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Monday, October 30, 2006


Self-proclaimed "global warming warrior" Al Gore came to U.N. headquarters Thursday to lecture on the "perils" of climate change.

The former vice president and U.S. senator spent almost three hours lecturing more than 1,000 U.N. staffers and diplomats on the imminent perils mankind is bringing upon itself....

Among some of the "facts:"

Greenland runs a real risk of "splitting in two."

If that happens, substantial parts of Manhattan, Shanghai and Bombay "will disappear."

Certain species of frogs and many other amphibians are decreasing at a rate "1,000 times greater" than normal.

Cigarette smoking is a "significant" contributor to global warming.

The U.S. still contributes more than 40 percent of all current atmospheric contaminants contributing to global pollution, though Gore did admit the exploding economies of China and India are playing a greater role in the Earth's deteriorating situation.........

Even Gore seesms to recognise his own idiocy because
Later, NewsMax was told that copies of the Gore speech would not be available.

"We destroyed all copies of the speech, except for one master which cannot be released," explained one audio librarian.

Dujarric added: "The Gore speech was copyrighted and therefore we cannot release any copies of it."

The formerly "open" address, has now been reclassifed in the UN files as "a closed meeting."

Remember you read it here first. I suspect you won't see it on the aminstream media (MSM).

You can see 90 year old smokers all over, but smelling it is deadly, it takes a hurricane to ventilate it and it causes GLOBAL WARMING!!

Is it possible that anyone is so abysmally stupid as to believe this?

There is no limit to stupidity, and you'd better believe that.
This can't work in fact, that is exactly what I consider.
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