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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IMPRISON CONVICTED WAR CRIMINALS "the bombing was an act in flagrant contempt of international law, and criminal under that law,” - Walter Rockler,

Former Nuremberg Prosecutor.

Nuremberg where either criminality was established or where the entire western legal profession prostituted itself & proved themselves & the western leaders no better than the Nazis

Seems fair to me.

On September 21 2000, 14 heads of leading NATO states — William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton, Madeleine Korbel Albright, William Sebastian Cohen, Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair, Robert Finlayson “Robin” Cook, George Islay MacNeill Robertson, Jacques René Chirac, Hubert Védrine, Alan Richar, Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder, Joseph Martin “Joschka” Fischer, Rudolf Albert Scharping, Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga and Wesley Kanne Clark — were tried in absentia by the Belgrade District Court and sentenced [PDF, in Serbian] to 20 years in prison each, upon the charges brought by the Serbian State Prosecutor for the crimes of

instigating and fomenting war of aggression,
violating territorial integrity and sovereignty,
assassination attempts of the highest state officials,
war crimes against the civilian population,
wanton destruction and use of impermissible means of war
They have yet to serve their prison terms.

Brits & Americans underlined since most of my readers come from there & our primary duty to bring justice to them overrides any concern we may have about justice in any foreign countries.

I don't think anybody can deny that all these creatures did this & that the legal & evidential case is overwhelming. We know they did it in the full knowledge that they were not preventing genocide but deliberately commiting war crimes for the purpose of helping a NATO armed KLA who were the ones committing genocide, in his words "responsible for more deaths than the security forces" since confirmed in the recent "trials" where no charges at all were brought for the allegedly massive number of massacres which were the excuse for these crimes. Even the British Parliament through its Foreign Affairs Cttee has now acknowledged that the war they voted for was criminal.

Since the Yugoslav court made its finding we have found out about the massacres, genocide, sexual enslavement of children & most recently the kidnap & dissection while still alive of at least 1,300 to steal body organs carried out by NATO police acting under the authority of these pro-Nazi war criminals carried out with the western leaders' full knowledge that this is what they did.

We live in a world that is getting ever smaller & we need a rule of international law just as much as we need mugging to be illegal on our streets. The danger to the entire human race caused by NATO actions likely exceeds the damage caused to the Yugoslavs & certainly far exceeds the benefit of having Kosovo as our colony. Until these animals are brought to justice no NATO politician is in a position to claim moral equality with the likes of Mugabe & more importantly no circumstances in which the leaders of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea can sanely trust to any assurances they make.

TO Scotland's Lord Advocate:

Would I be correct in thinking that Ms Angiolini QC is deliberately prostituting her office to protect the murderers it is her public duty to prosecute. (see mine of 3rd Feb 2008)
If you cannot deny that then I must formally state that I am willing to testify to her corruption in any case in which her presence is material. You should pass such information to defence council in such cases.

Worse is that these same people are doing it again, if we tried to make an arrest of any of these people we would be shot down before we got close. 20 years seems very kind they should all be hanged like at Nurenberg.
I agree. The bastards should all hang. I would personally pull the hangman's lever on those vicious mass murderers, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the wicked witch of the West, Madeleine Albright.
There seems to be a lack of actual argument the other way. I have put up a number of comments on LibDem blogs & it is clear that they either cannot dispute the facts at all or, more often, dispute with claims they know to be racist lies & then censor anybody making a factual point.
Neil I've read your piece from Wednesday and notice that you referred to humans as creatures.

Regardless of what you are accusing people of, if you are going to demean them in the same way as the National Socialist Party demeaned Jews, Homosexuals and the Romany community it leaves a lot to be desired. It also makes it poor or less impossible for anyone attempting to entered reasoned debate with you.

As the the Nuremburg Principles and the accusation of perjury from General Bozidar Delić. Nuremburg laid the principles but also laid down the need to establish fuller international law. And Delić went though a series of discrediting as many witnesses as possible to try and deny everything to protect his former Commander in Chief Milosovic.

As for you denial that genocide was going on in the area shall I take you the grave of one of University friends and her Bosnian in-laws and the many more of the village to stop your denial of what was going on in July '95.
Stephen you are trying to mislead by quoting from my blog out of context. What I said was that I didn't think anybody could dispute that NATO's leaders had committed war crimes & genocide & that these creatures deserve punishment. I note that you cannot dispute the accuracy of that. I think that by the very action they have demeaned themselves far more than I could. I have seen Nazi concentration camp guards described as behaving in an inhuman way - it may be that you are on record as defending them from that charge, in which case I could accept your criticism as honourable but misguided. However I suspect not.

