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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I read this in Scirntific American.
For 10 years, the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has been assembling data on the 40,000 civilians who disappeared in the wars that followed the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Its archaeologists help to locate burial sites and assist in exhumation. Then Katzmarzyk and other forensic anthropologists work with molecular biologists to apply state-of-the-art techniques to reassociate and identify remains. It is a daunting assignment: The bodies, mostly men of about the same age, have been buried for years. Decomposing pieces of one person could be spread into five different graves and commingled with other parts.

The quest to identify victims began in 1992, when the United Nations asked forensic adviser William Haglund and a team from Physicians for Human Rights to investigate a mass grave in Croatia. Four years later they returned to document war crimes in the Srebrenica region and collect data to match missing people with exhumed bodies there. Early on, families resisted, insisting their relatives were alive, Haglund recalls. The investigators had to build trust and, before asking for a blood sample, have a potential identity in hand. But that led to delays in collecting DNA for shipment overseas and lots of mistaken probable identifications. In massacre situations, up to 40 percent of circumstantial matches turn out to be wrong, according to one recent study in Kosovo.

Furthermore, the original investigation's primary purpose was prosecution, not identification. The G7 Summit nations voted in 1996 to fund an international laboratory that would focus on the missing and could analyze DNA on-site. Many were skeptical, though, that the newly formed ICMP would succeed. "This was based on a sincere concern that the DNA-identification program could create expectations on the part of families and would be unable to deliver," recalls Eric Stover, who directs the Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley, and was on the forensic team in Croatia. Now, he says, the ICMP's work has become a blueprint for similar efforts elsewhere.

Progress was indeed slow until six years ago, when the ICMP shifted to blind DNA matching. Now, instead of starting with family interviews and anthropological forensics, scientists begin with genetic analysis of the remains. Technicians painstakingly recover whatever DNA they can from a bone, then compare 16 markers against a database of DNA profiles from 80,000 survivors who lost a family member during the war. "We're now at our highest efficiency ever," says ICMP forensics director Tom Parsons. In early July, just after its 10th anniversary, the ICMP identified its 10,000th person. Parsons expects results to soon reach 5,000 a year.
The figure of 40,000 missing civilains clearly is limited to missing Moslems which very strongly suggests that there has been no attempt to check these bodies against the relatives of local Serbs who are 2missing". I sent the following letter to scirntific american & will add an addendum & link if they publish it. since SA have rather a reputation for not publishing letters from global warming sceptics even where they point out indisputable factual inaccuracies I suspect they may take a similarly politically correct but scientifically incorrect attitude here.
Dear Editor,
Your report on the search, using DNA, for the identity of the bodies recovered from Bosnia seems to show a lack of rigour which is unlikely to persuade those who believe that what is going on is a perversion of science to fit a story of good Moslems & evil Serbs which the media have promoted for years.

I was particularly concerned that what has been advertised as a DNA search instead turns out to be based not on identifying the whole DNA of the victim with that of parents but merely finding "16 markers" in common.

This proves nothing. Out of 10s of thousands of DNA links it is a certainty that I & any member of your staff will share many more markers, though we live on different continents.. Indeed we will share that many with any chimpanzee. Since, despite opinions on both sides, the Moslems of Bosnia are not largely Turkish immigrants but drawn from the historic population such markers are bound to repeat extensively. This process should be the start of a DNA search not the end of it, allowing the researchers to identify individuals to whom a full DNA examination would be worthwhile. If somebody's DNA has not been fitted in full to either their own body samples or their parent's they cannot be said to have been positively identified.

I note also that, in discussing the bodies found around Srebrenica, there was no mention of checking the DNA of local Serbs against the "16 points" of comparison. It is a matter of record that the Moslem militia of Srebrenica had, prior to the Serbs attack, been responsible for the genocide of thousands (3,800 have been identified) of civilians from surrounding villages. This was attested to not only by the local Serbian administration, but also, under oath at the Milosevic "trial", by General Marillon, the ranking NATO officer present at the time. Since the bodies under examination were not found in the "mass graves" identified at the time of the alleged massacre of this Moslem militia (they were empty) but close to the villages where the militia under their commander Nasir Oric engaged in his genocide, surely the default position would be to check the DNA of surviving Serbian family members first, yet, despite descriptions of interviews with Moslem families, this goes unmentioned.

