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Thursday, April 14, 2011


   The BBC recently released a list of "the top 25 issues" in the Scottish election.
They aren't the top 25 at all they are the 25 the BBC selected  as officially acceptable. I sent this letter to all and sundry but it seems not to have been published. The BBC, according to internal polling, provides the large majority of news to 82% of the Scottish people.

This poll shows how wholly corrupt the BBC are and how their propaganda lies control us at every level.

The BBC choose the list of "top issues" here and there are many methods by which pollsters may influence the results they get.

Back when Jack McConnell was running things he repeatedly promised that fixing the economy was his "number one priority". Though admittedly he never tried to do anything he clearly knew it was the number one priority with the voters. The BBC have not even allowed it on their "top 25" list.
Another example is that they have asked about replacing nuclear with windmills, the policy of the SNP. LibDims and Greens, which comes far down the list, but not offered us "building more nuclear plants" (absolutely necessary if we wish to keep the lights on). Building more plants is, tepidly, the policy of Labour and Tories and enthusiastically the policy of UKIP.

New nuclear is pretty much the only thing on which the Lab/Nat/Con/Dem/Greens do not agree in this election but the BBC have decided that it, along with actually trying to make our economy grow, simply isn't a discussible issue. No wonder this election seems as grey as any Soviet one.

The only party which has shown any individuality is UKIP, a party which across the UK nearly matches the LibDems, is currently ahead of them in Wales and far ahead in London. Yet the BBC have had the arrogance to airbrush them out of Scotland's choices and off the air.

The BBC openly censors on almost every subject and overwhelmingly pushes some (e.g. the EU and "catastrophic warming". Such politically directed control of the media is wholly incompatible with true democracy.
    The "number 1" issue in Scottish politics is, if the BBC are not lying and censoring in the fascist cause, cutting cancer hospital waiting lists. This is like being in favour of motherhood and apple pie. Who stands for longer cancer lists?

      On the other hand we have just had the SNP's manifesto and a genuine policy gap has opened up. Currently the other Holyrood parties have shown themselves clinically insane by calling for the destruction of 58% of our electric power. The SNP were beyond clinically insane in calling for an 80% reduction in the use of fire to produce power (ie burning carbon) as well as ending all nuclear. Now they have reached a level of drooling insanity for which English has not previously had a word, by calling for ending of the use of fire for this by 100%. ElecGen2010

       Hydro and windmills amount to 20% of our electricity use. Hydro being just over half that. Hydro cannot be significantly increased because all the good spots (with a lot of water and a major fall) are in use. Windmills are useless even at 10%of power we are risking it destabilising the grid, because wind speeds and the energy they produce vary by the second. For that reason windmills couldn't be significantly increased  even if we wanted to. Even Scottish Renewables have acknowledged that windmills cannot provide baseload for that reason and because in certain cold weather conditions wind is reduced to about 0.2% of the grid so even their eco-fascist friends must acknowledge that removing all the baseload power is to commit mass murder of pensioners and the vulnerable.

      The SNP. like the Greens are therefore committed to removing 80% of our electricity, which in turn means destroying 80% of our national wealth. Worse that that this will mean 90% during winter freezes. That means killing 10s of thousands of pensioners annually and making Scotland virtually uninhabitable during the winter months.

     If they are not more insane than history suggests it is possible to be the the SNP and Greens are quite deliberate liars, thieves, murderers and traitors trying to destroy this country to profit their friends/donor sin the eco industries.

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