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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gaddafi - Not 1,000 the War Criminal Our Own Organlegging Leaders Are

  What I put on John Redwood, who gas been opposed to the war against Libya. I slightly toned down the remarks about the KLA to say merely that they had been accused by the Council of Europe of atrocities under NATO command rather than that they had done it. John is pernikety about such things at least with our friends.
The “legal” justification for our war was that we were thereby stopping the capture of Libya’s 2nd city which would have inevitably entailed substantial civilian casualties. Regime change was no part of the official remit because attacking countries to change their regimes is, rather obviously, aggression and hence a crime under international law.
We are now assisting in the capture of Libya’s 1st city with inevitable substantial civilian casualties and openly committed to regime change, which remains a crime under international law.
The NATO funded “International Criminal Court” intends to “try” Gaddafi on insubstantial charges amounting to putting down rebellion, which is acknowledged as a prime duty of any government. The US constitution refers to defending against enemies “domestic and foreign” which sums up this war.
While it is clear that the NATO leaders have thus made themselves war criminals the ICC will only be swearing out warrants against them if it has some slightest wish to appear as a real court enforcing law impartially. That seems unlikely. Instead we have proven that the NATO powers are an aggressive threat to peace and that there are no circumstances under which their word can ever be trusted.
This was also the lesson in Kosovo whose current nominal “President” has been accused by the Council of Europe of crimes hundreds of times more obscene than anything Gaddafi is accused of – while under the direct command authority of NATO leaders as our policeman. In which case the NATO leaders are also criminal.
* the justification was only not actually legal because the UN Charter specifically says they do not have any right to interfere in such internal matters.
  That about covers it. We have, yet again we have shown the entire world we continually intend to "pick up a crappy little country and throw it against a wall just to prove we are serious." Once again it has not been over "in weeks not months" as Obama promised. With the NATO countries in recession and the rest of the world averaging 5% growth showing total contempt for international law is seriously dangerous.

   This link explains our meddling in an "Arab Spring" about which even the political leaders are clearly ignorant and about which the only thing we can say for certain about the media reports is that they are lying -because they always are.  

   You do not have to hold any brief for Gaddafi to believe he has been a better leader than the "National Transition Council" whose most competent member appears to be Mossa Koussa, Gaddafi's former intelluigence chief. If you believe Libya was involved in the Pan Am bombing (I don't) then he was certainly
the organiser so the hypocrisy of our government in blaming Gaddafi but not Koussa is blatant. In any case the worst you can accuse Gaddafi of is of not being remotely as murderous as not only the "President" we installed in Kosovo but every one of the racist, genocidal, organlegging Nazi NATO leaders, from Clinton and Blair down to the Norwegian murderers.

    Looking at the "National Transition Council" it seems unlikely they will produce order, let alone the "free democracy" that was the alleged hope of the war (I say hope rather than purpose because the alleged purpose was to stop a fight going on within the city of Bengazi. There are layer upon layer of excuses - each one of which turns out on examination tom be a deliberate lie.

    What then is the actual purpose. I do not even think it is to show how powerful we are - the time taken shows the opposite. Nor to grab the oil - probably the very best we can hope for is that 5 years from now NATO citizens drilling for oil there will be as safe as they were before we started this.

    I believe the ultimate reason is to provide the media and people back home with the equivalent of  Roman gladiatorial games except where they killed individuals we kill thousands.

    Yesterday I saw a government minister on TV saying that the NTC were up to running the country because they had run a "very impressive press conference". Looking at the video shows, on the wall behind the rostrum "National Transition Council" in English. The also still get called the "Rebels" although officially we have recognised them as the legal government - but rebel alliances are so much more fun. If that does not prove that this is all western showbiz look at the pictures of SUVs with Schwarzenegger sized cannon driving into the city and kids jumping into the middle of the street and firing automatic rifles from the hip. Both of these are Hollywood warfare not the real thing. One competent soldier, with a rifle, lying down, could kill idiots until his ammo ran out with little chance of any of them accidentally hitting him. The real killing was done by NATO bombers and probably, carefully off camera, our special forces.

shooting upwards is sooo spectacular

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Ah yes, the Lockerbie bombing. The English are now demanding a full apology, and $10m for each of the 270 victims from the "rebels". So soon? They know their case is that shonky.

But when Israel shot down Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114, a Boeing 727 with 113 passengers, on 21 February, 1973, no action was ever taken. The U$A even defended Israel.

So, according to them, a Libyan life is worth one ten-millionth of a British or American life.

Which pretty much explains the war, really.
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