The article mentions the slow pace of identification until this dubious process of identification was introduced . This must leave the suspicion that the bodies are actually the otherwise undiscovered bodies of Serb civilians & that far from being an impartial scientific examination what is going on is an attempt to use the name of science to airbrush the genocide of 3,800 Serb civilians & justify NATO's support of the anti-Yugoslav side (all of whom had leaders who, perhaps coincidentally, served Hitler as well as NATO). The fact that one of the directors of the western funded laboratory is Wim Kok, who was PM of the Netherlands at the time when Dutch troops had officially disarmed Mr Oric's troops & were officially manning a cease fire zone around Srebrenica at the when Oric's troops were regularly raiding local villages & shooting, & to be fair beheading their populations. This must strain Mr Kok's ability to oversee an impartial investigation.
Yours Sincerely
Neil Craig


you may have also added the fact that the so-called International Committee on Missing Persons (also known as the International Commission on Missing Persons) was created at the behest of the Clinton administration and that its chairman from 1997 to 2001 was none other than former Republican US Presidential candidate in 1996 and former Republican Senator, Bob Dole.

Bob Dole is notorious for his receiving large sums of money from Albanian Americans during the 1980's and 1990's (See ex-Vietnam war veteran, Mr.Benjamin Works' Strategic Issues Research Institute of the United States [SIRI-US]think tank's web site

Just type in "Bob Dole" into the search facility.

Here are a couple of good starting points on Bob Dole from the above US think tank:

Or just do this: in Google, type in the following:
"Bob Dole" "Mira Baratta"

If you don't know who Mira Baratta is, well I am not surprised.

Suffice it to say that she is the daughter of a well known Los Angeles based Croatian Ustasha Nazi radio station operator, Mr. Pero Radijelovic, who once boasted that WW2 Croatian Fuehrer, Ante Pavelic, was: "the greatest man in Croatian history".

Ms. Baratta also happens to be the granddaughter of a WW2 Croatian Ustasha Nazi officer (that's right, the Croatian Ustasha - many of whom were Croatian Roman Catholic priests,nuns and monks engaged as death camp commanders at the third largest death camp in WW2 Europe known as Jasenovac)and who, according to German Nazi sources, were responsible for the Holocaust of between 750,000 and 1.2 million Serbs, Jews & Roma peoples in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina from 1941 to 1945).

Ms. Baratta was, for many years, a staff assistant/aide in former Senator Bob Dole's office and heavily influenced Bob Dole's pro-Croatian and anti-Serbian views.

Incidentally, Wim Kok, whom you mention as former PM of The Netherlands during Naser Oric's anti-Serbian genocide in Srebrenica, just happens to be a board member of the US government elite controlled organization known as the International Crisis Group well known for their staunch support of the al Qaeda and Iranian-backed KLA Islamist Nazis and NATO's terror bombing of civilians in Serbia for 78 days and nights from March to June, 1999 in support of said Islamist Nazis.

For a list of the board members of the ICG, see:

Some of those on the list of members of the ICG are NATO war criminals. They are war criminals because not only did they deliberately kill civilians for 78 days(as they themselves have now adnitted)against a sovereign state in violation of the UN Charter, international law - specifically the 1975 Helsinki Accords- and in violation of NATO's very own founding charter, but these Western NATO government war criminals knowingly supported an Islamist Nazi terrorist group of genocidal mass-murdering, drug-running,child sex-slavery racketeering thugs responsible for the "ethnic cleansing" of more than 350,000 Serbs,Jews,Roma and the other 16 ethnic/religious peoples - who once resided in the Kosovo-Metohija province for generations (plus the murder of over 4,000 Serbs and Roma as well as hundreds of Yugoslav oriented Albanians since June 1999) - all of this done under the supervision of NATO/EUFOR troops and UN officials in UNMIK who were - under UN Security Council Resolution 1244 - supposed to be protecting these peoples.

Go figure.

It comes as no surprise that the Clinton administration's and Bob Dole's so-called International Commission on Missing Persons organization forms part of this NATO/EU establishment political elite controlled circuit and Western war criminal members club.

Compare the membership list of the International Crisis Group with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg organization, et al.

