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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

We Could Get Out Of Recession In Days - 24 Point Programme Published

  I am pleased to say that Brian Monteith has chosen my suggested 24 point plan to get out of recession for his ThinkScotland site. This is despite the fact that it is really a UK plan not specifically a Scottish one. Please put any comments there.

    This plan and earlier versions has been around for several years and no elected politician, Westminster or Holyrood party, thinktank or media outlet to whom I have sent it has chosen to express an opinion.

    I had privately suggested that this may be because it is obviously wrong or, depending on how one views our political class, because it is unanswerably right, I don't see any other option being feasible.

   To anybody who accepts the overwhelming statistical evidence that economic freedom strongly correlates with economic success here or here there can be no dispute that Brian Monteith is the most economically competent person to ever serve as a Member of the Scottish Parliament so if he decides it isn't "obviously wrong" it obviously isn't.

   Brian has shown he is a genuine patriot with the integrity to stand, alone if necessary, for sense and against ripping off the Scottish people. After he left, the "parcel of rogues" who make up Holyrood voted unanimously to destroy the Scottish economy and sell the Scottish people into debt slavery, purely to get patted on the head by the UK/EU nomenklatura on the basis of what they all know to be a fraudulent scare. It is clearly impossible for any honest person to suggest that the treasonous and cynical Salmond, or any crony MSP possesses 1/1,000th as much true patriotism as he.

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