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Monday, April 16, 2012

UKIP Now Britain's 3rd Party - Sunday Post letter

   I did not see this letter in the Sunday Post but have been told of it. This is the full letter, as sent to them and numerous others so what saw print may have been edited. Obviously I never expected any of the less serious papers like the Guardian or Herald ever to publish such thoughts. I had already put most of this on my blog, expecting that our free media would not publish it and am very pleased to see that the Post at least has exceeded expectations.
I note with considerable interest that UKIP has now matched the LibDem's 11% poll rating. Since, at the last European election UKIP, at 16% were the 2nd largest party and the LibDems were significantly less popular, arithmetically, UKIP is now the 3rd largest party across Britain.
It must be admitted that other polls have shown us lower. However they suggest their answers by asking if you would vote "Labour, Conservative, LibDem or other" and I don't think even the most unsophisticated in the polling industry would suggest that results achieved that way are valid.
It will be interesting to see if coverage now starts to show some relation to the people's interest. It is notorious that UKIP receive only 1/40 th as much coverage on the BBC, per vote received, as the Greens do. Anybody who has watched any such coverage will know that treatment of Green claims is, to put it politely, obsequious, while that of UKIP is normally hostile. Since the mainstream media normally follow the BBC lead because that organisation is legally required to be "balanced", there is clearly room for improvement.
As a candidate in the forthcoming local elections you may imagine how much I am looking forward to more balanced coverage.

Neil Craig

40 times more coverage for Greens
    I intend to write shortly comparing the Russian elections, of which the BBC repeatedly point to the OECD finding that they are biased and not fully democratic with our own to see how they compare.

The day after I wrote this the Sun published a poll which puts us 1 point ahead of the illiberal LudDims. I guess that removes all question.

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