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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We are assured by Ian Hendry (letter Monday) that nuclear power is "uneconomic" (except presumably in France where they have been producing it at half the price of our coal power for decades) & that it is not [absolutely 100%] carbon neutral because reactors have to be built (though this produces less carbon than windmills). This is allegedly why the nuclear industry is desperate to kill off the "renewable" industry.

The truth is the [exact] opposite. In March 2006 Nicol Stephen, Lib Dem leader, speaking in the BBC energy debate on the "renewablist" side said that "nuclear is the easy solution" & went on to explain that it must therefore be destroyed since, if allowed to succeed the voters would never be so foolish as to pay for all the useless "renewable" subsidies [the movement requires. Fair play to him for the unusual political honesty of disclosing his motives but] it can hardly now be denied that the desperation lies entirely with those "environmentalists" who see their scare stories & therefore their power & subsidies coming to nothing.

Ref - I was in the studio audience when he made the remark
A small amount of editing [ ] which removes a little of my vituperation & may thus be an improvement.

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