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Monday, June 09, 2014

Precis Of Eco-Parasitism

Most of this lobbying is harmless or slightly beneficial. Cutting business taxes on sector X would create growth because cutting taxes always does (as long as you don’t put them up in another sector). Where it is genuinely harmful is when the lobbyists are demanding subsidy, or rather, more subsidy (the ecofascist and arts lobbies do this) because that money must, by definition, come from the productive economy.

For example it has been proven that every “Green” job created costs 3.7 jobs in the real economy so every time some politician promises to create X-hundred thousand jobs in “renewables” they are actually saying they intend, quite deliberately, to destroy 2.7X-hundred thousand jobs.

Even worse is when the lobbyist isn’t even an honestish industry lobby but a government funded sockpuppet created by government to lobby itself and propagandise (see much of the arts and all of the ecofascists). This is far worse because it creates a positive feedback system of sgtate parasitism and both positive feedback and parasitism are obviously always destructive, often catastrophically so.
     This is a response I put up on Freethinking Economist in reply to an attack he was making on industry lobby groups who lobby politicians for aid to their particular industry.

    FE is probably the most intelligent of the LibDem bloggers (& as such got a good job as soon as they got into power - which he has now left for reasons we can only speculate on.

    He usually makes good points but without being willing to go far enough to reach obvious conclusion.

    So I do, usually showing that, as in this case, among the worst offenders against economic sanity are his own party. No reply so I assume this précis of exactly how much the politically approved subsidy junkies damage the country is indisputable.


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