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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Poll - UKIP is Britain's 3rd Most Popular UK Party

  Last week BBC Newsnight ran a "debate" among the "candidates for London Mayor". The candidate from Britain's largest national party the Tories, was there and from the 2nd largest, Labour, and from what could, at the time, be credibly argued as the 3rd, the LibDems and from the 6th, the Greens.

   The, then, 4th, UKIP and the 5th, the BNP were deliberately censored.

  I don't think anybody with any honesty can now claim that the BBC is anything other than a totalitarian fascist propaganda organisation actively engaged not merely in political propaganda but in party political propagandising.

   Also, as normal, the BBC questions were limited to "politics as celebrities" rather than "politics as issues" - something the green candidate specifically lamented. This is not inherently so party biased, though it is biased against smaller parties, but is at least equally corrupting of democracy.

  However that was last week.
Our poll for the Mail on Sunday on 25th March revealed that this year’s budget proved very unpopular, and at the height of the various controversies in the days after, we found that an 8-point lead had opened up for Labour.
Two weeks later, the Labour lead has dropped back to 5% (do note the margin of error is just over 3%), however the Conservative vote share has continued to contract to levels not seen since the 1997 general election.
LAB 35% (-4%) CON 30% (-1%) LD 11% (no change) UKIP 11% (+3%) SNP 5% Greens 3%, BNP 1% Plaid 1% Oth 2%
  Arithmetically, bearing in mind that UKIP was Britain's second party, behind the Conservatives at the last European elections, this means UKIP is not Britain's 3rd most popular UK wide party.

  Even more important is that this fits in a continuing trend

  Other polls have shown a less pronounced trend but these are where pollsters ask if you are going to vote Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or "somebody else" which any pollster will acknowledge virtually certain to skew the result, as indeed obviously happened.

   Of course this is taking no account of the effect of media censorship on people's knowledge of and support of the parties. UKIP are almost entirely censored from the screen, getting 40 times less coverage per voter than the Greens (based on the last election where we got 4%). This actually understates the degree of censorship.


    Also, of course, on the issues of interest to various parties the state broadcaster is blatant that they  censor virtually any disagreement with the official "pravda" (See "Pravda" means truth by Heinlein)

     If coverage was matched to present support and UKIP was getting 11% of BBC coverage (the rest of the MSM take their lead from them) rather than under 1% I don't think anybody would credibly doubt that our support would be at least double. If their coverage was not also heavily slanted against us (although I would not like to see us getting the obsequious coverage the ecofascists always do) I don't think anyone honest would doubt it would at least double again. Actually at that stage our coverage would have to quadruple again but you will see the point even without that.

    In a Britain were the media not overwhelmingly controlled and censored in the cause of state totalitarian fascism the main parties' support would crumble as fast as ever happened in the USSR. We would also then be out of the EU, recession, criminal wars and ultimately, debt.

    With the trend proven here and the implacable refusal of any of the traditional parties to accept any reform towards the popular will, it becomes increasingly likely that it will happen anyway.

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