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Sunday, July 06, 2008


This is background information to the almost totally censored proof that NATO's "judges" knew that NATO's KLA allies were, under NATO protection, kidnapping Serbs to dissect to sell their body parts to our hospitals.

Albania has long been known as a hot spot in the illicit trade of human organs, and the missing Serb prisoners are likely just the tip of the iceberg in a much larger scandal that could involve the murder of thousands by ethnic Albanian organ traffickers.

Italian police first became aware of illegal organ trafficking from Albania in 1997 when a young Albanian boy was found with a large scar in the renal area of his back. According to an Italian government report, Albanian immigrants were behind the trafficking.

Reports published in Italian newspaper Il Giornale described Italian authorities intercepting Albanian speedboats racing across the Adriatic with eye-retinas and kidneys freshly removed from human bodies and prepared according to all the necessary medical conditions.

In 1998, London’s Observer newspaper published a shocking expose detailing a massive black market trade in human organs taken from children and infants in Albania. UNICEF told the Observer that hundreds of children simply vanished from the Albanian highlands during the late 1990s. The report said, "There have been many cases of dead new-born babies being discovered on rubbish dumps in Tirana" and that "It is widely thought that most of the missing babies are stolen from mothers who are told they are stillborn."

Arben Rakipi, Albania's then-attorney-general, told the Observer "We could be talking about hundreds of stolen babies here, of doctors being involved in the trade and of a network that extends to Italy, Greece and Macedonia."

The "babies scandal," as the Albanian media named it, became known when gravediggers in a public cemetery near Tirana discovered that some coffins, of allegedly buried stillborns, were empty.

In 2004 the Greek Embassy in Tirana published an explosive report detailing the illegal Albanian organ trade. The Greek report said that children were snatched from their families in various parts of Albania or sold, in many cases for the price of a television set. The victims, many of them disabled, were taken to special "clinics" in Durres and Fier to have their organs removed.

According to the Greek report, the organ smuggling began in 1994 and Albanian children with special needs were the primary source of black market organs. The children’s organs were often removed with the permission of parents or the directors of orphanages and institutions where the children were hospitalized.

The Greek report accused Albanian Government officials of smuggling the stolen organs to Western Europe in diplomatic bags, which are not subject to customs control.

Women forced into sexual slavery are thought to be another source of black market organs. Thousands of women are held captive for sexual slavery in Kosovo. According to one witness, when the enslaved women are no longer sexually attractive they are killed and their organs are harvested and sold on the black market.

In 2003 Elizabeth Rehn, the former U.N. undersecretary general and special rapporteur for human rights in the Balkans, gave an interview to the Washington Post where she described the trafficking of young females in the Balkans for sexual slavery and organ trafficking. Rehn accused the international community of turning a blind-eye to the problem because diplomats, workers at non-governmental organizations, police officers and religious group employees are among the pimps' biggest clients.

Rehn's assertions are backed-up by a 2004 report from Amnesty International, which found that the international troop presence generates 80% of the income for pimps and brothel owners in Kosovo.

The murder of hundreds of Serbian prisoners at the hands of KLA "surgeons" is a tragedy in its own right, but the number of Serbian victims is probably minimal compared to the number of newborn babies, retarded children, and used-up sex slaves who met the same fate.

The Albanian mafia has been harvesting human organs since 1994. Although nobody knows the precise number of victims, thousands may have been systematically butchered and sold piece by piece like old cars in a salvage yard.

Since this has "long been known" & going on since 1994 while NATO went to war the assist them in 1999 & appears to have been extensively organising, funding & arming them since 1997 there can be no question that they were unaware of exactly what they were involved in by either NATO or its/our media.

Doing a Google News search turns up 1 entry which hasn't actually reached any public outlet:

PRISTINA, Kosovo, June 27 (UPI) -- The Council of Europe has launched an investigation into allegations that rebels in Kosovo sold human organs forcibly removed from Serbs.

The council appointed Dick Marty, a Swiss senator and lawyer who investigated CIA rendition flights in Europe, to lead the investigation..... well I guess we can look forward to something equally anodyne again
...Del Ponte claimed as many as 300 people mostly Serbs, after the war were taken from Kovoso to Albania and that some of those people may have had their organs traffickedno she said "some 300" in one specific proven instance, that they were all Serbs 7 that they had all been murdered this way

Del Ponte said these organs had been flown out of Tirana to Europe. There is unquestionable that the landings, recipients of organs & who they paid for them will be on record & could be traced by policemen wishing to do so. Whether a senator will do so is something we can only speculate on.

British,European and American sponsored Albanian muslim cannibalism of Serbian Christian body parts!While NATO, Clinton and the Bush administration watches and tacitly approves by their silence. Sickening. What is this world coming to after the fall of communism? New World Order fascism?

Tony Bliar, William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush are clearly modern day Nazi war criminals, albeit without even the minimal justice of the Nuremberg trials.Hanging is probably too civilized for these politico-turds. Good job publicizing this hideous but vitally important info.
I think New world Order Fascism is a very good description of how governments acted & of how the media could be virtually unanimously relied on not to tell the truth here.

