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Saturday, May 27, 2006


My only problem with this is that I would rather see him execcuted after a trial. There is no possible question that Tony Blair, among many others, is guilty of war crimes (planning aggressive war, targeting civilians) & crimes against humanity (participation in genocide, ethnic cleansing & child sex slavery). These have all been specificly accepted as criminal by the British state since the Nuremberg trial 60 years ago.
"A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be as sure of the dock and much surer of the noose than a private homicide. It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men's lives should not stake their own" -- H.G. Wells

It is not, however, Mr Galloway's fault that our judicial system is so corrupt that a potential suicide bomber looks like a more probable instrument of both justice & the law than the judges.


From the Telegraph via Daily Ablution
"Last year, it [the lottery fund] said it would spend £397,379 on domestic violence awareness training for judges in Siberia."


That statement came from Geoff Hoon whose word is to be trusted, or otherwise. Indeed the enthusiasm of the western powers for this outbreak of democracy denied by these same war criminals to the people of Krajina, the people of Republika Srpska, the Basque people and indeed the people of the much more populous Rhode Island
Minister for Europe Geoff Hoon has welcomed Montenegro's declaration of independence, ending its century-long union with Serbia.

In Sunday's referendum, 55.5 per cent voted to end ties with Serbia, meeting the EU requirement of a 55 per cent “yes” vote for independence.

The results have been hailed as the final nail in the coffin for Yugoslavia, which broke up following the Balkan wars of the 1990s. Montenegro's independence comes after ten years of peaceful campaigns, joining Macedonia in leaving the union without violence.

Mr Hoon said: "The people of Montenegro have expressed a clear desire for an independent state. This is an important moment in the history of Montenegro.

"We are pleased that [the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights] declared that the referendum complied with international standards. All sides in Montenegro, and the Serbian authorities, must now work together to determine the way forward."
The truth, as in most things reported by our media, is less simple. The fact that the referendum required a majority of 55%, that after the polls closed but before the count was completed they were able to declare that it had passed at 55.4% & that the government's final count came to 55.5% reveals a degree of skill in predicting election results worthy of the latJosefef Stalin.

Had such a result come up in a non-western ruled country this would undoubtedly have caused western "observers" to suggest something dodgy. Remember how the BBC insisted the Ukraine results were undemocratic, something they never said of Birmingham?

In fact, though unreported here, NATO were playing with an entirely fixed deck. Apart from the continuous murders of local Serb leaders, which the police, heavily recruited from Croats & Albanians, have been unable to solve, the implicit threats by EU leaders, the vast amount of Mafia activity in which the government is fully implicated (the BBC euphemistically referred to this as allegations of cigarette smuggling by the President but did not mention his role in sex slavery & torture as entertainment) & the flying in by the incredibly well financed proponents, of people of alleged Montenegran descent from Germany & the US to cast their votes before flying home we also have massive outright fraud.

In a "nation" of 630,000 even a little fraud goes a long way.<
241 complaints to municipal referendum commissions, claiming irregularities in the voting. A bloc leader Predrag Popovic said that the number of voters at contested polling places amounted to 120,000 and that it could change the final outcome of the referendum in which, according to preliminary results, "independists", led by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic won 55.5 per cent of votes.

Popovic said the municipal referendum commissions have to rule on the complaints by nine o’clock today, after which the complaints go to republican referendum commission, chaired by Czech diplomat Frantisek Lipka.

The president of Podgorica municipal referendum commission Cedo Kaludjerovic said that 50 complaints were lodged in the capital itself, comprising 30,000 voters.

He said that the complaints were justified, but that the municipal commission would most likely not be able to reach a consensus decision, because both blocs are equally represented in the body. In such a case, complaints would go to republican commission in which Lipka’s voice would prevail.

The "unionists" have complained of irregularities mostly in ethnic Albanian populated areas, saying many voters came from abroad and voted illegally with false documents.

They also presented a list of 2,671 independence supporters, who reside in Serbia, but who voted in the referendum. Montenegro's election law banned some 300,000 Montenegrins living in Serbia from voting, suspecting they would oppose independence.

.....Lajcak on Wednesday accused the "unionists" of "irresponsible behaviour" for insisting on irregularities. Lipka has to proclaim final official results on Tuesday, after which the unsatisfied party can appeal to Montenegro Constitutional court. But Popovic said they would not take that step, because there was no point appealing to the court controlled by Djukanovic.
It remains, of course, a matter of fact that every EU & US leader involved is still committed under the Helsinki Treaty to take no action against the territorial integrity Yugoslavia & other signatories - this resulted in every single person working for any of these countries who possessed the remotest trace of integrity having to resign. Fortunately for them they do not employ any such peopleAt least with Montenegro it may be that the country's enslavement by the Nazis has so far taken place without the wholesale (as opposed to retail) genocide NATO has encouraged elsewhere.

Perhaps the last word should go to the President of Georgia who explains the democratic nature of the reasons why South Ossetia should not have a similar right to secede.
The decision on separation of former Yugoslavia involved the UN, NATO and the whole international community. In our [Georgia's ] case, there is a certain group of Russian politicians who are pushing for independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and with all respect to these politicians I do not think their power and influence can be compared with the influence of the forces that decided the fate of Yugoslavia.

