The dirty secret of Britain's power madness: Polluting diesel generators built in secret by foreign companies to kick in when there's no wind for turbines - and other insane but true eco-scandals

From the Daily Mail. My comment way down the list but the article worth reading.

Very unusually this comment on a pseudo-liberal site wasn't censored (or answered):

 Perhaps if the fearmongers, totalitarians and warming catastrophists are deserting the ship it might be time to repeal the party's ban on anybody with traditional liberal sympathies being allowed to join. Or, with UKIP now providing us a home, is it too late?
Understandably the Telegraph allowed no comments on this though I'm sure you know what I would have said about our openly genocidal rulers if permitted:

Leaked Nato cables allege Kosovo PM was 'biggest fish' in organised crime

Western powers backing Kosovo's government considered its prime minister one of the country's "biggest fish" in organised crime, according to leaked Nato military cables.
The Greens published their letter to the BBC complaining they weren't invited on Question Time. Worth reading for the phraseology which may be what works with the BBC as well as the obvious arrogance inherent in complaining when they only get 40 times more coverage per supporter than the parties the BBC censor:

Obviously the Aberdeen result, where UKIP got 3 times the green vote, when coupled with the fact that the Greens get 10 times as much coverage on the legally "balanced" state broadcaster shows exactly which party is being censored and which gets a massive amount of support from the wholly corrupt BBC totalitarian fascists.
    I put this on John Redwood on a thread of his about democracy. It was eventually published but stayed off for some time so that when published it was buried further up the list and thus less seen and unreplied to:

“country where you can express disagreements with government, campaign to change government policies, and vote to change the politicians if all else fails”

These are different things and parliamentary democracy can exist without disagreements being allowed to be aired – though of the 2 I would go for free speech.

How do we fit on these tests. I suggest C-

We are technically allowed free speech but speech alone can reach only a miniscule part of the population. Far and away the most important communications medium is broadcasting and in Britain there is a government owned monopoly (monopoly being defined as 70% plus) which specifically censors anybody unapproved. Moreover it not only censors any dissidents on government approved scare stories it has been proven willing to tell any lie whatsoever on the warming scare and presumably anything else. (more extreme allegation v. BBC deleted ed)
Until such time as the government owned media is willing to regularly allow genuine formal debate (ie with more than 1 side represented) on the full range of political issues we will not be a country where you can effectively express disagreement with government.

Over the last couple of decades we have seen that “campaigns to change government policy”, or at least those reported by the BBC & other media, are invariably government funded sock puppets, simply campaigning for more government power, usually using some false scare story. In a manner incompatible with journalistic honesty, the media virtually always conceal the fact that these are simply government fronts. In total these campaigns cost the British taxpayer about £50 bn a year but most people know nothing about it. For example I have yet to find a single global warming alarmist appearing in the comments sections of blogs and papers who can be identified as not being a government funded propagandist.

On the 3rd point I notice you said turfing the rascals (yourself excluded) out was an “if all else fails” option. It should be a common occurance. The problem here is that we have an openly corrupt electoral system which disenfranchises dissidents and produces results with no more than a nodding acquaintance with how people vote. This system is maintained by the ruling class precisely because they depend on its corruption.

On each of these Britain falls far short of being a free democracy and consequently of being a competently run country. Taken together …….