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Monday, January 16, 2012

Shale Gas Proves Coalition Claims To Want To End RecessionMerely The Highest Standard Of Honesty To Which These Thieving, Murdering Fascist Parasites Ever Aspire.

   The US economy is back into growth, albeit unspectacular growth, because shale gas is allowing their energy prices to fall.
The era of cheap fossil fuels is over, we are told. But if new unconventional gas sources do to prices here what they have done in the US, that assumption is false. The natural gas price has halved in five years on the US market Nymex, to $3.14/mmBTU, down from a spike of $14 in 2007.
In a new report this week PwC predicts US manufacturing will undergo a renaissance thanks to cheap energy, with shale gas saving industry $11.6bn in lower, not higher bills. By remaining wary of climate change mitigation policies, the US economy seems to have dodged a bullet.
   As is the rest of the world.

   But in Britain we have already had one freeze in shale gas development caused by ecofascist claims to be afraid of "earthquakes" (actually earth tremors at least 500 times less powerful than quakes). A wholly false scare story.
Drilling for shale gas in the U.K. won’t cause dangerous earthquakes and poses little risk to the environment given appropriate safeguards, scientists said....
“Most geologists think this is a pretty safe activity,” Mike Stephenson, head of energy science at the British Geological Survey, said at a briefing in London yesterday. “We think the risk is pretty low and we have the scientific tools to tell if there is a problem.”....
More Than Iraq
The U.K. could have more shale gas the previously thought, Stephenson said. The British Geological Survey is reviewing its estimates for U.K. onshore shale gas resources. The survey originally estimated that there is about 150 billion cubic meters....
Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. says it’s found more natural gas trapped in the shale rock around Blackpool in northwest England than Iraq has in its entire reserves.
The rock drilled by Cuadrilla, the company that caused last year’s earthquakes, is similar to that found at the country’s major coal-mining sites, suggesting potential tremors will be of a similar or lesser magnitude, he said.
“There’s not an exact analogy to coal mining, but the seismicity is remarkably similar,” Styles said at the briefing organized by the Science Media Center. “If there are going to be others, they will be about this magnitude and because they’re of that magnitude they’re very unlikely to cause damage.”

  But our ecofascists need not worry. Britain's Energy and Climate change Minister Chris Huihne has guaranteed that he is going to prevent the development of this new technology in Britain. Not because he claims it is in any way harmful but the exact opposite. He has promised to stop it purely because it will provide us with cheaper energy and thus make his the government subsidised windmill "industry" even more uncompetitive than nature had previously done.
Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, said on Monday evening. “We will not consent so much gas plant so as to endanger our carbon dioxide goals,” he told a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats party conference in Birmingham.
   The LudDim/Tory coalition know how to get out of recession easily and absolutely refuse to do it.  That obviously cannot be honestly denied.

    The LudDim/Tory coalition claim they want to end the recession. That cannot honestly be denied as representing the very highest standard of honesty to which they aspire.

    The very highest standard of honesty to which the LudDim and Tory parties ever aspire is to complete, total and absolute dishonesty in the cause of fascism, increasing poverty and extending their mass murder of  10s of thousands of pensioners, through fuel poverty, annually. That cannot be honestly denied either.

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Can't hear you mate your gob's full of shite.

Mr Craig--see also EU Referendum blog on coal liquification schemes--very interesting.
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