I think hanging, after a fair trial, would be good enough for them. As Larry Niven showed in his SF books 40 years ago - if we introduced dissection for organs of politicians or anybody else, it produces a morally destructive incentive to use that penalty.
Thanks for that quick reply.I guess if it's justice we're after, instead of revenge, then you're quite right.

Hanging, compared to being dissected alive, would be an infinitely more compassionate and humanistic, civilized way of dealing with these vile politico-turd NWO Fascist creatures running our respective "democratic" governments.

Too bad it aint gonna happen any time soon. I agree with you that the news media is largely to blame for this sorry state of affairs.

Media executives should also be on trial for crimes against humanity.

This despicable crime by our leaders needs to be publicized on a massive, global level.

The future of liberal Western civilization is at stake here.
"This despicable crime by our leaders needs to be publicized on a massive, global level"

Indeed it does. Thank Ghod for the internet which wasn't readily avaiable then & is putting an increasing dent in the media monopoly & hence the entire NWO.

It needs to be kept up lest we forget because of what happens to those who forget history.
Yes indeed.I couldn't agree more. We need to keep the news media and politico bastards honest on both sides of the Atlantic.

I too am very thankful for the internet and bloggers such as yourself.

I am now well aware of the British legal case a number of years ago involving a news media giant, ITN, against a small iconoclastic magazine called LM (formerly Living Marxism) thanks to your blog posts.

I found your informative, entertaining site after reading a Reuters news wire (in which your name was mentioned)about the controversy surrounding the hoax perpetrated by a "Global Warming" eco-Fascist alarmist in Great Britain by the name of Thorpe (can't recall his first name).

IMHO, Penny Marshall and her collaborators at the Guardian, Ed Vulliamy and Ian Williams,considering their despicable role in inflaming Western passions against the Serbian Christians (reminiscent of a religious crusade) deserved to not only have their Pulitzer prize equivalent British BAFTA journalism awards revoked, but also to stand trial for war mongering and crimes against humanity.

Why so harsh a judgement one might ask? For a start, they were clearly guilty, either by sins of omission or comission, in equating a brutal civil war in Bosnia to the Jewish Holocaust of millions of innocents as well as the torture and murder of tens of millions of Russians/Soviets at the hands of the German Nazis and their quislings during the second world war.

That, in my books, warrants their standing trial as accomplices and accessories after the fact with the British, European and American politicians for crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide for enabling via extensive military,diplomatic and propaganda support, their Balkan Nazi proxies, the Croats,Albanians and Bosniak muslims to perpetrate the crime of genocide against the Serbian Christians in the first instance.

Good on you for doing the essential job that our news media should be doing if they weren't so Goddamn corrupt, being instead another unofficial arm of government propaganda.
I think I have the honour of being the blogger in the whole world most thoroughly taken in by that hoax & this was because I switched off for the night just after pasting it & therefore couldn't correct it till the next morning.

Considering how much effort was put into the hoax far from proving the sceptics eager to accept a "denialist" story at face value what it actually proved is that we are... well, sceptical.

Certainly infinitely moreso than our TV broadcasters who have now accepted that their "concentration camp" photo was faked but calim it was "acidentaly" faked.

I agree with you about the suspicious similarities in the sorts of dishonesty practiced in reporting Yugoslavia & global warming when the subjects are so clearly completley dissimilar.

On my index you will find a number of articles on both (&other) sunjects which I hope you will find of interest.
Hello Neil (I hope you wont think me presumptuous and don't mind being referred to by your Christian first name)

I checked out your "Neil's index" and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on such a great job of collating your article posts into an easily searchable consolidated list of your best articles to date.

Look, no need to explain about switching off the computer for the night, I completely understand what happened.That eco-Fascist greenie hoax that you supposedly "fell for hook line and sinker" (according to the opinion of one pro "Global Warming" alarmist) is utter bollocks (to use a quaint British profanity).

I distinctly remember that only a mere 4 skeptics were supposedly "totally fooled" by it (not really true that even 4 were fooled by it at all, so yet another unintentional deception there on the part of a blogger coming to your defense).

Of course it was quite clear, after reading your original post (and the comments of several of your readers subsequently) that Reuters had deliberately set out to mislead the global public about how many 'GW skeptics' had in reality been 'fully taken in by the hoax'.

Thorpe's alarmist eco-Fascist fraud had backfired terribly and it was only fitting that Reuters (one of the premier news wire agencies backing the Croat, Albanian and Bosniak muslim Nazis in their despicable genocide of the Serbian Christians over the last 2 decades) would attempt to 'come to the rescue' and dishonestly cover for a greenie eco-Fascist fraudster like Thorpe.

Nothing surprising there really.

The NWO Western news media have proven over the last 20 years that they always cover for the Fascists - whether of the seemingly benign altruistic environmental eco-greenie type - or the more open black shirt wearing Nazi type (Croats, Albanians and Bosniak muslims) - guilty of genocide against Serbian Christians and Jews, along with the primary backers of these Balkan Nazis guilty for such heinous crimes against humanity - our supposed "liberal" Western "free market democracies" led by politicians such as William Jefferson Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush (Snr),Tony Bliar and George 'Dubya' Bush (Jnr).
I hadn't seen the "hook line & sinker" remark but clearly the author had no close relationship to reality. Both the Guardian, which employs him & the BBC ran pieces from him. Earlier I had expressed the opinion that the media would be less likely to have printed anything about the article if it were true than if it were a hoax & clearly I was proven correct on that.

