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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Just a small example of NATO's purpose

Once again the Morning Star, Britain's "communist" newspaper has, alone, been willing to publish a letter about the dissections still currently going on under our government control in Kosovo. And the rest of the Anglo-American press & broadcasters are deliberately censoring it.
This is a shorter version of my recent article because the Star emailed me saying they wished to publish but needed it cut down to 300 words so I did so.
Why silence on dissection horrors?
Monday 31 May 2010 Printable Email When Nato first took over Kosovo it armed and organised the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) as its police.

The KLA was allowed free reign to engage in massacres and the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Gypsies, Jews and non-racist Albanians and kidnapped thousands of schoolchildren - mainly girls - to serve in Western and occupation brothels.

Kidnapped too were 1,300 civilians whose bodies were used for dissection, while still alive, to provide body organs for Western hospitals.

The British and US media have with almost total unanimity censored mention of these atrocities, the Morning Star excepted.

Now a UN Dossier HPQ 215/2002 confirms the bureaucrats know all this.

What is much worse is that they know that the dissection of living people is continuing to this day.

The dossier states that "certain Kosovo clinics, especially in the city of Pristina, use enormous amounts of blood." Note the use of the present tense.

This can only be for keeping people alive as they are dissected and government bureaucrats are assisting by keeping silent.

We have let the KLA drug lords, sex slavers and baby dissectors claim to be running an independent Kosovan state - but at all levels European Union "mentors" do the actual governing.

Everybody knows independence is a fiction.

By comparison with the dissection of living people the gas chambers at Auschwitz was a painless death and Hitler, even if his sanity is to be questioned, was engaged in what he believed to be a war of national survival.

NATO never had such excuse for its mugging of Yugoslavia and the most obscene atrocities occurred during our "peaceful" occupation.

Those who eat meat cannot claim moral superiority to the butcher.

Editors, broadcasters and indeed journalists who continue to censor the news to assist in the continued assembly line dissection of living people to steal their body organs cannot claim moral superiority to the staff of Auschwitz.

Neil Craig
Though this genocide is a very important issue, the western media censorship of it is an equally important issue. It cannot now be seriously disputed that the entire Anglo-American media virtually without any other exception is corrupt & willing to censor in the cause of their master's criminality, genocide, & modern cannibalism in the Nazi cause. Compare & contrast this with their coverage of the Israeli blockade fiasco. I also sent a letter on that subject making the comparison. Anybody reading the news or selected letters & comparing them with coverage of our government's acts. Not only has it not been published but almost no letters appear which are not on the anti-Semitic side. Of course if the media have no compunction on lying to assist in racial genocide there can be no subject whatsoever for which they have any scruples about racist lying.

Legally there is no question that Israel has every right to blockade a territory which is not only at war with it but regularly launches unprovoked rocket attacks aimed purely at the genocide of civilians & with no military intent. Anybody saying otherwise must say why the precedent of the allied blockade during WW2 should not be equally denounced.

More seriously is the obvious reporting bias in Britain. When the Croatian Nazi regime's army, under de facto US/UK command, murdered dozens of UN peacekeepers in their invasion of Krajina it got not 100th as much cover. When the NATO police (formerly the KLA who we went to war for to assist in genocide) kidnapped & dissected, while still alive, 1,800 local civilians it got not 1,000th as much in the NATO countries' media.coverage

It can thus be stated that every single news organisation which gives serious coverage to this but censors our own far more serious killings has demonstrated a strong bias towards people with Nazi antecedents & an equally strong anti-Semitic bias. This obviously also applies to any politician who criticises the Jews for action not 1,000th as genocidal as their own.
Letter sent about the Israeli enforcement of blockade. I have seen no similarly balanced letters allowed in the MSM (or obvious opinions on TV).

Once again my article got a mention in Britblog roundup(albeit implying it was the "Kosovo government's" fault not ours) but, despite a much smaller pool to choose from, not in in Scottish Roundup.

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I'm glad some one has posted this picture. Don't expect to see it or any others in the Serbophobe rascist media. Some one should post it to Venessa Redgrave or Ed Vuillamy, it may change their opinion of 'free kosova'.
I am certain both of them are very well aware of things like this. In Vuliamy's case at least ceasing to express opinions in favour of genocidal Nazis would have a negative effect on his income.
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