On your 2nd point readers may not know that Delic was the one who, in the Milosevic "trial", produced the maps showing that Ashdown couldn't possibly have seen what he said on oath he had seen because there were mountains in the way. Are you saying that he fabricated the mountains or indeed that there is anything whatsoever dishounourable in "discrediting witnesses" by proving they are lying when they are? This is a very strange legal or moral principle.

As for your last remark - I very much doubt if you are telling the truth if you are claiming - as you imply - that this alleged friend was killed in Kosovo. After all you say she, or at least her in laws, were Bosnian not Albanian. If she actually had been living in Kosovo she would have been a target for NATO trained KLA/NATO police terrorism.

Nobody disputes that there was a war Bosnia - caused by the EU using an openly genocidal ex-Nazi Moslem leader, who was not even the lawful Bosnian President (Karadzic was) to break up Yugoslavia & attempt to put millions of Serbs under the control of someone publicly committed to their genocide. Not only was this contrary to all international law. Being advised by every independent Balkan expert that this would quite obviously mean starting a genocidal war it proves that the EU leaders were deliberately involved in both war crimes & genocide. Ashdown was, of course, continuously enthusiastic about doing so.

The one person who cannot be blamed for starting that war is Milosevic - well except by people like Ashdown's Nazi friend Tudjman who blame the Jews for the Holocaust.

Stephen I would be interested in knowing if you are actually denying the primary & only undisputed 1995 Srebrenica genocide - that of over 3,800 Serb men women & children (but mainly women & children because the men were in the militia) in surrounding villages. That's the one that Ashdown attempted to burn all copies of the report of.

If not then lets see when you have denounced the genocidal EU & Moslem Nazi leaders, who were more involved in starting that war than Milosevic, for your alleged friend's death. Had the western powers merely attempted to carve Yugoslavia up on mainly ethnic lines that would have been merely 19thC imperialism. What they, with the full support of the Nazi led "Liberals" did was to, quite deliberately, try to give "lebensrum" to your Nazi catspaws & to assist them in the "cleansing" of Serb majority areas. That was Nazism & the Serbs have an undeniable human right to attempt to resist such genocide.

Do you deny that there is, at the very least, a legal case to answer against the western politicians who did those things & engaged in those criminal wars. If so is it not corrupt of our legal system that these mass murderers have not been?
Stephen Glenn wrote: "Neil I've read your piece from Wednesday and notice that you referred to humans as creatures.

"Regardless of what you are accusing people of, if you are going to demean them in the same way as the National Socialist Party demeaned Jews, Homosexuals and the Romany community it leaves a lot to be desired..."

Complaining about Western war criminals being demeaned - our politicians who knowingly engaged in genocide in the Balkans - then comparing these Western war criminals responsible for so many deaths to the victims of Nazism. What nerve!

All of the petty Balkan leaders these Western war criminals supported during the '90s - Franjo Tudjman, Alija Izetbegovic, Hashim Thaci, Ramush Haradinaj - were all self-confessed, unabashedly racist Nazis and Fascists publicly committed to ethnic cleansing and genocide! Got that, Stephen?

Both Tudjman and Izetbegovic wrote books extolling the virtues of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Got that, Stephen?

Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj are on record as having made public verbal statements saying that the historical cultural and religious heartland of Serbia - Kosovo - belonged to the racist KLA Albanians only and anyone who dared oppose that principle would be dealt with the way the German Nazis dealt with their political opponents.

Shame on you, Stephen Glenn!
Pretty much my view, though to be fair by not immediately censoring any discusiion Stephen shows more integrity than many "Lib Dem" bloggers. On his own blog I have suggested that Stephen's concentration on that word & my refusal to be inpressed by his alleged Bosnian friend killed in Kosovo rather than disputing the facts of NATO genocide is because he cannot do the latter.
"...though to be fair by not immediately censoring any discusiion Stephen shows more integrity than many "Lib Dem" bloggers."

True, but you are being way too nice to him merely because he is not censoring you. Why is he still refusing to acknowledge the Holocaust perpetrated against the Serbs by the Croatian Ustashe [Croat version of the SS], as well as Albanian and Bosnian muslim Islamofascists who also served in the Handschar and Skanderbeg SS divisions/ These enemies of the Serbs which resulted in the deaths of 1.2 Million Serbs in World War 2- but instead accuses the Serbs of genocide in Srebrenica and Kosovo during the '90's - which is a complete and total Nazi Big Lie a la Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Hitler?

What a disgusting hypocritical liar and scumbag this Stephen Glenn is.
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