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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We constantly get told that this or that new ban or health scare put about by the government is sincerely meant, not just parasitic empire building bureaucrats looking for something else to do. I have my doubts. I have previously demonstrated that the deaths due to reduced national wealth are over 100 times greater than the 100 lives allegedly saved. I have also shown that the number of deaths caused by people having to stand outside pubs on a winters night to smoke is likely to be far higher than alleged from passive smoking )though actually it is unlikely that there are any deaths from passive smoking.

Here is a more general finding:
Researchers from Norway and the United Kingdom found that mortality rates for people suffering from depression are similar to those who smoke.

The joint study, conducted by research teams at the University of Bergen, Norway, and the Institute of Psychology at King's College in London, compared results from a 60,000-person survey with a mortality database. Scientists found that smoking and depression increased the risk of death by a similar margin.
And does getting pushed about by these little Hitlers tend to make us happier or more depressed.

Specifically then these parasites are as deadly as smoking is. Considering how many smoking kills that is a very significant threat & used as the basis of much public policy. If only government nannying was recognised as equally culpable & were also as socially unacceptable.

Incidentally this puts in perspective the pure evil of government making asylums conform to the smoking ban. Prisons, which are full of people rather less helpless were excused the ban but some of the most helpless people in society are being literally tortured in the name of political correctness fascism. I did right to my local MSP Patricia Ferguson but the evil bitch didn't think her torture was something worth putting finger to keyboard to defend.

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