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Friday, November 03, 2006


A letter in the Herald today about the EU. The first for a long time. The edited out < > the reference to Jim Mather's letter yesterday about Scotland needing more & better economic statistics which was the hookm I was hanging my somewhat different anti-EU point on. I am thus quite surprised that, with the hook gone, they were still interested:

Dear Editor,
[Most] estimates of the cost to the UK of our membership of the EU have been around £50 billion a year but have been derided by the government as coming form opponents of membership.

< Paradoxically > the EU's Enterprise Commissioner Günter Verheugen recently said that EU regulations cost the entire community £405 billion annually which dovetails < very well > with the sceptics estimates for the UK.

< The government's objection that the estimates of the cost of EU membership emanate from their opponents is weakened by the fact that they > [ The government }have repeatedly refused to publish their own estimates.

Holyrood, which governe 8% of the UK population could usefully produce our own statistics. Whether one supports EU membership or not there should be no dispute that in a democracy we are entitled to the figures on which to make up our minds.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A letter from me in the Scotsman today. Only the first sentence & a half appears (rest shown <>) still it means that 2 of the 4 letters chosen are sceptical about the warming scare. I like the way the "widely unreported" remark about the Oregon Petition, & by implication the entire sceptical view, was removed. But to be fair to the Scotsman they did print part of this & the Herald, which is my local rag, didn't. This letter also went out to a considerable number of other papers some of which I will miss, so if anybody sees it please let me know where. The Herald printed 5 letters, not one of which was sceptical.
" We are told that there is no debate as to the reality of catastrophic global warming. This ignores Oregon Petition of 17,100 scientists have gone on record to say "Research data on climate change do not show that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful. < To the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful."

Despite this on Channel 4 News last night John Snow, while reporting on the Stern Report said that "we are going to hear from all sides of the argument" which turned out to be David Miliband, George Monbiott & somebody who hoped the new taxes wouldn't hurt too much.

According to Channel 4 those who have even doubts about the theory are unpersons.

In another example of unpersonage I noted that last night on Newsnight Ross Finne said that there "was no argument in Scotland about the reality of warming" with a self satisfied aside about America. Sorry Ross, there may be no argument in the comfortable coffee klatsch of Holyrood but there is in real life.>
Neil Craig

Reference - Oregon Petition"

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A lot of neat stuff from Tim Worstall today (31st & 30th) on dissecting the Stern Report on climate change, which means that nobody else has to do it.

basically its rubbish. No actual research on the warming evidence, or lack thereof, uses only the worst scenarios, makes assumptions about growth which even by its own standards are pessimistic & still comes out that 100 years from now it will cost them proportionately much less to stop the CO2 than it does us now.


The first live reports were aired live on US network TV:

" We're getting some amazing pictures, some very dramatic pictures coming out of Iraq to us from Baghdad. You can read the lower third there. "Explosions rock Camp Falcon just outside of Baghdad." It is 11:28 p.m. there right now."

MSNBC News bureau in Baghdad, the bureau chief said " there have been a series of explosions near the Camp Falcon area located just outside of Baghdad, and CPIC is confirming that there was an explosion at an ammo dump, which would explain these amazing dramatic pictures in the night sky of Baghdad. It exploded at Camp Falcon." The U.S. military base is south of Baghdad. (MNSBC, 10 Oct, 2006)

Michel Chossudovsky

They were spectacular explosions because DU in storage all goes off at once.

You could see the streamers of DU chunks burning through the cloud and the familiar mushroom cloud. That is not Willie Pete or White Phosphorus because they leave white smoke and wobble.

The public is still unaware of the Depleted Uranium ( DU ) munitions threat and the Pentagon and media have been complicit in this blackout.

elsewhere it is being claimed that 300 US soldiers could be killed.

Certainly something pretty spectacular has happened as this vidoe shows.. Yet there has been no mention on our TV or radio.

Normally I don't use this site for breaking news but for putting my, I hope relatively original views & thus have had little to say on Iraq.

However the reason I am doing this is because I am also now back on the Channel 4 discussion group. They had a thread recently started by the moderator on an explosion in Baghdad, a different one, which seemed to me less important than this story. So I tried to put up a thread & got this;
Thank you for contributing to this forum. Unfortunately, your post will not be displayed until after it is approved by community administrators, because one or more trigger words were used in your post.
If and Request Processed
when the community administrators approve your post, it will appear in the forum.

close this window

I will let you know if they do put it up but right now I find the whole thing chilling.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Self-proclaimed "global warming warrior" Al Gore came to U.N. headquarters Thursday to lecture on the "perils" of climate change.

The former vice president and U.S. senator spent almost three hours lecturing more than 1,000 U.N. staffers and diplomats on the imminent perils mankind is bringing upon itself....

Among some of the "facts:"

Greenland runs a real risk of "splitting in two."

If that happens, substantial parts of Manhattan, Shanghai and Bombay "will disappear."

Certain species of frogs and many other amphibians are decreasing at a rate "1,000 times greater" than normal.

Cigarette smoking is a "significant" contributor to global warming.

The U.S. still contributes more than 40 percent of all current atmospheric contaminants contributing to global pollution, though Gore did admit the exploding economies of China and India are playing a greater role in the Earth's deteriorating situation.........

Even Gore seesms to recognise his own idiocy because
Later, NewsMax was told that copies of the Gore speech would not be available.

"We destroyed all copies of the speech, except for one master which cannot be released," explained one audio librarian.

Dujarric added: "The Gore speech was copyrighted and therefore we cannot release any copies of it."

The formerly "open" address, has now been reclassifed in the UN files as "a closed meeting."

Remember you read it here first. I suspect you won't see it on the aminstream media (MSM).

Sunday, October 29, 2006


The European Commission has criticised Ireland for not being on target to reduce carbon emissions.

It says Ireland ranks amongst the worst performers in the EU, at fourth from the bottom in terms of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the Kyoto Protocols, Ireland is committed to reducing the rise in carbon emissions to 13% by 2010.


However, the Commission says that without additional measures, Ireland's carbon usage will increase by closer to 30%.
From RTE News

This is, of course, because Ireland's economy is growing fast, unlike the big countries of the EU. Isn't life tough for the poor bureaucrats when the achievements of real people get in the way of their managed decline.

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