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Sunday, April 12, 2009


International Red Cross
Copies to BMA UK, Scotlnd, Wales, Northern Ireland
Dear Sir,
I run a blog A Place To Stand which has, for some time reported on the genocide carried out by NATO's police (formerly the KLA) & over the last year on their dissection of the 1300 missing Serbs & sale of their body organs, flown out, to western hospitals. Indeed I can claim to have reported this more than the entire British mainstream media combined. On Thursday the BBC reported that
Information about terrible activities taking place at Burrel first reached the International Centre for the Red Cross in 2000 after KLA fighters reported that Serb civilians were taken there in 1999 and their organs removed and sold abroad for transplant operations

I would be obliged if you could let me know of any online reports you have made of this. I would also like to know who you told about this, or indeed from what further western sources you may have learned more.

Since the Red Cross is not an arm of NATO I would assume that you would not censor mention of this in their interests & indeed that you woulf not only inform NATO, Yugoslav leaders & indeed the governments of the other permanent members of the Security Council, Russia & China.

I would also assume that the Red Cross would have told every journalist at all interested & that the international (almost exclusively western owned) have known of this genocide & organlegging since at least 2000. Clearly somebody has been censoring genocide for a decade & I would like to assume it is not you. It would seem certain that the NATO leaders have been perfectly well aware for years of the genocide carried out by their police, as have the ICTY.

On a related point it seems accepted that the body organs of the victims were flown out from Tirana airport, to western hospitals. Clearly if we are talking about 1,300 people we are dealing with about 10,000 body parts. Since air traffic is strictly controlled & such items are not normal commerce it must be relatively easy, if those investigating are honest, to determine where they ended up. Presumably they ended up in western European hospitals in sufficient volume to be easily apparent. So long as the NATO powers are not going to extreme lengths to assist those involved in this genocide those who sold, transported & bought these organs will be easily traced & mass arrests will take place momentarily.

However beyond this there must have been many decent hospital administrators who refused to buy organs offered to them by Albanian gangsters & who warned you, their national police & medical associations & international organisations, primarily yourselves. This trade long predates their move to Kosovo & presumably is still going on. How many hospital administrators have contacted you?

This is obviously a genocide, which, while numerically less than Hitler's exceeded him in depravity & cruelty. I trust the intensity of the search is appropriate to that.

Yours Sincerely
Neil Craig
Lets see what they say

Steady Neil, people will start to think you're guilty of exaggeration.

The total number of victims of Nazi genocidal policies, including Jews, the Poles, the Romani, Soviet POWs, and the handicapped is generally agreed to be between 9 and 11 million.
It was a damn site more than that Norman. Hence the use of the phrase "numerically less" whose meaning you should look up.
Not only can he not read English properly, but what a disgusting hypocritical liar and scumbag this Norman Fraser is. Much like his fellow party member Stephen Glenn is.

Messrs. Fraser and Glenn can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that the Hague "court" (ICTY)is owned by NATO.That is not my statement of "opinion", on the contrary, it is NATO's spokesman Jamie Shea's own public boast on international TV broadcasts in 1999

Messrs. Fraser and Glenn also can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that NATO was a party to the conflict - since apart from bombing Serbia to smithereens for 3months on behalf of the murderous, terrorist KLA - but the KLA's leader, Hashim "the Snake" Thaci, had a direct satellite phone up-link to NATO's supreme commander, Wesley Clark, during the illegal bombing.

Since NATO owns the Hague ICTY "court", and violates the UN Charter, this institution is illegal and illegitimate and violates international law.

NATO and its Hague "court" support fascist Nazi groups - the KLA Albanians, HDZ Ustashe Croats and pro-Waffen-SS Handschar SDA Bosnian muslims - who are all proud of their fathers and grandfathers' murderous roles in the Holocaust in World War 2 Yugoslavia.

The nerve of quoting the numbers of people murdered in the Holocaust by the Nazis!
And you should look up Mengele sunshine.
Norman you have boasted, as the guy who wrote up the charges against me, that the real reason I was expelled from the "Liberal Democrats" was because I insisted on being against genocide. Since this is officially "incompatible with membership" of the party it is clear that Dr Mengele's membership would be compatible.

Being dead for years might be a problem, but knowing a bit about how the party make up their membership lists perhaps not an insuperable one.
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