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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cameron, Clegg, Miliband & Salmond More Clearly Treasonous than Fawkes

  In Britain the ConDems are preventing the development of 0.15tn cubic meters under Preston - an amount of energy less than, but not much less than all the North Sea oil. They are doi8ng this specifically to prevent subsidised windmills being demonstrated as even more useless than they previously known.

  China is not geographically unique. They have found this much gas because they looked for it. There is going to prove to be immense amounts of shale gas anywhere where the technology exists to look for it and where politicians, committed to Luddism and energy starvation, don't have the power to prevent it.

   The politicians and eco-nazis have, for years, been telling us that "the era of cheap energy is over" and using that excuse so that these obscene thieving parasites can freeze pensioners to death because they know that their power over us depends on them pushing scare stories to keep us obedient.

   In fact the era of cheap energy has not yet dawned. The only thing slowing that dawn is these traitors. "Traitor" is not too strong a word. Is there any reason to suggest that Guy Fawkes, Benedict Arnold, Kim Philby or any other official "traitor" was 1,000th as opposed to the best interests of his country as every single one of the corrupt thieving traitors who use ecofascism to weaken their own country?

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