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Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Scottish Parliament decision to cut use of fire by 42% over the next 11 years & 80% by 2050.

I have emailed the BBC inviting them to explain how the BBC's claim that it is "good" news that were are criminalising fire & that there is no doubt it is warming is not party political bias & breach of their Charter. It will be interesting to see if they feel it possible to make even a pro froma claim that it is. I will, of course, publish anything they have the intestinal fortitude to say.


Using figures issued by the BMA that each reduction by 1% of GNP causes 21 deaths per 100,000 (ie 1050 across Scotland) we have been able to calculate that the Climate Change Bill will provably cause deliberate & unnecessary deaths best estimated at 6,346,050 Scots over the next 91 years, though this excludes lives which would be saved or extended if there would otherwise have been any economic growth in those years. The calculations are clear, verifiable, simple & involve no hidden algorithms & are therefore much more valid than any estimates produced by the IPCC, let alone Al Gore.

Calculations are accessible HERE & have not been disputed as to fact.

That being the case the unanimous decision of the Scottish Parliament to order these deaths proves either, in the generous option, that every single MSP is clinically insane. The less generous estimate being that, for the sake of power, money & the chance to impose ever more control over the people of Scotland & to produce fear they have deliberately engaged in mass murder, treason & an attempt to destroy civilisation. If so they could only be barbarians who do not understand civilisation & wouldn't like it if they did.

The 9% Growth Party calls on Her Majesty to dissolve the body & bring its murdering treasonous fascist members to trial, if judged sane.

PS I rang into the BBC Radio Morning Show again - they were doing a piece on whether we are more Scottish or British. I said that I would like to be both but the decision of the Scottish parliament to destroy the economy & depend on Westminster continuing to supply them with money was not sustainable because someday the English will tell us to go.

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