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Friday, January 29, 2010


This in the Scotsman today. I have highlighted the edited bit which lists many other points on which the big parties act as one. This went only to the Scotsman, because it was a reply to a particular letter. but I think I will sent a variant out to the rest of the press.
Anthony Garrett (letter Thurs) decries the refusal of so many to vote, claiming our politicians are as honest as any in the world. Has he noted that Labour & the Lib Dems cynically broke their manifesto promises that we would be allowed a referendum on the EU, the Tories broke the same "cast iron promise" & the SNP, who were in a position to hold a Scottish referendum did too? If their most binding promises are so easily broken, how can we trust to their "honesty" in any lesser or more difficult matter? Has he noted that all 4 enthusiastically push the "catastrophic warming" lie which so increases their power & our taxes? That all but the SNP support criminal, indeed genocidal wars & not one of them has a word to say against the way our "police" in Kosovo were allowed to dissect over 1,000 people, while still alive, to provide our hospitals with organs? That all are committed to destroying at least 50% of our electricity & therefore of our economy by 2010? That none of them object to Labour's policy of "electing a new people" by promoting mass immigration? That they have all connived at doubling the average household's electricity prices to £1200 annually with the lie that "the era of cheap power is over" when they all know that it could have been halved to £300 with new nuclear. That none of them aspire to match, or are even willing to discuss, the world's AVERAGE growth rate of 10%? That on almost all the major questions they function as 1 party, a party which has a virtual monopoly of the media, particularly the state funded BBC? All we are left to do is to ratify which branch of the ruling party gets to apply the whip this time.
I think the excision of the highlighted bit, even here, rather supports my contention about the virtual media monopoly held by our one & a little bit party state. Interesting to see the barriers between permissable & impermissable subjects. It is permissable to discuss the EU referendum - it is not to mention our government's dissection of living people, or even that we are so far behind world average growth.

Though I think the Conservatives winning would be less economically catastrophic than other vehicles of our clinically insane ruling class I am coming to the belief that voting for almost anybody outside that class, preferably UKIP (but also the BNP who, unlike the One Party, have condemned war crimes & dissecting people in the Nazi cause) would be better than giving the appearance of support (probably amounting to about 20% of voters) to the genocidal war criminal idiots.

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