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Sunday, January 20, 2008

DRAGODAN MASSACRE Freedom of Information Act enquiry

the Dragodan Massacre:

The woman, Vesna Mulic, said she was taken to the HQ of UNMIK police in Pristina, to identify her husband's remains. There she was told that her husband, Rame, was one of 160 bodies found in a mass grave near the village of Dragodan outside Pristina.

So careless were the Albanian killers, whom Clinton's administration is proud to call the US Army's allies, that they left numerous personal document and other forms of identification with the dead. Vesna Mulic, said she saw numerous pieces of identification belonging to other victims.

It would appear that UNMIK has known of the mass grave for a long time. Why it has refused to reveal this shocking discovery is another unanswered question.

Indeed the silence remains deafening.

On 5th December I sent this enquiry to the FOI email about it:

Dear Sir,
Some years ago my MP Anne McKechne passed on a letter from me asking about the Dragodan Massacre in the British controlled sector of Kosovo. Mr Dennis McShane, then a junior Foreign minister replied confirming that the number of bodies buried & at that time recovered at the massacre site was 210 (up from an earlier report of 160) but that it was not officially a mass grave (which would be absolute legal proof of genocide) but instead 210 separate graves in the same place. In any case he confirmed many of the bodies had been Serbs identified as having been alive at the time our government assumed responsibility.

I did reply to him mentioning that this was the 2nd largest murder case in contemporary British history (Lockerbie being the first) & asking how many British police were allocated, full time, to the investigation, but have yet to receive a reply.

I would now like, under the FoI Act to repeat that request;

1 ) How many British police were, at the time & now, allocated to an investigation which should be closely comparable to that of the Lockerbie bombing.

2 ) How many of the, at a practical minimum, dozens of people who must have committed this genocide, have been imprisoned for it.

3) Further to that I would like to know if any more bodies have been found beyond the 210 mentioned.

4) The names of those holding responsibility, in the line of command up to & including the Prime Minister, for this area of Kosovo when this act of prima faci genocide took place.

Copies of any documents, either on email or paper, relating to this incident would be appreciated.
Yours Sincerely
Neil Craig
I have yesterday received the reply, which makes it rather late. I will be posting what it says & more importantly doesn't say shortly along with what it means. I must advise that due, I am assured, to financial restrictions, it is very limited. For example, it does not advise as to who, under part 4, was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the time of this genocide. We must all accept the government's assurance that identifying Mr T Blair as Prime Minister in 1999 would have been prohibitively expensive. This clearly represents the highest standard of honesty to be expected from our government.

Still it happened, it has been proven to have happened & the government & media know about it & have deliberately censored any reporting of this genocide.

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