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Monday, September 19, 2011

Damaging Wind Turbines is Illegal

  Here is some disgraceful advice about how to, entirely illegally, destroy speed cameras.
Throwing a tyre around it and lighting it is effective but a little crude, and attracts attention.

Pulling it over with a truck and chain is handy, but again, some muppet will report you and you'll soon be done for it.

Same goes for burning gear and petrol driven grinders - they make a racket (the grinders anyway) and destroying the pole can't be the way to go, it's the expensive equipment inside we need to wreck.

So, my current thinking is along the lines of a 20mm hole drilled discretely late at night in the case and the pouring in of something that will irreparably damage the contents. What, though? Sulphuric acid (drain cleaner) might do the trick perhaps. Something that disolves the plastic resin circuit boards are made of?? Expanding foam?
  Isn't it terrible what some people will do to such devices which, while often a way of ripping us off may, sometimes, have some positive effect in cutting accidents.

 In America the right to bear arms has meant some vigilante action against windmills. 
The Bonneville County Sheriffs Department needs the public's help solving a vandalism case involving a BP turbine.
Police said BP Wind Energy reported two shots were fired at one of their wind turbines, casing about $5,000 in damage.
Police said there is reported damage to wiring, hoses and other equipment....
If you have any information about this crime, call the Bonneville County Sheriff's office at 529-1200 or Crime Stoppers at 522-1983.
  Do ring them if you have any information. Who would have thought wind turbines so vulnerable?

    In Britain opponents of windmills are more restrained and we just use the government appeals system which is deliberately designed to get such things approved even when the elected councillors vehemently approve. Of course while they will happily give permission to a 300 ft windmill, whose local impact is to produce a pleasant noise day and night and, we are assured, to bring droves of tourists, don't try asking for permission to put up somewhere less noticeable to actually live. The worst we do is y  snub neighbours taking the money.

   On the other hand supporters of windmillery have been known to do their own vandalism to intimidate. And we have seen ecofascists vandalising power stations that actually work, with the support of Tory MPs and de facto support of the alleged prosecuting authorities. We also have a legal system where multiple murder by those and such as those is simply not investigated so obviously any investigation of mere vandalism would not even be investigated unless we were seeing deliberate political harrassment..

   I am not in any way suggesting that anybody actually do any damage to these immense, ugly, parasitic examples of how the government and their crony capitalist pals conspire to steal from us. Not even though every day one of these monstrosities stands it defrauds us of more taxpayer's subsidy money for what every politician knows is unreliable, intermittent power 10s of times more expensive than it need be.

   My interest is purely intellectual. I cannot help wondering how one of these would hold up surrounded by burning tyres or with a hole drilled in it and filled a heavy slow burning oil.

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