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Friday, August 26, 2011

More E-Petition Fun

  Here are the petitions relating to space development  on the government's e-petition site.. There are currently 3 of them, all of which I have signed, thereby substantially increasing their popularity. I have some doubts about a UK Space Port, but better than nothing - the mainland UK is too far from the equator for an optimum launch site, which is why I previously proposed one on Ascension Island.

I would assume that any future petitions on space travel will mention space so it is a good word to use when searching.

Please link and sign.

Increase Britain's space involvement

Privatisation of Space

UK Space port
  I am also adding some petitions of my own. The site says that it may take a week for them to appear which is a happy coincidence since I am, from Sunday, going to be away for a week. When I come back I will provide links to all petitions on by then.

  If everybody from Britain here and in the various Glasgow space supporting, scientific, science fiction groups & engineering students signed these it would come to several hundreds. If those all around the country did it would come to many thousands, possibly 10s of thousands.

 The bottom place on the first page of petitions (ie 20th place) has 4,932 signatures today.I have no doubt that, with the petitions up for a year anything inn that position will, through sheer momentum and number of views, get the 100,000 necessary to trigger a Parliamentary debate. It is time for those who understand how important space development is to spend less than 5 minutes saying so.

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Hello Neil If you haven't signed my e-petition please do so supporting starchaser's launch of a uk rocket, It may not be a trip to Mars or a British Space program but I think that it is achievable and could hopefully get the British people thinking about space. Please also if you would add a link from your website. Many thanks in advance Christan Mills.
Thank you Christine. I have added it to my most recent e-petition post which contains several space related ideas (& several not) which I hope you will support.
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