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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Further to my post on 3rd Feb about reporting our glorious leadership for illegal premeditated killings I received to following reply from Westminster:
Thank you for your email to the Attorney Generals Office of 3 February.

If you believe that a crime has been committed then you should contact
the police immediately as this will be for them to investigate and not
the Attorney Generals Office.

Your email also raises further issues in regards to matters which the
Foreign Office deal, I have transferred your email to them. The Attorney
General does not superintend them and therefore we are unable to comment


James Ross

So being a lawabiding citizen I forwarded it to Scotland Yard with the covering:
I have been asked by the Attorney General's office to let you know of the undernoted murders. Perhaps they ar passing the buck, I couldn't say, however it seems to me to be your duty to solely determine if the facts are as I have stated them & if therefore the killings did actually take place, if planning & ordering of them took place under the jurisdiction of British law (mainly within Westminster) & if the indicated persons did indeed have the authority of Prime Minister & Defence Minister at the time. The question of whether the Kosovo war & the support of genocide under our authority subsequently was indeed, under the standards accepted, indeed sponsored by HMG at the Nuremberg trials, is, I think you will be glad, not a police matter though fortunately the relevant Parliamentary committee has already expressed its opinion.

I'm sure Scotland Yard will do its legal duty.
Not yet heard from them but presumably they are doing their lawful duty.

Coincidentally, having been arranged a very long time before, the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, of which I am one of the 700 odd members, held a lecture on Tuesday by Rt Hon Elish Angiolini QC, Scotland's Lord Advocate & the other party to whom I had sent my report. After a good lecture from her about the duties of her post, the independence she is required to have from the Scots government & moreso from Westmister & her duty to decide when & when not to prosecute "in the public interest" (mainly plea bargaining or when it would be too challenging for the victim) we got to put questions.

I asked, in general theory, about whether she would prosecute if notified of illegal premeditated killings as part of war crimes.

She made a very reasoned response that it would depend on

1) It would have to be a criminal act which had taken place in Scotland.

2) She could not prosecute under International Law which is, in many cases, unclear.

3) Would have to be illegal in Scots law.

4) She did not at all suggest "in the public interest" applies to protecting Ministers.

5) That it would have to be reported to the police, the procurator or or herself.

Since I have ensured that the complaint I am bringing is for murder rather than genocide or war crimes, for precisely the reasons given in 2 & 3 the main impediment seems to be whether anything took place in Scotland. However if Robertson dealt with any of his ministerial boxes on the Kosovo war & occupation while weekending in Scotland & it is almost inconceivable that he didn't, then he has clearly legally conspired to kill under Scottish jurisdiction. The same will apply to Blair if he visited Scotland at any time during the war & subsequent occupation & discussed the policies at the time.

I have, as yet, had no acknowledgement from her office but will keep you posted. That there is a good legal case seems clear & indeed noticeably undisputed.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Letters published today in both the Record & the Scotsman. I sent the Scotsman one on Tuesday & the other went on Weds. Both quite extensively edited [ ]

"[The Record Reports (Scots inventors hailed as world leaders 4th feb) that per capita scientists living in Scotland now get cited more often than[[replaced by "So Scots scientists are making more scientific breakthroughs than those in] any other country [in the world except] Switzerland.

[Although Switzerland technically pops us into 2nd place in the world, so many Scots scientists are "brain drained" to England & the US where our emigrants have the advantage of a common language,][replced by "And so many Scots scientists now live outside the country"] that it is almost certain that if emigrants had been included, Scots scientists would be, [per capita,] in first place in the world.

I can literally think of no greater reason for national pride than this. Scotland winning the World Cup would be a minor thing by comparison."

[Shame on our political leaders that we lag ever further behind Ireland's Celtic Tiger economy even though we have this enormous advantage over them.] "

They shortened it by taking out the qualifiers & simplified it by taking out the economic point. But that is ok, they understand their market.

The Scotsman shortened it too & edited out my favourite line about reason for national pride:

[I saw] your report today that per capita scientists living in Scotland get cited more often than any other country in the world except Switzerland. [This is heightened by the fact that we have long been known for our brain drain to English & US centres of excellence. This, we may reasonably assume, happens less in Switzerland, partly because they are richer than us but mainly because such centres are overwhelmingly in English speaking places. While it would be less feasible to do a survey of scientists by claimed nationality (the Americans think Bell was one of theirs) it seems likely if it were done that we would top even the Swiss

I can literally think of no greater reason for national pride than this.}

So is it not disgraceful that economically we are languishing behind even Ireland? [We know how to achieve Irish style growth — the way they did it but with more science & technology. We have had many promises from Mr Salmond to achieve a 'Celtic Lion" economy beating Ireland's Celtic Tiger, but, after nearly a year, little action. It now seems to even need the Tories to push them on their one small albeit real reform - cutting the small business rates that stifle innovation.]

In the same edition you have your list of the 50 most important people in Scotland. Not 1 scientist so far. [Our science may be the world's best but our rulers seem mired in political correctness, parochialism & Ludditry].

It is not clear if this report was commissioned by the Scottish government or if they merely publicised it. If the former it may be somewhat biased but number of citations in papers is a solid, respected & verifiable way to calculate such things.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


China today

"Global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter, that's what we're dealing with."
--Steven Guilbeault, Greenpeace 2005

Indeed. Words to be carved in stone, or even in ice.

Presumably "climate change" can mean anything the media want whereas "global warming" would lead the uninitiated to think some warming was involved.

Monday, February 04, 2008


This was reported in the Scotsman & I think is something to be proud of.

