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Friday, November 11, 2011


 Neil is the UKIP candidate for Hillhead. Apart from the fact that, as a Libertarian in a Libertarian Party, he has his own ideas free from party dogma Neil is also firmly committed to improving the lives of the people of Hillhead. Here are some reasons below why Neil will bring independent thought and will be the peoples eys and ears in the clone stuffed city chambers.
Neil Craig will be free of the party whip and able to make the decisions for their constituents.
Neil Craig will be free of the ideological hatred of cars that means that the council not only charge as much as the market will bear for parking permits nut use road narrowing and closures to reduce parking spaces. If councils must charge for parking spaces they have a duty to use the money raised to maximise space available.
Neil Craig will work to reduce the job destroying influence if many councillors whose knee jerk reaction to any successful business is to increase its costs.
Neil Craig will not make false promises to "help people save money" on electricity while using their power to push up prices as much as possible. At least 75% and probably as much as 93% of the cost of electricity is governmental regulations. Windmills are horrendously expensive pork barrelling where we subsidies up to 36p per kwh for electricity that is being produced by the nuclear industry for 2.2p. It is this that is driving our industry abroad and has put us in recession and any politician who supports subsidy and claims to care about our electricity bills cannot be trusted on anything else either.
Note that the claim by one candidate that it is the rise in "worldwide" gas prices that is causing electricity prices is false. In many parts if the world gas prices are falling because a technological breakthrough has allowed the use of deep mined gas. Chris Huhne the coalition Energy Minister has said that he will not allow this industry to develop in Britain to an extend to allow prices to fall and make wind, even with the subsidies, more uncompetitive.
Neil Craig would make clean streets a higher priority than keeping the council unions happy. It may not be necessary to outsource such services but it is wrong to disavow ever using the alternative.
Neil Craig would seek to let parents have more control over their children's schools and councillors less.
Neil, Craig, UKIP candidate for Hillhead is a local businessman, living and working in Woodlands, running a science fiction bookshop.
He has previously stood for council representing part of Hillhead three times remaining a traditional economic liberal who regards it as statistically proven that free market institutions normally work more efficiently than those run by party politicians. In Scotland no party but UKIP supports such views that it is such free markets that is giving the BRIC countries 10% growth.
He regards the allegation that we are experiencing catastrophic global warming, endorsed by all the traditional parties as clearly untrue intended to make us more willing to accept more regulation and taxes; that there is a close correlation between energy costs and national wealth; that over 90% of our electricity costs are the fault of politicians, for example, pouring £1 billion annually in Scotland into windmill subsidies when nuclear electricity is currently 1/10th of the cost and could be 1/40th; that with a commitment to cheap power we would be out of recession in days and able to match China's 10% annual growth; and of that real democracy requires that the major parties be held to their manifesto promises to have an EU referendum.
He is proud to stand for UKIP, the only party which now represents the traditional liberal values that once made Scotland the intellectual and industrial leader, not merely of Britain but of the world.
His blog contains many solutions to our current economic woes.
Some previous non-party political issues related to Glasgow and Scotland which Neil Craig has been active on in newspapers and online.
Opposing the original plan to spend £40 million building an "Iconic" footbridge at Tradeston 200 yds from a bridge with a pavement. Eventually they settled for a cheaper design and only wasted £7 million.

Neil proposed, as an alternative to the £300 million rail connection from Glasgow airport, a monorail to the main rail way line. When the Transport Minister challenged him to find a company will to do so he did and they offered to build it for £20 million. That Labour/LibDem government refused the offer as did the subsequent SNP one who spent £40 million cancelling their predecessor's project.
Campaigning to find out why the proposed new Forth crossing was costed at £2,300 million when this makes it one of the most expensive in the world and 8 times the cost of the previous bridge at £320 million in today's money (£19.5 m at the time). The closest to an explanation from the civil servants is that "the geology of every site is different."
An ongoing campaign, with prominent article in the Scotsman & ThinkScotland, for Scotland to replicate Norway's tunnel building programme - averaging under £4 m per km - which would make Dunoon and Rothesay a short drive from Glasgow and Islay and Iona a realistic one.
Neil Craig says "I am convinced that, as a councillor, it would be far easier to get answers about the obvious waste and gross misuse of our money that is endemic across Scotland's political establishment and I ask you to put me in a position where I can do so. If I have been able to do so in a very limited way as a private citizen I hope you will believe I am willing and able to do far more if elected.
On November 17th send shockwaves through the political landscape by voting UKIP in the council election.
UKIP have officially launched the campaign for the Hillhead by-election. Our candidate is the local businessman Neil Craig. With the recent turmoil in Europe and the ongoing cosy relationship of the other parties in the City Chambers it is more important than ever that UKIP makes an impact on this council election.
Many people do not realise the impact the EU has on our lives, many decisions made by Glasgow City Council are taken because they have been told to by the EU. This is unacceptable, the electorate should be deciding council policy, not EU technocrats.
Neil is very clear that if elected he will be answerable to the people of Hillhead and will not be dictated to by party politics, EU Diktats or other outside forces. He will be the people of Hillhead's eyes and ears in the City Chambers.

He is the candidate the stale politics of Glasgow needs. Vote UKIP and Neil on November the 17th.
Taken from 2 announcements on the UKIP Glasgow site.

  We will be holding a public meeting at Hillhead Primary School on Tuesday at 7.30, where i will get the chance to address the assembled throngs of Hillhead. Since it is not only a council election but a council by-election, which do not traditionally bring a big turnout I wil be quite happy with a small one.

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Good luck Neil!
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