The same names keep popping up over and over again:Wim Kok, Zbigniew Brzezinski,Morton Abramowitz,Richard Holbrooke, Martti Ahtisaari,Madeleine Albright,George Robertson,George Soros et al.

For Diana Johnstone's article on Morton Abramowitz see:

See also:

For my article recently published on IsraPundit focussing on Zbigniew Brzezinski see:

"Round and 'round the quagmires we go, and up pops one of the same weasels." - Charlie Reese, Syndicated Columnist.

A key role in the joining of the anti-Serb forces was reportedly played by a young aide of Senator Dole, Mira Radievolic Baratta. Within the “small circle of those who monitor U.S. policy toward the Balkans,” The Weekly Standard reported in 1995, “her influence and her expertise are widely recognized.” Richard Perle, an informal Dole adviser who worked on behalf of the Bosnian Muslims at the Dayton peace talks, says that “other than Richard Holbrooke, Baratta has been the most influential individual in shaping U.S. policy.” (13)

Baratta began working for Dole in June 1989 and in May 1995 received the “Award for Excellence in Politics” from the National Federation of Croatian Americans.

In a bastion of ignorance, Baratta easily became the congressional expert on the Balkans. Baratta has “as good an understanding of the Balkans as anyone on Capitol Hill,” The Weekly Standard reported admiringly, adding that “she is probably the only congressional staffer monitoring ex-Yugoslavia who speaks and reads both Croatian and Serbian”–a statement which itself indicates the prevailing ignorance, since Croatian and Serbian are the same language.

Baratta clearly understood the importance of concentrating on the villain–the Serbs–as a better way to influence policy than to try to sell Congress on the Croats. She also advocated the Albanian cause and was publicly credited with getting the Senate to adopt a resolution calling for lifting the arms embargo against the Bosnian Muslims.

Even after leaving politics, Dole continues his support of the Albanian cause. “In articles and TV appearances, Dole has glorified the KLA and vilified the Serbs,” Investor’s Business Daily reported. (14)

Matthew Rees predicted that Baratta would succeed in “climbing the foreign-policy establishment’s greasy pole. Dole advisers such as Perle, Wolfowitz, and Jeane Kirkpatrick are among Baratta’s biggest boosters.” (15)

By a not so strange coincidence, Baratta’s fans include the most hawkish veterans of the Reagan administration. “Many former Reagan officials–U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, Assistant Secretary of State Richard Perle, and Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger–have publicly endorsed sending NATO ground troops to Kosovo.” (16)

Well, pieces fit together showing that all along it has been the ethnic nationalist fascist losers of World War II in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo who have been exploiting the political process in Germany and the United States. Their goal has been to effect the division of Yugoslavia and the cleansing of Serbian populations from their territories, while purporting that "Greater Serbia" was the menace to European security and not the post-fascist "Greater Croatia" and "Greater Albania."Survivors of the Croat Ustashe movement in southern Germany began their work in the 1960s, but Joseph DioGuardi must be given credit for a sustained campaign to influence Congress beginning in the mid-1970s.

Q: Mr. Secretary, Charlie Aldinger with Reuters. I'd like to ask, I understand, first, that your portfolio is heavily weighted toward Russia, is it not?

Crouch: I have both the -- what we're now calling the Eurasia account, and that pretty much aligns the department with the way both the NSC and the State Department have reorganized themselves under this administration.

And that includes -- that's managed for me by Deputy Assistant Secretary Ms. Mira Baratta, who just came on board this week, as a matter of fact. And that has all the, sort of, country operations: for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as the former southern Soviet states, in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the like, and the Caucasus. So, in addition to that, it will also have country desk responsibility for a large percentage of the Balkan states as well. So I have that part and that portfolio.

And then of course the other side of the Russia relationship is really more on the new framework of relations, including our relationship over strategic offensive, strategic defensive force issues, military-to-military issues, and things like that. So most of that, from an OSD perspective, is in my area.

United States Department of Defense News Release

On the web:

Media contact: +1 (703) 697-5131

Public contact:
or +1 (703) 428-0711

No. 396-01



Mira Radielovic Baratta assumed duties as deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Eurasia on Aug. 20, 2001, under the direction of the assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Policy. She is responsible for the development of Defense policy and security relationships with all of the independent states of Eurasia (the former Soviet Union).