Friday, May 26, 2006



Dear Damien Whyte,
Regarding you recent reply that, while not in any way disputing the accusations, you wished to know specific dates on which the BBC have deliberately engaged in racist censorship for the purpose of assisting friends engaged in genocide may bring this relating to the Dragodan Massacre to your attention:

From 'Blic,' Belgrade, Yugoslavia
August 22, 2000

UNMIK sends invitations to families of disappeared Serbs
160 bodies found in Pristina

PRISTINA - In the Pristina suburb of Dragodan 160 bodies have been found which are suspected to be victims of Albanian terrorists during the past year, since the deployment of UNMIK and KFOR, Blic has learned from members of families of kidnapped and missing Serbs and Romanies who received invitations to identify the discovered bodies. Vesna Mulici identified the body of her husband, Ramo Mulici, whose body was among those exhumed at Dragodan.

"I saw many identity cards with the names of Serbs and photographs while I was attempting to identify the belongings of my husband," she told Blic. At UNMIK headquarters no one wished to either confirm or deny this information but a invitation was repeated for relatives and friends of the missing and kidnapped to come to Pristina and help the Committee for Missing and Disappeared Persons to identify 159 more bodies found at Dragodan.Strong KFOR forces until recently secured this gravesite and prevented uncontrolled entry to the Dragodan cemetery.

Translated by S. Lazovic (August 21, 2000)


Subsequently at least 210 bodies have been recovered making this genocide, undertaken within the UK occupation zone & thus under UK government authority, less than but comparable to My Lai yet has been, presumably deliberately, censored from all BBC news. reporting.

If we accept that the BBC's combination of competence & resources is not less than that of Emperor's Clothes, admittedly a high standard, the BBC were aware of this act of genocide by at least 22nd August 2000. In which case its non-appearance on that night's evening news was deliberate racist censorship. Since it was not reported then it remained news the following day & on each successive day thereafter. Indeed the fact that it was censored is itself a major legitimate news story which has obviously also been censored, in the Nazi cause, by the BBC for the succeeding 5 years & 9 months.

Obviously there is equal day by day evidence that the BBC have lied &/or censored over all the other items (Srebrenica massacre, Krajina, Fikret Abdic, KLA genocide etc) & numerous others, which still represent the very highest stands of integrity to which the BBC aspire but I think answering the specific accusation here will be enough for you immediately.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I often check out where people linking to this blog have been referred from (it helps me see what I am doing right & points me to other interesting sites & not because I am narcissistic at all)!

Doing so I have just found that in on a Google link in Germany & presumably the world, I have the 2nd favourite site discussing the alleged (& dubbed & heavily edited) video (incorrectly) given to the press in connection with the Milosevic "trial" (but not actually introduced in evidence where Milosevic would have been able to tear it apart) linked to the (probably non-existent) Srebrenica Massacre.

PS My spellcheck didn't have the words "blog" & "Google" in it either.


An interesting & amusing quiz on the terrors of atomic radiation. Hint - regular readers will probably do well as it fits with what I said last month about Chernobyl & previous posts on hormesis.

Of course the benficial effects to health of being bitten by radioactive spiders are well known.



Less Is More
By Constantin Gurdgiev on 22 May 2006
You can view it at

It is an account of how low government spending tends to equate with both economic success & perceived happinesss.

Some sample quotes though the whole article should be read.

"across 74 countries. The results show that life satisfaction actually decreases with higher government spending. This negative impact of the government is stronger in countries with a left-leaning median voter. It is alleviated by government effectiveness - but, crucially, only in countries where the state sector is already small"

"Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) in the UK summarized available data from various sources, to show that modern governments that spend less can, indeed, provide better public services, a better standard of living and more equitable incomes than high-spending governments." (I must admit to being surprised that less money produces better public services, the rest is unsurprising)

"As Ireland's corporate tax rate fell to 12.5 percent, expanding tax base supported 6.4 percent average annual increases in public service spending since 1999, compared with just 0.1 percent growth during the 1980s." (Which we already knew but bears repeating)

"since 1990, leaner states averaged consumption growth of 3.6 percent per annum, while states with larger governments saw household consumption growth of just 2.1 percent per annum." (This is by their definition of leaner governments being those that spend 37% of GNP & larger ones spending 44%. Scotland spends 53%)

"However, contrary to popular beliefs, the better economic and social spending indicators performance by the leaner countries were also associated with the relative strength of their performance in terms of environment" (Not something any Green party wants to hear)

Yet again the values of liberalism prove more successful. It is unfortunate that in Scotland & perhaps Britain, only the SNP can lay claim to the mantle of liberalism.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Somebody, I suspect it may be the "Anonymous" who accused me of never having said anything nice about Moslems & disappeared up his own jack plug when it proved otherwise, or possibly the, conceivably unrelated, Norman Fraser who accused my of writing letters to the papers boasting of my membership of the Liberal Democrats, who disappeared into the depths of the party when it proved otherwise, has found the Dialectizer link on my blogroll & set up a witty & amusing mirror of this blog.

A Place to Ztand


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