"Now a new study has concluded that the current crop of Scottish scientists are among the most influential in the world, bettered only by the Swiss.

The survey has found that, in recent papers, Scottish scientists are cited more often than big-hitting scientific nations – the US, Germany and China – relative to their numbers.

Scientists in Scotland are world-leaders in highly specialised areas of research, with the impact of their work coming top for health-related sciences, second in clinical sciences and third in biological sciences.

Among the most mentioned research was breakthroughs in the treatment of neurodevelopment disorder Rett's syndrome by Edinburgh and Glasgow universities, and the development of fuel cells by chemists at St Andrews University.

The report measures the average number of citations per paper over ten years. It looked at the performance of Scottish scientific research against 26 other nations from 1995 to 2005.

It measured factors including the amount of money spent on research, the number of researchers employed, and the number of citations of research papers."

Now obviopusly it is per capita & it refers to scientists currently living in Scotland which is not the same as being of Scots extraction. However on the 2nd point I think it very likely that, because we speak English, it is much easier for our students to go to England or the US, where they do appear to exercise a disproportionate influence, than it will be for a Swiss national. Thus if the survey were done on national origin (a more expensive & dubious process, as membership of national sports teams testifies) I strongly suspect we would outperform even the Swiss.

I can think of nothing which is a better cause for national pride than scientific achievement.

Which makes the relative failure of the Scottish economy all the more disgraceful for the numpties who run the place.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I have sent this letter to the Attorney General Baroness Scotland( & also to Scotland's Lord Advocate Rt Hon Elish Angiolini QC. The facts are as I have writen & the UK sponsorship of the Nuremberg Trials is undisputable. I will be very interested in their responses & its legal basis & will publish them.


To the Attorney General
Dear Baroness Scotland QC.
I wish to report a crime. Tony Blair, George Robertson & others are guilty of murder & child rape on a scale that makes Fred West look decent.

At the outbreak of the bombing of Yugoslavia I wrote to your office to point out that under the decisions of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial which Britain accepted & indeed sponsored, planning and launching an aggressive war was a war crime. The attack on Yugoslavia was such a crime, far more blatantly so than the later one on Iraq, since, at no time had Yugoslavia attacked, or even threatened any NATO or other state. Indeed your predecesor refused even to say whether he had even been asked about the legality of that war. Since the end of that war the House of Commons Foreign Affairs committee has stated that the war was illegal. Consequently all the 2,500 deaths by NATO bombing, were illegal premeditated killings, legally murder. The responsible persons therefore provably guilty of murder certainly include, but are not limited to, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair & Defence Minister George Robertson.

Since a formal accusation has been made it is your legal duty to determine if sufficient evidence exists to show whether Mr Blair & Mr Robertson were, or were not PM & Defence Minister respectively at the time of this aggressive war, whether people were deliberately killed in it under their authority & if so to bring them to trial. If this were not done in this most serious murder case then British law would be proven wholly corrupt, which I hope will not be the case.

I further accuse them of the crimes of genocide, child enslavement & rape, all of which are, under the Nuremberg decisions, crimes against humanity. On taking control of Kosovo the accused persons, having undertaken under the occupation agreement to maintain peace & disarm the KLA, an organisation an organisation the Foreign Secrwetary told Parliament to months before going to war to help them, were guilty of genocide.. Instead they were given protection & free reign by NATO, often having been provided with NATO police uniforms, to engage in numerous acts of genocide murdering many thousands of civilians & "ethnically cleansing" 350,000 Serbs, Roma & Jews.

As an example there is the Dragodan massacre when on, or subsequent to, 17th June 1999 (when one of the identified dead, Momcilo Ristanovic, was last seen alive) they murdered a minimum of 210 unarmed civilians under direct British government authority. This was in the Pristina suburb of DRAGODAN in the UK occupation zone. No attempt to stop it or subsequent attempt to arrest the murderers was ever made. Nor even to identify the bodies' DNA. Instead they were deliberately reburied by our government which means that the British authorities including Messrs Blair & Robertson were, at the very least, accessories in murder & genocide

Regarding their involvement in child sex slavery I draw your attention to the statement by Corporal Mark Moss of the Royal Greenjackets who, in 1999 confirmed the effect of the kidnappings of 15 schoolgirls each fortnight, under the new regime "You will not see a single girl alone on the streets, they only go out in packs. Relatives take them to school'."The Amnesty International report, 4 years later "So Does It Mean That We Have The Rights? Protecting The Human Rights of Women And Girls Trafficked for Forced Prostitution in Kosovo" confirms that this is still going on, proving deliberate long term UK government co-operation & that children as young as 11 have been kidnapped & used as sex slaves under Blair & Robertson's direct command authority. This has been going on for years, despite the government having signed an international undertaking to maintain the rule of law in Kosovo & indeed despite our most solemn guarantees under the Helsinki Treaty (Section 1 Clause 1) to "take no action against the territorial integrity or unity" of Yugoslavia. Now Former Yugoslavia. This continuity proves complicity by those in command authority. The decisions regarding the occupation were made under British government authority & mostly on UK soil. This means that, under UK law, both Mr Blair & Mr Robertson are, prima faci, guilty not only of childcrape as a crime against humanity but as a criminal activity under British law.

I have recently been in contact with the FCO who, under an FOI enguiry provided some information giving confirmation of some of this. The rest is in the public record but I would be happy to assist you in any way possible since I believe murder & child rape should not be permitted even when the perpetrator is powerful.
Neil Craig
9% Growth Party

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