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Friday, October 30, 2009

"We don't publish your sort round here" Says Corrupt, Lying, Thieving, Murdering, Fascist Labour MP

Tom Harris, a local MP (Glasgow South) recently was listed as Labour's best blogger so I checked him out & have occasionally put up comments.

I have had my post censored by him with these words on one of his threads.

"Neil Craig – We don’t publish your sort round here."

So what had I said?

Had I accused him of being part of a party of war criminals? Though obviously he is I had been polite enough not to say so.

Had I accused him of mass murder, child rape, genocide, organlegging? Nope - again I had been polite.

Had I accused him of treason against the country or indeed particularly against his most loyal voters? Certainly that has happened but I didn't mention it there.

Had I accused him of being a Nazi? No, though true I hadn't.

Had I perhaps accused him of using his election to steal from the public for himself? No.

Or of stealing from us on behalf of his friends? Again guilty but I never mentioned it.

Had I accused him of deliberately lying in the promises he made to get elected? Again no doubt of his & his party's guilt but not this time.

Or said that as a proven liar, war criminal. child rapist etc etc there were no circumstances under which his word, or that of any member of his party, could ever be trusted on anything again. Nope - not me.

The "your sort" who must, at all costs, be censored are anybody sceptical about catastrophic global warming.

Worse than that - in the finest traditions of 1984 he has made it quite clear that he personally knows it to be not merely a scam but a ridiculous one at that. What he censored was a comment I made supporting a rather amusing piece he did on what complete bollocks Sir Nicholas Stern, the government's selected expert on global warming had been saying:
Humans ‘will need to grow wings and develop x-ray vision to beat climate change,’ says Stern

OKAY, he didn’t quite say that, but he might as well have.

“Give up meat to save the planet“? I don’t think so, old chap. I love meat, me: I rarely eat anything that didn’t once have parents...

As for urging us all to go veggie… yeah, good luck with that one, Your Lordship. You couldn’t get me a Bic Mac meal with strawberry shake while you’re out, could you? And go large…
Harris clearly knows it is a lying scare story, an imaginary "hobgoblin" designed to keep us alarmed & easily led & whatever his own witticisms, is desperate to censor any dissent.

And this is one of the best & brightest of the corrupt, lying, thieving, murdering, fascist scum that makes up the Labour party.


He might just be censoring you, as in Neil Craig, that blogger who goes on and on and on about Yugoslavia.
Pre-emptive of anybody who might say something truthful? Could be.
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