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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Bad News - Britain in Last Place - The Good News - Lots of Room to Improve

   Yesterday I took advice about the English language being a factor in the growth of the world's fastest growing cities. Not surprising since so much of the world's communication is in English that it should provide an advantage. For example Singapore deliberately decided to promote English in its education system, though Chinese was native language of most people, for that reason.

    So lets look at how well Britain is doing in terms, not of the whole world, but of the English speaking world. This is from the bottom end of Wikipedia's list of growth for 2012:

163 Ireland 0.9%
172 Trinidad 0.4%
175 United Kingdom 0.2%
177 Cook Islands 0.1%
177 Jamaica 0.1%
181 Barbados 0.0%
196 St Kitts and Nevis -0.9%
214 Bermuda -3.5% (2011 est)
219 Anguilla -8.5 (2009 est)

   Hardly surprising that postage stamp countries should be at both ends of the list - they are so small that they will have a far larger random statistical variability.

   Excluding them Britain is the worst economically performing country in the world, with the runner up being Ireland, a fellow EU member, about whose performance we have, over the last few years, been scathing (& whom our media ignored for the previous 2 decades of 7% annual growth)

    This may look pretty pitiful, and it is, but it also reinforces my opinion that, with world average growth of 4.8%, non-EU growth of 6% and Commonwealth average growth of 7.3% it would take no great effort to reach the average, or surpass it. I don't think that with this evidence anybody could seriously dispute that it isn't the "world recession" or international bankers or any of those, it is entirely the fault of our political class backed by the BBC state propaganda service (who ALWAYS CENSOR how well the rest of the world, outside the EU is doing). All that is required for that is for politicians to get out of the way, let the free market be free, end Luddite banning or making artificially expensive our shale gas, nuclear power, housing etc. etc., quit the EU and revel in our good luck of speaking English and having the world's highest ratio of scientific citations to population of any sizable country.

    To do much better than average my 24 point programme for growth has never been seriously disputed.

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