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Friday, July 08, 2011

BBC restrict news reporting to NoTW Hacking - I See if Equality Under the Law Applies

  Last night the BBC news was almost entirely devoted to the hacking story story; followed by Question Time where all the questions selected by the BBC except for 1 in the last 3 minutes were the same; followed by Andrew Neil on the same. 2 1/2 hours on this story and virtually none on the rest of the world’s news That would be justified if we were seeing a breaking news story like 9/11 but for nothing less.
    Broadcasting in Britain is essentially a monopoly of the BBC and people they approve of and this monopoly. legally committed to “balance” is in fact the propaganda arm of the British state (along with the Guardian which survives on government advertising). Murdoch’s attempt to buy all of Sky would weaken that monopoly slightly.

   I do not consider it a coincidence that this scandal, which journalists of all newspapers have been guilty of for years, has suddenly broken on Murdoch’s head alone.

  Yesterday I gave the evidence that the originator of this story, the Guardian, has a record of hacking private communication and the letter I had sent to them. Neither the Guardian nor the PCC have felt able to dispute the accuracy of what I said in any way. Note that hacking emails, something Mr Vulliamy seems to have admitted to and of which the Guardian staff were clearly aware and complicit.

   Today Mr Coulson has been arrested. He appears guilty of perjury in the Sheriden trial. We know that the police have repeatedly accepted bribes and even at the time it was widely commented on how unusual it was to spend millions prosecuting Sheriden for saying things a jury had claimed to believe. I think the Scottish legal establishment including Elish Angiolini, Scotland's former Solicitor General and openly a corrupt fascist accessory in war crimes and genocide  have questions to answer.

    Prosecuting him but not others in the same circumstances looks like perverting the course of justice. This is not to say that Sheriden is innocent - he clearly isn't - but merely to say that Coulson, Angiolini, Blair, Ashdown etc etc should join him behind bars.

   In that cause
          correspondenceunit at
Attorney General,
                           I note that arrests have been made in the case of alleged hacking by News International journalists. I hope the law will be allowed to take its course without fear or favour.
In which case it is clearly my duty to draw your attention to a public admission of complicity in theft of emails and probable hacking by another newspaper. The Guardian.
On March 15th 2000, in an article by Ed Vulliamy, the Guardian said
This is the text of an email that came my way from Kekic to Hoey, written after the Nato bombardment of 1995 that produced the Dayton agreement:
. The message was sent from Kekic's electronic address at the Economist Intelligence Unit on September 14, 1995, at 10.11am. Others in the series of emails involve chatter about gainful contact with David Owen and friendly journalists at the BBC and Observer.
This was clearly obtained and published without the owner's consent and appears to be a criminal act.
I have asked the Guardian and indeed the PCC if they can defend this act but neither have chosen to do so in any way.
Though I have experience of your office protecting mass murderers guilty of complicity in racial genocide, child rape and the dissection of living human beings it appears, from the amount of coverage given by the BBC to hacking that it is a more, in some cases infinitely more, serious crime.
I look forward to hearing from you whether the Guardian's criminality will equally be investigated.
And without fear and favour.
Neil Craig
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Depending on precisely what he said, coulson will probably say "I never knowingly gave money to a corrupt police officer, because I did not regard the payments as, in themselves making any officer corrupt" or some such
He will doubtless have a very expensive lawyer to say it for him but a police officer accepting money to do something against his duty is corrupt.


Well that is my opinion but then I think a blow job is sex so what do I know?
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