KFOR campaign to collect arms from Serbs inn the town, will create an interesting backdrop for the deployment of Russian KFOR troops into the town on 23 August. Albanian residents have threatened to prevent the Russians getting there). this is not relevant to the Dragodan genocide but has been reprinted because it shows the breathtaking dishonesty of the Btitish occupiers - there is no question, as the failure to arrest anybody for Dragodan proves, that the Serbian complaints of bias are 100% true & that the Foreign Office knows it - it is clear that by disarming Serbs but not KLA supporters (whom under the occupation treaty they specificly guaranteed to disarm) they are deliberately inciting the KLA to kill Russian UN troops

1. Scenes of crime teams working well. 67 bodies exhumed in first month. Accredited to UNMIK civilian police the "police" were created by swearing in entire units of the KLA . Good relations with ICTY, KFOR and others
2. I visited Kosovo 3-6 June. The first scenes of crime team which had arrived on 4n May, was just leaving, having exhumed 67 bodies. I observed the enthusiastic second team undertaking their first 2 exhumations onn 6th june. The first team had spent a large proportion of their time around Kosovo Polje and had spent a large proportion of their time at Dragodan cemetery in the outskirts of Pristina. The second team was due to work on some sites at Gracanica, but Serb unrest diverted them to the still unfinished Dragodan cemetery. ie NATO really wanted to get away from examining the largest mass grave in Kosovo as quickly as possible

3. The Kosovo Polje sites had proved unproductive, yielding only 3 bodies (all homicides). Of the 64 bodies recovered from unmarked, recent graves at Dragodan cemetery, 27 had died from natural causes but the remainder were homicides I don't know whether the reference to Dragodan cemetery is a separate location from the mass grave but photos of the later which used to be available on Decani suggest the main grave was not the cemetery.
. ICTY investigators were at pains to stress that empty grave sites had value in themselves, for example providing evidence of Serb removal of bodies after the intial burial or alternately providing evidence of KLA removal, if that were ever a matter of interest, or indeed that the KLA had been creating false "graves" for propaganda reasons. A thorough, or even not so thorough examination of these "graves" would have shown if they ever contianed human bodies. This, for obvious reasons, has clearly not been done in exactly the same way it was never done for what the CIA had assured us were "mass graves" in Bosnia which contained nothing. Our teams are also well aware that, even if their forensic evidence are not used in ICTY or UNMIK trials, identifying and returning bodies to families is important for Kosovan society this also suggests that all of the 158 bodies Mr McShane said were unidentified were in fact those of Serbs whose families had been ethnically cleansed & that he was perfectly well aware of this fact.

4. The core team members, who will stay for the full 6 month deployment, have built good relations with the key organisations in Pristina:
(a) Since the UN Secretariat's approval on 19 may that the team should be part of UNMIK civilian police ie the KLA, all team members '''''''''''' the 10 police officers & 5 forensic experts) are receiving '''ipol passes. I saw Commissioner Fredericksen who was pleased with arrangement and appreciated that the team were responding to both ICTY and UNMIK tasking (the Gracanic site is an UNMIK priority unlike the far larger Dragodan one) Det Supt XXXXXXXXXXXXX the team leader, and I spoke with the UNMIK finance people who seem agreeable to cope with the rapid turn-over of the 11 rotating team members by giving XXXXXX twice ? their daily subsistence in arrears at the end of their stints in theatre. XXXXXX will then repay the subsistence advances made by the British Office. The teams have UNMIK radios and receive UNMIK fuel looks like a minor scam.
.... ..... I had been disappointed by the obstructive attitude of one (British) member of ICTY staff at the start of the deployment, but I put the problem down to poor communication and a personality clash with the Hague. We have a good ally in John Ralston, Chief of investigations interesting that while all names of British representatives are censored MR Ralston who is not, technically, acting as a British civil servant isn't - such is the madness of bureaucracy in the Hague, and I do not expect the problem to recur I assume that the unnamed member was fired for being unwilling to support the position that Serb bodies don't count. It is always convenient for genocidal mass murderers to have a "good ally" running the organisation whose official duty is to bring war criminals, on all sides, to justice...... The Orahovac team is staffed by 2 international ICTY-funded teams & some gratis personnel small groups of Austrians, Swedes & Canadians and a larger German team so we have "gratis" workers collecting evidence but, with the marginal exception of the Swedes, all from countries which participated in a war which even the British parliament has subsequently acknowledged was criminal...........

