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Friday, November 25, 2011


 Last night on Question Time, Dan Hannan MSP and one of the small minority of sane Conservatives. during the answering of BBC selected question whether this government was, as promised, the "greenest ever" (his answer was unfortunately yes) said
to get the economy growing cutting regulations, reducing the size of government, ending planning restriction s would all work but "the one thing guaranteed to produce it is cheap energy"
    He went on to say, correctly, that the only thing giving the American economy any buoyancy is the technical breakthrough allowing them to recover cheap shale gas. He was sufficiently politer not to mention that the energy minister of his own government, Chris Huhne, has gone on record to say he will prevent any extensive development of shale gas in Britain because it would be cheaper than windmill electricity, even after the enormous subsidy.

   There was also discussion of the reduction in the subsidy of "renewable" solar power but unfortunately nobody gave any figures. The current subsidy being anything up to 43.3p per kwh while actually creating nuclear power costs 2.2p a unit.

   Dan's statement seems to be only the 2nd acknowledgement of the fact that ECONOMIC FREEDOM + CHEAP ENERGY = ECONOMIC GROWTH. The other being Jim Mather who is the intelligent Minister in the SNP government (it is possible there is a second but not his equal) but he remains alone in a government specifically committed to destroying the cheapest 80% of our electric power capacity.

    Still an interesting small step towards sanity.

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