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Sunday, May 15, 2011


  A few links I have looked at recently:

The optimal size of government - they say 22% which fits remarkably well with a poll I did.

List of countires by GNP, on current trend, to 2015

Quotes from Milton Friedman

 Quotes about Milton Friedman (I have sympathy with Nixon's)

Al Fin looks at Chile's growth - the country which adopted the Chicago school of economics advice hint - it worked

Taranis Britain's unmanned aerial weapon system

Denmark: Freedom of speech dies over not saying provably true things about some Moslems

What actual power Conservative Party members have over their party: ---- all (previously asked by me)

The legality of killing tyrants - wiki article

Japanese tsunami picture

Finland's eurosceptic party goes from 4% (equivalent to UKIP) to 20% on promise not to sign up for bail outs. Update - the other parties have got together to form a government which will bail out. Is this a harbinger for a Labour/Conservative coalition next time?

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