She brings to her position fifteen years of experience on national security matters both within the executive branch, as well as the Congress. From 1989-1996, she was U.S. Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole's adviser on arms control and foreign policy and continued in that capacity during his presidential campaign.

Baratta also served as senior adviser to the chairman of the International Commission on Missing Persons in the former Yugoslavia and vice president for programs at Freedom House.

Baratta received her foreign service bachelor of science degree magna cum laude from Georgetown University in 1982. She completed doctoral course-work at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.


...But Brian Mitchell of Investor’s Business Daily has now revealed that Dole has been influenced by a top aide, Mira Baratta, known on Capitol Hill as "a passionate anti-Serb."

Mitchell said Baratta had several family connections to Croatian nationalist causes. For example, her grandfather fought with pro-Nazi Croatian forces in World War II and her father, Peter Radielovic, had been "a public defender of alleged Croatian war criminals."

Bob Dole served his country well in World War II. But it appears that his views on Bosnia and Yugoslavia have been influenced by an aide who has a rather checkered background and a conflict of interest. This is a story that has to be told.


Petar Radielovic

Father of Mrs. Mira Baratta (Croat-American foreign policy adviser to Bob Dole)
he was the director of the "Croatian Information Service," which is based in Arcadia, Calif. He is author of [the] book "Croatia - myths and reality."

Quotes from Mr. Petar Radielovic concerning the Andrija Artukovic debacle of justice that occurred when the Yugoslav government tried to extradite Artukovic in the mid eighties (due to the efforts of Jewish groups - not Serbian groups).

N.Y.T.[New York Times] November 15, 1984, pg. 15

"Petar Radielovic, president of the Croatian Information Service in Arcadia, Calif., dismissed the charges as Communist propaganda.

"'In our eyes they are lies', he said. Whatever killings occurred, he said, were attributable to civil war and were 'not under his jurisdiction.'"

Los Angeles Times January 31, 1985, pg.1

"There was tight security in the U.S. Courthouse as defenders of Artukovic and members of the Jewish community [where in God's name were the Serbs?M.P.] crowded into the small magistrate's court to witness the proceeding.

Outside the courthouse, Irv Rubin, head of the Jewish Defense League, engaged IN A SHOVING AND SHOUTING MATCH WITH PETAR RADIELOVIC, president of the Croatian Information Service.

Rubin denounced Artukovic's supporters as "NAZI PIGS" and hailed Brown's ruling as appropriate justice for Jewish victims of the Holocaust."


For more info on Artukovic, see
Trafficking and arms smuggling are monitored and Jews control the world through the UN, NATO, EU and other

Global Call for Jews to destroy, steal and kill for 70 years to establish a new world order

A look something trivial and unimportant, but a desire and a more old Jew, and ending September 27, 1940 in Berlin, "Tripartite Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan, where the three countries their promise of multilateral aid to establish a "new world order ``
Rinse and global Jewish vrajeala with Hitler and Nazism, antisemitism and the Holocaust are they made of the slogan and unfairly imposed AND WORLD Jews for aggressive military attack, destroy, steal and kill anywhere on the face of planet and not give account of their criminal and terrorist acts.
Union Banking Corporation in New York Finance Hitler came to power in Germany, that of Nazism, the Hebrew, but also the bank where his Jewish Nazi money launderers of their safes, millions of Jews against the Nazis.
UBC has been accused violare Stock Exchange Act of enemies, and director of UBC was Prescot Bush, grandfather of Bush father and son Bush's father, the two former American Presidents.
In the future, when you hear of Hitler, will not be a suicide, but spit in the eyes of those who would attack or condemn the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, extremism, xenophobia, Satanism, vampirism, racism, because the Jews are the real murderers and their financing RIGHTS Fine and support worldwide military GHERA CES: HOLOCAUTISTI, antisemitic ETREMISTI, Satanist, VAMPIRISTI and racist fighting weapon to destroy human beings and colonization HEBREW worldwide.
Energia if the International Jewish Conspiracy were so omnipotent it is unlikely they would have failed to to ensure the media biased their coverage in favour of Israel. As I have pointed out the opposite is true - compare the coverage given to the defensive Gaza war with the openly genocidal war to sieze Kosovo.

I do not discount the existence of conspiracies - indeed there are many of them - but ones which so signally fail of their basic purpose are hardly a threat.
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