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Saturday, February 22, 2014


  The Russian government underestimated when they said the US was paying Ukrainian violence by $20mill a week. Assistant Secretary Nuland says total is $5 billion so far.
Though no LudDims have replied to my invitation to debate the EU with them they have accepted Nigel's. Ah well, RHIP.
Mike Haseler on Scottish Sceptic carries out a complex mathematical assessment of when he expects the Met Office to be able to justly claim they can forecast climate a century hence. Not this century.
Julian Simon - the one who won the Simon-Ehrlich bet and has been proven essentially right in his optimism about human progress when Ehrlich's doomsaying has been absolutely wrong in every possible way. So obviously, seeing the needs of those who control "practical politics" and don't want progress, Ehrlich got the "genius" grants and Simon didn't.
 Tragic: The child - named by neighbours as Zane Gbangbola - was discovered during a night-time rescue. It is thought he died from carbon monoxide poisoning
The 7 year old boy who died in the floods deliberately caused by our Environment Agency.
Chinese Lunar Lander Jade Rabbit comes back from the dead.

  • Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown has £10,000-a-week expenses
  • Not a registered charity, two thirds of funds raised spent on expenses
  • Less than  £1 million given to charity out of over £3 million
  • raised
  • Vanity project lets  Gordon and Sarah enjoy jet-set premier life-style of first class flights and five star hotels
from Guido
There is a perfect storm developing then in the European banking sector.

First, there is the increasing likelihood that the ECB will unleash a new round of asset purchases from the banks to flood them with the liquidity they need to buy up their respective national governments’ sovereign bonds and so hold bond yields down.

Second, there is a Eurozone-wide regulatory initiative to recapitalize the banks, likely following on from the results of the ECB’s bank stress tests. Third, there is an increasing chance of a deep stock market correction happening this summer. All three, taken collectively, could trigger a crisis of confidence in the banking sector. An insolvency crisis too should not be ruled out in the event of some large banks failing to recover from derivatives markets exposures in an increasingly volatile currency, interest rate, and stock-market environment.

from the von Mises Institute which is a pretty damn credible source
Breibart - the new home for Delingpole
Austria is getting pissed off at Germany destabilising the grid by dumping intermittent windmill power on them (via Poland and the Czechs who are already pissed at them).

Instructive bearing in mind that the SNP have promised us any English government will not only want our windmill power but will keep subsidising it after separation and supply us with mittent power whenever the wind doesn't blow,

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