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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ordered Not To Prevent Genocide In Kosovo

    This is from Roger Helmer's blog. He had highlighted a Labour MP reusing the "UKIP racist" smear. I said that when there are no arguments of fact against us, such smears become the only option so we must expect more. Also the tactics we should use - don't just defend our record, counterattack:

The Labour Party, with the assistance of Tories & LibDems & the BBC propagandists, were responsible for, quite deliberately, imposing NATO “police” in Kosovo who engaged in genocide, ethnic cleansing and the dissection of thousands of living human beings to steal their body organs – all selected on racial grounds.

UKIP has never been involved in any racist obscenity 1,000th as evil as what the MPs of these parties and so unless Mr Gapes can produce irrefutable evidence, he cannot, unless he is as dishonest as he is a murdering racist pro-Nazi, ever make the claim he has about UKIP being in any slightest way remotely as racist as the approved parties.

Of course he is precisely that dishonest, and since he remains a Labour MP, that party is proven to be so too.

When they make such claims we should not simply deny it – when you are stuck denying something in politics you have half way lost, this is not fair but it is tactics – we should counter attack demanding that the speaker either produces evidence of anything remotely matching the racist atrocities they have been responsible for or apologise.

   This is in line with what I have, for many years, been saying about their Yugoslav atrocities.

   It produced a response from somebody who seems to be working fulltime as a troll on this site - never engaging in any sort of factual debate and simply using insults and assertions to support the LabConDem position (this is becoming common & I assume such people are government paid hacks). He denied that the ethnic cleansing of 350,000; the massacres; the sexual enslavement of children; or the dissections of living people had ever taken place. I, correctly if ungently, decribed this as the statement of a wholly corrupt, Nazi whore being pimped by the racist LabConDem parties who knew perfectly well that he was lying in the Nazi cause - that if he wasn't he wouyld be able to produce at least some evidence that these atrocities never happened.

   Naturally he didn't.

   However the thing worth putting this here is a statement from a completely unrelated commenter, Brian Jenkins, replying to Brian and confirming our government's atrocities. I think it is worth highlighting:

  "Brin Jenkins says:

Actually it is not nonsense. A pal was a major in our army, out in Kosova. He was ordered not to assist a Christian group being murdered by Islamists. This upset him greatly and broke him, he turned to drink, lost his wife and died of a heart attack some years ago. He had some harrowing tales that I had no reason to doubt."

      Events like this confirm that atrocities have effects beyond the victims. It also confirms that while those in the army were, generally, left with no option other than mutiny, the guilt for these atrocities lies overwhelmingly with the racist and genocidal politicians of the LabConDem government and BBC whores.

       It is an anti-climax to point out that it is impossible for anybody in, or funded by, any of these organisations to honestly criticise anybody in UKIP on such lines.

An update from Brin

I spoke with a retired Army Major before he died, he categorically stated that he was ordered to stand down, and not assist Christians being killed!
He was very disturbed by the experience.
He resigned his commission over the situation.
He died of a heart attack at a very young age so it can no longer be verified.
It’s a conflict we should never have been involved with when General Tito’ s multicultural experiment failed.
Now this is a matter I feel very uncomfortable with, but it happened, and we were never told the reason for our involvement or the true reasons for the conflict.


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