The British scenes of crime teams are becoming well-known in Pristina, working within a web of other organisations and earning their respect obviously all other organisations there are KLA/NATO friendly so this acknowledges that the British "investigators" are not going to seriously investigate NATO/KLA crimes They have settled onto a productive working rhythm and morale is high presumably due to "obstructive" members being fired . They are dedicated people who are keen to do a good job.

The scenes of crime work, like any operation in Kosovo, can be thrown of course by various factors: political, personal & practical. But I do not forsee insurmountable problems. XXXXXXXXXXXXX is now more philosophical about taking setbacks in his stride & is coping with his frustrations of UN bureaucracy. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX & I aim to make regular visits over the summer to check things remain on an even keel Many thanks as usual to the British office in Pristina for their support. The invitation to the QBP went down very well with XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

War Crimes Coordinator

Many thanks for your letter of 3 May & for your agreement that our team in Kosovo should begin work on the sites identified by the ICTY.

' understand from our people on the ground that their work, with the guidance of the ICTY office in Pristina, is progressing satisfactorily. The team has already investigated 15 reported grave sites in Kosovo Polje, where they have found only 3 bodies. They will move at the weekend to what they expect to be the more substantial site of Dragodan cemetery. first things first & obviously "graves" without bodies which the KLA are keen about come well ahead of 210 murders they aren't & which happened under NATO rule. Since NATO's war ended in June 1999 this letter means that the serious investigation of Dragodan didn't start till at least a year after.
The original proposal to transfer all bodies to Drahovac, which seemed unnecessarily laborios, has been put to one side. VRIC and/or the families should be able to take custody of identified remains, given the limited capacity at Prisitna & Orahovac, we favour early burial pending possible later identification which means that DNA identification is still possible for the 158 unidentified bodies........

'n media policy, Det Supt XXXXXXXXXXXXX is the laison point with the media. XXXXXXX and I will consider a few media requests for the interviews with other members of the teams, on the strict understanding that they are restricted to personal reactions to the nature of the work, with no comment on the political or legal context. This has worked well in the past: last night's BBC documentary on one of last year's teams, "The Body Hunters", struck the right note. One can rely on the BBC to strike the right note when reporting genocide. If only they had been reporting Auschwitz they could have avoided all the stuff about Jews & concentrated on the "personal reactions" of the poor guards.

Perhaps we could have a quick word on the telephone about any remaining concerns.

Coordinator for War Crimes Issues
United Nations Department
That covers the information I was sent. Perhaps i should also post relevant bits of the covering letter & the reply i will send.


We are assured by Ian Hendry (letter Monday) that nuclear power is "uneconomic" (except presumably in France where they have been producing it at half the price of our coal power for decades) & that it is not [absolutely 100%] carbon neutral because reactors have to be built (though this produces less carbon than windmills). This is allegedly why the nuclear industry is desperate to kill off the "renewable" industry.

The truth is the [exact] opposite. In March 2006 Nicol Stephen, Lib Dem leader, speaking in the BBC energy debate on the "renewablist" side said that "nuclear is the easy solution" & went on to explain that it must therefore be destroyed since, if allowed to succeed the voters would never be so foolish as to pay for all the useless "renewable" subsidies [the movement requires. Fair play to him for the unusual political honesty of disclosing his motives but] it can hardly now be denied that the desperation lies entirely with those "environmentalists" who see their scare stories & therefore their power & subsidies coming to nothing.

Ref - I was in the studio audience when he made the remark
A small amount of editing [ ] which removes a little of my vituperation & may thus be an improvement.

Monday, January 21, 2008


This letter is from me in today's Herald. Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, they removed the last paragraph marked [ ] referring to Glasgow's Green MSP publicly supporting Ludditism. They also removed my reference to the "environmentalist" prediction that Chernobyl would kill 500,000 which I think was a useful counterpoint to the real figure of 50. Nonetheless I think this letter works & am pleased to have got a mention of the hormesis theory published:

Several correspondents have taken me to task for saying that nuclear power has only killed 2 people over the last 20 years, compared with 150,000 each year from coal power. All of them mentioned Chernobyl & of the predictions of death to happen sometime from it. I do not dispute that Chernobyl was the worst possible accident, indeed worse than could even conceivably happen here since it had no containment building. [Nor do I dispute that numerous, different, predictions have been made of anything up to 500,000 deaths by various sorts of "eco" groups all of which are still predicted to start happening sometime in the next 20 or 40 years.]

