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Friday, April 15, 2011


This letter is in the Scotsman today, based on my post here. This is the full version. The bits in bold were edited out. Normally the Scotsman editing is pretty good and I have praised them for improving my letters in the past but this has been edited into near incomprehensibility.
Having seen {After seeing}the coverage of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight may I say how depressing I found it that virtually none of it was forward looking. A week ago SpaceX announced that in 2013 or early 2014 they would launch into orbit the equivalent of more than the maximum take-off weight of a fully-loaded [a] Boeing 737-200 with 136 passengers.[while]  Falcon Heavy can deliver the equivalent of an entire commercial airplane full of passengers, crew, luggage and fuel all the way to orbit. This is not quite matching the growth in air travel by the 50th anniversary of the Wright Brothers, when daily commercial air travel of about that size already existed but neither is it that far.

To be fair when the Wright Brothers first flew the press then took a long time to actually report it so a tradition is being maintained
    In particular running 2 sentences together by inserting "while" is just crass - that means they are saying it is a different event rather than more detail of the same one. The editing may have been done by someone cutting it to fit limited space This is suggested by the fact that the title the Scotsman have given it is "Wright Tradition" but my reference to the Wright Brothers has been excised making their chosen heading meaningless, The letter went out to all and sundry. Google News currently does not show anybody else publishing it but if anybody sees it please let me know.

  And this is in relation to yesterday's post. I said that Scottish Renewables have acknowledged that windmills cannot provide baseload. This came from a letter their spokesman had published in 2004 (I have a record of it purely because I had a letter published at the same time). They said
Wind farms will not form the base load for electricity production in this country, so the lights will not go out due to a lack of wind,
 Which was clearly an attempt to give themselves an alibi when they do go out. Scottish Renewables is a propaganda organisation for windmill subsidies funded by the government and the subsidy receivers. If even they say using windmills to provide baseload means the lights will go out you can take it to the bank. A rule of politics being that while people lie to help themselves nobody ever lies for the purpose of making themselves look worse.

     Using windmills to provide baseload, after destroying 80% of all our current power is what the SNP are promising to do. Clearly they have had advice that this is clinically insane, not just from engineers but even from their eco-fascist propaganda hirelings. There is no slightest possibility they do not know that they are destroying the economy and killing thousands, probably 10s of thousands, of pensioners.

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