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Monday, December 20, 2010


  This is an interesting item about the KLA/NATO Police dissections sent me by Andre who produces a round up of news about these atrocities. Clearly the western news media still studiously avoid reporting it (10 mentions worldwide today, only 2 in the UK, 100% censored in the US)
Money from sold body organs ended in accounts in Switzerland
Accounts at banks in Switzerland, Albania, Germany and some other European countries suspected to have been opened for depositing money from sale of human body organs may be evidence leading to Hashim Thaci marked by Dick Marty, the EU rapporteur, as a boss of a criminal net which was dealing with trafficking with human body organs, people and arms, ‘Blic’ learns.
These bank accounts were traced by Serbian war crimes prosecution but by American FBI as well. The FBI launched an investigation over financing of extreme Islamist groups after September 11, 2001. According to the FBI those accounts were sometimes opened on personal names, but frequently on the names of faked humanitarian organizations behind criminal activities were hiding. Some of such organizations are ‘Help for Kosovo’, ‘Medicare’, ‘Caravan’, ‘Al Haramain, ‘Taibah International’…

Dick Marty’s draft report on body organs trafficking was yesterday adopted by the Council of Europe Committee for legal issues and human rights. Marty said to have offered enough evidence for launching of a serious and independent investigation on the matter.
     I have previously pointed out that, since the body parts were flown out from Tirana airport the flight routes must still be available, unless they have been deliberately destroyed which would prove criminality across the board. If so there must be records of them being passed through customs (recently deceased human kidneys & hearts not being something that safely goes through the "nothing to declare" line. Thus which western hospitals are complicit in this genocide could be determined.

    I did ask the International Red Cross what action they had taken to trace the organs but they refused to reply. Which leads to the inevitable conclusion that that organisation decided to ignore its nominal duty because the Red Cross is also an obscene racist pro-Nazi "N"GO. (I will forward to them & see if they in any way demur).

      However if the Serb intelligence services have found the numbered accounts, or many of them, not only the account holders but also the institutions that paid them can be identified. I do not say they will be but I do say they will be unless all western "law enforcement" organisations are simply corrupt gangs of Nazi thugs complicit in genocide (OK I'll send a copy to Scotland & the UK's top law officers too though previous experience does already show them both to be wholly corrupt genocidal Nazi thugs.

PS The the entire Anglo-American media seems to have decided to censor the letter I sent too. Nothing new there then.

PPS Neil Clark, the only human being to write for the Guardian (not on staff) has this article on the subject too.

                                             The line of command authority

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