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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The State Supported Parties Plans To Drive Up Electricity Prices

This is the extent to which our ruling class intend to push up electricity prices. They intend to "guarantee" this level of subsidy. Which produces a constitutional problem
 contracting such prices decades ahead is Parliament trying to bind its successor, which is unconstitutional, but is also part of the law of contract - not to be lightly broken.
    On the 3rd hand can anybody expect a corrupt pork barrel deal to bind a party with a government elected on an anti-corruption, anti-Luddite ticket? 
    From this graph we can see why, as I reported a few days ago, our electricity prices are currently 25% above Germany's already extortionately high ones but will rise to 85% above.

Scots Professor Peter Cameron, professor of international energy law and policy at the University of Dundee said "In modern times the main driver of economic growth has been, and continues to be, energy"
  Quoted approvingly in Holyrood by Jim Mather, who, before retiring, was the best the SNP had.
 Nobody disagreed. Can there be any doubt that that all 3 state subsidised, BBC approved parties know perfectly well that they are deliberately deepening recession and that only UKIP's policies will get us out.

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