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Friday, October 21, 2011

President Gaddafi Rest in Peace - You did Nothing to Match Our Own Government's Atrocities

 Gaddafi has been killed. We know he was captured alive, because video of him captured has been released, or escaped might be a better term). Fortunately we live in a country where minor quibbles about the our government's employees murdering people in cold blood is not an issue. I have addressed this before and the isues are unaltered.You will look in vain for anybody in out MSM being so impolite as to call murder murder. Indeed the MSM's relief that there will not even have to be the farce they describe as a "trial"

   I looked up what exactly he had been charged with and, understandably there is little coverage of the details. I had to go to the ICC itself which, sadly for an allged legal body, is almost equally unspecific

27 June 2011, Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued three warrants of arrest respectively for Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al-Senussi for crimes against humanity (murder and persecution) allegedly committed across Libya from 15 February 2011 until at least 28 February 2011, through the State apparatus and Security Forces.

  Going a little further through the pdf we find the only accusation on p4 of a 7 page indictment
 "although the exact number of casualties cannot be known ....the security forces killed and injured as well as arrested hundreds of civilians"
  As a general rule of thumb the injured will normally greatly exceed the dead, maybe 10 fold, and the arrested exceed the dead similarly. By adding apples grapes and pe4anuts they have, in a manner which proves their total dishonesty, come up with an apparent figure of deaths they know to be a total lie.
    So the indictment is that "though we have no evidence we claim that Libya's security forces killed a handful of people who were in rebellion against the lawful government within the sovereign state of Libya."
  • Kent State was 5.
  • Bloody Sunday was 13
  • Waco was 76 (24 of them Brits which our media appears to have forgotten to report).
  • Dragodan was at least 210 and that was a genuine international crime because we did it in Kosovo.
  • The NATO  bombing of Libya (officially merely to protect Benghazi from being bombed and not for regime change, because that would be a war crime, or to bomb civilians in other owns because so would that )had killed 800 months ago and must be several thousands now. Again an international crime which is what "international law" is supposed to be about.
  • NATO "security forces" in Kosovo murdered 1,800 innocent civilians, in a srare of neither war nor insurrection, by dissecting them while still alive. Again a crime against international law.
  • Krajina was anything up to 125,000 based on those still missing. Again a crime under international law.
  • Our government's deliberate artificial pushing up of electricity prices is 25,000 every year.
   Anybody want to suggest that Blair, Clinton, Brown, Cameron, Ashdown, ... all the way down to such minor murdering Nazi animals as the vast majority of MPs, including my local one and probably yours,, every single "journalist" on the BBC and most of our lying and censoring media Lord Bonomy (the Scottish "judge" in the Milosevic show trial", Elish Angiolini (Scots Solicitor General) are not more clearly and unambiguously guilty of massive crimes than those Gaddafi was "charged" with?  Anybody doubt that every one of them could not, with greater justice, get a bullet in the head.
   Dan Hannan got it on the money when the "indictment" was issued, though it has always been obvious to me that the Pan Am bombing was nothing to do with Libya but carried out by Syrian backed Palestinians. But Syria became our ally in the first Gulf War so suddenly they weren't involved.

Looks more like more popularity than any of the corrupt pensioner murdering, organlegging Fascist parasites we have could get. How many people in David Cameron's home town would fight bombers to save him?

UPDATE This suggests that gadaffi was set up "Madsen’s sources said Gaddafi was told to surrender to the al-Qaeda rebels besieging Sirte before morning prayers at 5 am, but that it was decided to surrender after the sun was well up in the sky so the white flags would be clearly visible.
It also appears likely the arrival of Secretary of State Clinton in Libya may have played into the plot and convinced Gaddafi to surrender." The article also explains why it is bad policy to invite somebody to surrender under a white flag and then shoot on it. Much worse policy for a major world power which may sometime want a reputation for honest dealing.

 The claims are not exactly proven but the "official cover story does not make sense. If Gaddafi wanted to escape Sirte, why didn’t he do it under the over of darkness? It makes little sense to attempt an escape convoy in broad daylight in rebel territory with U.S. predator drones likely on constant patrol.". Expect to see this as censored as the poisoning of Milosevic. Like almost everything not government approved, by our broadcast "news".

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I read comments and one thing that surprises me is to see about blaming America for everything. As if the whole world is foolish and Americans are controlling all. I would say has any one ever met any one outside India and talked about politics. Has any one ever made friends with Arabs, Iranians or Europeans. Do people know, Iranians are way more racist than any European. They call Africans gorilla hate Arabs more than anybody(calls them Berber in Farsi). The world is not controlled by Americans and sometimes wars are inevitable. And when an Army of any country enters any region, civilians will die. In hindi: "Genhu ke saath dhun pista hain". As long as we humans are here, there will be war some where for some reason. Till then choose your side and hope it wins the war. From my point of view, in current world, a dominant Western power is far better than a dominant Chinese or Arab power.
I'm not sure he is dead.

This month, there have been two conflicting accounts. The official version is that NATO is mopping up hold-outs. The alternative, principally from No Spin News ( and, is that a general uprising began on the 14th. After the repression of peaceful demonstrations, the fight was taken to the NTC, inflicting hundreds of casualties (including the SAS). Once the Tuareg joined in, the momentum picked up, and the NTC are on the run, with virtually no popular support. Apart from FUKUS, the NATO governments are very worried about the swelling support for the Jamahinya across Europe (we had oil; we haven't got free housing, education, healthcare, an economic surplus, a state bank, or even a voice in government; how come?), commanders are terrified of war crimes trials, now they're using illegal weapons way beyond their mandate, so a halt has been declared. This stunt is a pretext to get out fast. Why else did Jibril resign so disconsolately in his supposed hour of triumph?

The loyalists are telling us that Gadhafi is still alive, and that they have big plans for the 25th.
Time will tell. So I still hope for the best.

Anyway, Gadhafi has secured his place in history. After the economic meltdown of 2008, Wall Street and the City of London launched an elaborate plan to stage colour revolutions across the Middle East - the Arab Spring - and South-east Asia - the Asian Summer - to control their resources, stymie Russia and China, and start a radical depopulation of the Third World (Cameron's African vaccination plan was part of this). They had everything in place. Their people controlled the UN and the international courts. The Jamahinya's heroic resistance stopped them in their tracks. Their moment has gone. They've shown their hand. Economic collapse is thundering towards them, and the people now know there always was an alternative.
Not convinced of the details there Bob but certainly conflict in Libya isn't over. A "victory" for the west and inded for the Libyan people would be if, in 5 years, oil can be got out as easily as under gaddafi and there are fewer political killings (ie both "police" action and guerilla). I would bet against that.

Neha I might well agree with you that an American ruled world would be better than a Chuinese one. My hope is for one in which the rule of international law is predominant and unfortunately do not think that much America has done over the last 20 years has not diminished such principles. Whoever might be doing the pushing around in future America is doing it now and must be held accountable for its actions.

Anon while, over roughly the last 20 years, the US has meddled less in Latin America not accidentally Latin america is now growing faster I would agree that the historic US domination of Latin America usually showed less respect for national rights than the USSR's of eastern Europe.
I realize that nothing is fair but I'm still trying. I just want to do my best and what is possible

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