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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Britain Places First, Per Capita, In World Science - We Should Be Celebrating This Far More Than The Olympics

For the period 1996- 2010

Country Documents Citable documents Citations Self-Citations Citations per Document H index

1 United States 5.322.590  4.972.679 100.496.612 46.657.626 20,18 1.229 Pop 314 m = 16,949

2 China 1.848.727 1.833.463 7.396.935 3.937.424 5,66 316 Pop 1,347m = 1,360

3 United Kingdom 1.533.434  1.392.982 24.535.306 5.911.758 17,42 750 Pop 62m = 24,725

4 Japan 1.464.273 P127m = 11,527

5 Germany 1.396.126 P 82 = 17,024

6 France 1.021.041 P 65 = 15,707

7 Canada 790.397 P 35 = 22,571

8 Italy 762.290 P 61 = 12,491

9 Spain 583.554 P 46 = 12,674

10 India 533.006 P 1,210 = 440

11 Australia 520.045 P23 = 22,601

12 Russian Federation 480.665 P153 = 3,144

13 Netherlands 435.083 P 16.7 m = 26,048

14 South Korea 430.438 P 50 = 8,600

15 Brazil 328.361 P 192 =  1,708

16 Switzerland 309.549 P 7.95 m = 38,930

17 Taiwan 308.498 P 23.3 m = 13.24

18 Sweden 304.831 P 9.5 m = 32,505

19 Poland 265.139 P 38.5 m = 6.885

20 Belgium 237.081 P 10.95 m = 21.644

21 Turkey 231.178 P 75 = 3.08

22 Israel 186.281 P 7.88 m = 23.64

23 Austria 164.308 P 8.45 m = 19.44

24 Denmark 162.761 P 5.58 m = 29.17

25 Finland 153.964 P 5.44 m = 28.30

26 Greece 142.767 P 10.79 m = 13.23

27 Hong Kong 129.792 P 7.1 m = 18.28

28 Mexico 125.646 P 112 = 1.12

29 Norway 122.768 P 5 m = 24.55

30 Czech Republic 122.379 P 10.55 m = 11.60

31 Iran 120.350 P 75 = 1.60

32 Singapore 109.346 P 5.18 m = 21.11

33 New Zealand 101.286 P 4.43 m = 22.86

** Scotland   1,709,814 over 10 year period compared to 10,508,202  for the UK (16% ) over the same period. This equates to  249508 compared to the figures given above.

  With a population of 5 million that is 5 m = 49.901 citations per million people .

 I think we deserve to pat ourselves on the back for that.

   This, slightly edited, is the post I put up on Norman Tebbit's blog which induced me to check out the actual figures. He had been, correctly, saying that, while not personally that enthusiastic for the Olympics, it did show Britain could be world beaters and then ended with the wish that we could match this record in "intellectually, scientificaly & economically", unaware as most of us are, of the scientific record.

"I would like, for once, to correct your Lordship on the final line of your main text. That we are in need of rising in the "intellectual, scientific and economic" ratings.

Intellectual is as intellectual does and I have long said that we could be out of recession and into the fastest growth in the world any time our governing class allow it.

However on the scientific front Britain is the world leader.

This list, by country, of citations of scientific paper (an infinitely better way of measuring success than merely counting noses of "scientists") shows Britain in the 3rd place in the world, after the US & China, at at least 1/4 of the US rate. This puts us ahead per capita. Even as you go down the lists we (UK) seem to be ahead, of everybody but Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands & only Switzerland, with its extensive medicines industry, by a significant amount.

That is a very proud boast for us to be able to make. In my opinion a much prouder & more important one than being able to place 3 in golds & 4th in medals in sports, when we are the home team.
It says much about the triviality of our political and media classes that this fact is not shouted from the rooftops by them.

It may also be of interest that nearly half the American citations are "self citations" while just under 1/4 of ours are.

It is of interest to me, as a Scot that Scotland, in turn, still outperforms the UK, per capita.

Scientific progress is becoming faster and even more important to economic progress than ever before. The conclusion about what we could be achieving if not being held back by our Luddite political establishment is obvious.

In this regard UKIP's recent endorsement of taking the £275m we waste on the "European Space Agency" (which with half NASA's budget achieves even more bureaucracy) to fund a competitive Space X-Prize Fund. This mechanism is proven to be a 33-100 times more effective funding mechanism. Shows who the only truly progressive party in Britain is.

  2nd last word to Alex Salmond:
Alex Salmond, the First Minister, said the report illustrated the "great opportunities that exist for Scottish businesses to collaborate with our research community to exchange knowledge and design the products of the future. The commercialisation of knowledge is a key to unlock Scotland's economic potential".

Yes you useless, preening, self satisfied, corrupt, representative of Scotland's parasitic political class, it certainly is. And it is Luddites like you who deliberately stop people infinitely more constructive than you, from unlocking it.

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