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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nazis Who Lie and Censor In The Name of Anti-Racism

The police have seized thousands of copies of a magazine with this joke on its back cover because "The consequences of taking no action could have resulted in public-order incidents" as "hundreds of thousands of people" might display them. Spiked has the full story & shows how you can censor absolutely anything in Britain with the most pitiful of excuses.
[ image:  ] Cover of the Sun the day NATO started bombing Yugoslav hospitals to help our very own terrorists in the campaign of mass murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide and the dissection of thousands of living people under our government's authority.

Obviously every single honest official or politician who has not denounced the police for the first bit of censorship is publicly on record as having called for the police to seize every issue of the Sun or any other paper supporting the Nazi atrocities of the Westminster politicians.

But only every single honest one- not the lying racist Nazi obscenities who will use any excuse to change our laws to censor absolutely anything.

Talking of lying Nazi filth, Dame Shirley Williams was on the BBC propaganda show Question Time last week where she said that the Kosovo war had achieved good results. Since the Nazi whore has previously publicly acknowledged that what they achieved was indeed mass murder, ethnic cleansing and the dissection of living people she clearly knows what she considers desirable. That is why every single member of her party, the LibDems, who is other than an obscene subhuman racist Nazi animal morally on a lower level than the guards at Auschwitz, has publicly dissociated themselves from her. But only all of the ones who aren't, so, so far, none.
  And talking of Nazi filth here is the late Christopher Hitchens, whose death spawned much fawning coverage from the BBC & other "left wing" media, lying about Slobodan Milosevic after our government murdered him.
How the "Srebrenica Massacre" fraud falls apart the instant you subject it to any examination on the most basic intellectual principle. Which obviously means that no non-Nazi could claim to know anything about it and still treat it seriously. Not a problem for our state propaganda "service" if one assumes everybody at the BBC is a corrupt, lying, racist Nazi. Otherwise inexplicable.
     Vojislav Šešelj still not convicted of anything and still in prison.
In late February 2003, Šešelj surrendered to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on the indictment of "eight counts of crimes against humanity and six counts of violations of the laws or customs of war for his alleged participation in a joint criminal enterprise. Since he wasn't part of the government but of the opposition the "joint criminal enterprise" can't actually be doing anything but simply means being a Serb.

"In February 2009, the prosecution had presented 71 witnesses against Šešelj. With seven hours left in the prosecution, his trial was suspended because of alleged witness intimidation. The trial was resumed on 12 January 2009, and Šešelj does not plan to call any witnesses in his defence, stating that there is no need since the prosecution has not presented a single worthy witness. On 24 July 2009, he was sentenced to a further 15 months in custody for disrespecting the court." As of now the "trial" is still not proceeding and the "court"  still has no actual evidence.

  So no case whatsoever, no witnesses, no evidence. The only reason NATO "indicted" him was that he was, at the time, 2 weeks away from winning a democratic election against NATO's hirelings.

  Obviously this is rather more important than the Abu Qatada farce and has, over the years received thousands of times more coverage by every journalist, "newspaper" or state propaganda organisation in Britain, or America that does not consist of wholly corrupt, lying, Nazi animals, less moral than the guards at Auschwitz.

  That would be none of the racist bastards since it is censored with a unanimity Goebbels would have admired..
And here is James Delingpole on the BBC, speaking in the restrained manner that is his trademark.
The BBC is not a benign organisation. Indeed, it probably bears greater responsibility than any other institution for Britain's cultural, moral, intellectual and economic decline.

  I hereby call on everybody in the "anti-racist"  movement to personally dissociate themselves from the members of what is legally a "joint criminal conspiracy" of the lying, genocidal organlegging Nazi who make up our main political parties & "journalistic" organisations to or be shown as undeniably wholly dishonest parasitic, racist, Fascist filth themselves. No offence to anybody in the "anti-racist" movement.

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