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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Serbian Election - Why Our Media Didn't Bark In The Night

  There has been an election in Serbia and it was won by what is called here a "pro-Russian nationalist" though the BBC regularly use the term "ultra-nationalist" since the more conventional terms "nationalist" or "patriotic" are insufficiently pejorative for these propagandists. That means that, after 2 decades of trying to join the EU, including handing over 2 former presidents & one person about to be elected president, the people don't like the idea. Another condition subsequently added by the EU was that Serbia should recognise the NATO/EU seizure of Kosovo.
Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak on Thursday met new Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and Socialist leader Ivica Dacic, the potential kingmaker in forming the next government. Lajcak later met senior Democratic Party officials, but not their leader Tadic, defeated in last weekend's vote after ruling for eight-years

Nikolic, who narrowly lost two earlier presidential votes to Tadic, has claimed to have shifted from being staunchly anti-Western to pro-EU. But that change was widely believed to be a ploy to gain more votes....
Nikolic has close ties with Russia and has in the past even said he would rather see Serbia as a Russian province than an EU member.
     And with the euro imploding, the EU in recession, while Russia's growth rate is 4.3%  (not the non-EU world average, or indeed Serbian average over the last few years, of 6% but much better than the EU's zero) and Greece, their southern neighbour being savaged clearly the Serbian people have no reason to disagree.

     The fact that NATO?EU have proven themselves racist, organlegging, Nazi war criminals gives the Serbs and indeed the rest of the world no reason to love us either.

     Previous elections, where NATO had the upper hand have been widely covered by our media, albeit in the traditionally censored manner. This one hasn't which shows they knew that the game was up.

     The Warsaw Pact did not fall because of the intellectual failure of communism, or because of western military threats, though both played their part, but because of the economic failure of  Soviet communism.

     This election is part of a trend marking a similar failure for the bureaucratic corporate fascism of the EU countries, which is failing almost as badly as Soviet communism did in an environment far more benign to it.
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday warmly received Serbia's president-elect Tomislav Nikolic, saying Serbs are Russia's spiritual brothers and promising Belgrade an $800 million loan.

Nikolic -- who is due to be inaugurated by June 1 -- had symbolically chosen to make Moscow his first foreign destination following his presidential poll win against the incumbent Boris Tadic earlier this month.
"You know that we see Serbia not only as our traditional and very important partner in the Balkans," Putin said, congratulating Nikolic on his victory.
"We see Serbs as our spiritual brothers. And that is what is at the base of our relations today and in the future," Putin said, addressing Nikolic as "Mr President", according to the Kremlin website.
From Google New's #1 on this news, the Bankok Post

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