Nonetheless the fact remains that only 28 people died within four months from radiation or thermal burns, 19 have subsequently died, and there have been around nine deaths from thyroid cancer apparently due to the accident: total 56 fatalities as of 2004. An authoritative UN report in 2000 concluded that there is no scientific evidence of any significant radiation-related health effects to most people exposed. This was confirmed in a very thorough 2005-06 study. The numerous predictions of disaster have failed to come true as all the other numerous predictions of disaster on other subjects from the same sources have so often failed to come true (think of the global ice age, global starvation due to overpopulation, reduction of the US average death rate to 42 because of pollution, catastrophic sea level rise, sinking of Holland by 2007, forced evacuation of all coastal towns by 1980 due to death of all sea life & the ever popular peak oil predictions for 2005, 2000, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s back to 1854).

The fact is that Chernobyl is now back to close to its original background radiation level, which makes it much lower than natural background in many places in the world including Cornwall & Aberdeenshire. There has been enormous effort to find statistically measurable rises in cancers & with the exception of thyroid cancers mentioned above there has been absolutely no detectable increase. In Britain we have sheep farms which cannot sell their produce because measurements of radiation first taken after Chernobyl have not yet fallen. This suggests they are measures of background radiation which have been like that since humans arrived here, but it is politically impossible to say so.

The UN report concluded that the major health hazard of Chernobyl was depression due to false fears. Or to put it another way, even in the worst nuclear disaster ever, the anti-nuclear movement has been considerably more damaging than the actual accident.

What the statistical results from Chernobyl, along with a wealth of other data, prove is that the theory that there is no lower limit to radiation damage, on which the predictions of mass deaths depended, is certainly wrong & the alternative, known as hormesis, that at low levels it is harmless or even beneficial, probably correct.

For political reasons the original theory survives but there is not & indeed never has been any statistical evidence to support it.

[Anti-nuclear hysteria, like the very similar "Green" attitude to virtually all new technology is based on a purely political aversion to progress & has nothing to do with the actual facts on the ground. Robin Harper MSP recently said in debate that his support for the EU bureaucracy was because it would stop the "continuous economic expansion" we are suffering from. The same clearly accounts for their opposition to nuclear, support of windmills & the increasingly threadbare attempts to smear the nuclear industry.}

Reference - Chernobyl - - GUU debate on the EU

Sunday, January 20, 2008

DRAGODAN MASSACRE Freedom of Information Act enquiry

the Dragodan Massacre:

The woman, Vesna Mulic, said she was taken to the HQ of UNMIK police in Pristina, to identify her husband's remains. There she was told that her husband, Rame, was one of 160 bodies found in a mass grave near the village of Dragodan outside Pristina.

So careless were the Albanian killers, whom Clinton's administration is proud to call the US Army's allies, that they left numerous personal document and other forms of identification with the dead. Vesna Mulic, said she saw numerous pieces of identification belonging to other victims.

It would appear that UNMIK has known of the mass grave for a long time. Why it has refused to reveal this shocking discovery is another unanswered question.

Indeed the silence remains deafening.

On 5th December I sent this enquiry to the FOI email about it:

Dear Sir,
Some years ago my MP Anne McKechne passed on a letter from me asking about the Dragodan Massacre in the British controlled sector of Kosovo. Mr Dennis McShane, then a junior Foreign minister replied confirming that the number of bodies buried & at that time recovered at the massacre site was 210 (up from an earlier report of 160) but that it was not officially a mass grave (which would be absolute legal proof of genocide) but instead 210 separate graves in the same place. In any case he confirmed many of the bodies had been Serbs identified as having been alive at the time our government assumed responsibility.

I did reply to him mentioning that this was the 2nd largest murder case in contemporary British history (Lockerbie being the first) & asking how many British police were allocated, full time, to the investigation, but have yet to receive a reply.

I would now like, under the FoI Act to repeat that request;

1 ) How many British police were, at the time & now, allocated to an investigation which should be closely comparable to that of the Lockerbie bombing.

2 ) How many of the, at a practical minimum, dozens of people who must have committed this genocide, have been imprisoned for it.

3) Further to that I would like to know if any more bodies have been found beyond the 210 mentioned.

4) The names of those holding responsibility, in the line of command up to & including the Prime Minister, for this area of Kosovo when this act of prima faci genocide took place.

Copies of any documents, either on email or paper, relating to this incident would be appreciated.
Yours Sincerely
Neil Craig
I have yesterday received the reply, which makes it rather late. I will be posting what it says & more importantly doesn't say shortly along with what it means. I must advise that due, I am assured, to financial restrictions, it is very limited. For example, it does not advise as to who, under part 4, was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the time of this genocide. We must all accept the government's assurance that identifying Mr T Blair as Prime Minister in 1999 would have been prohibitively expensive. This clearly represents the highest standard of honesty to be expected from our government.

Still it happened, it has been proven to have happened & the government & media know about it & have deliberately censored any reporting of this genocide.

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