Unsurprisingly, though I offered to accept payment from them for an article on the other side they weren't interested.

Wow, you really are very well informed on these topics, sir.Please also have a look at the blog

Thanks for your valuable contribution on these vitally important issues.

Keep up the fantastic work!!

Here is an article I thought you and Neil will find interesting and at the same time, quite disturbing and shocking:

Hague Inquisition

"I was Tried by the Inquisition"

"I was tried by the inquisition, and not by the court of justice", former leader of the Republic of Srpska Krajina in Croatia, Milan Martic, said at the beginning of his address to the Hague tribunal's appellation board headed by Fausto Pocar.

"It was hard to figure out who was the prosecutor and who were the judges", Martic said.

Judge Bakone Moloto shocked everyone by saying Croatia Serbs should have collectively moved out of Krajina in Croatia, leaving their homes, property and land they have inhabited for centuries, to spare Croats the trouble of having to ethnically cleanse them.

He asked Martic:

"Why didn't you move out to Serbia on your own? They would have recognized you there as a nation and in that way you would have spared both the Croats and yourselves the trouble",
to which Martic responded in disbelief that both Croat fuhrer Pavelic and his successor Franjo Tudjman would have envied this "judge".

Martic said he expected the just trial, but that he was terribly wrong, since the council of judges that tried him "took the page from Dante's Divine Comedy and applied the principle 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here'". He said he believed that tribunal will determine the truth that Croat Serbs were not "aggressors", but were only defending themselves. Instead, the tribunal had placed on trial his persecuted and expelled people.

The indication of this perversion of justice epitomized by the Hague tribunal, where the victim is treated as a culprit, while the pogrom perpetrators receive understanding and compassion, came early on, during purging of Croatia, which is now an ethnically pure state.

"After the aggression on Maslenica ended, when Croat army killed some 500 Serbs, destroyed dozens of villages and expelled the survivors, I pointed to the information that Germany and France have given the green light to Croat leadership to attack us, that the UN Security Council reacted in favor of Croatia, instead of condemning these acts, while the media launched a propaganda assault, claiming that Serbs are the 'aggressors'. Taumberie (sp?) [deputy of the UN peacekeeping forces in Croatia] responded that he can't pretend that the international community is objective when it comes to the events in Croatia", Martic said.

Pure Fascist State in the Heart of Europe
He emphasized that only on the territory of Republic of Srpska Krajina during the UN mandate, 7,000 Serbs were killed and that the RSK government was trying to protect the Serbian Krajina population. He also reminded the council that during two of the Croat state pogroms -- operations "Flash" and "Storm" -- more than 300,000 Serbs were expelled from Croatia.

"During the UN [peacekeeping] mandate, Croat state carried out five classical pogroms, all of which have the characteristics of genocide: planning, intention and execution. This is how, aided by the international community, a pure fascist state was created in the heart of Europe. The Serbs had their property stolen, destroyed and plundered. Even 50 of the returnees were killed, crimes for which no one has ever faced justice in Croatia," Martic said.

He noted the terrifying fact that both Hague's prosecution and defense in the trial against Tudjman's generals Gotovina, Markaca and Cermak, agree that the "Storm" was "a legitimate action", even though it was clearly, in all the aspects, a genocidal operation.

When Martic said that the main "cultural event" in Croatia today are the concerts of Croat neo-Nazi Marko Perkovic Thompson who glorifies Ustasha horrors, where the Croat leaders and government members are regular guests, he was interrupted by Pocar and told that his ten minutes are out.

"Fine, but that same Croatia is now at the doorsteps of the European Union. May you be happy together!", Martic ended his testimony.

Posted by BBlog Staff on July 2, 2008 05:45 PM | Permalink


The Serbs in Kocobo [Kosovo] can expect a similar-or worse- treatment of "justice" in albanian-controlled criminal state and it will all be according to the perverted "European standards". Welcome to the EU Gulag!

Posted by: bud | July 3, 2008 03:06 AM

Although a different case, it has a (Serb) relation with the one above: Oric goes free.
Who cares. This is politics and has no relation with justice. But a scandal it is. Like in the Haradinaj case, this 'court' has showed its colours -- stars, stripes and a dead kangaroo as a pennant.

Someone told me lately that ICTY might be regarded as a model for the ICC. I can't imagine that this would be the case, but if so, the world is definitely back on the level where reason, let alone justice, is inferior to power.

Oric was the commander of a Bosniak unit which shouldn't be in Srebrenica in the first place -- it was a demilitarized zone. If he wasn't responsible for atrocities committed by his men, who was? Izetbegovic?


Posted by: JJ | July 3, 2008 09:49 AM

I think the reason that the joke trail in the Hague as well as world justice and world opinion
has such as pro-Croat anti-Serb basis is becuase if they give for even an inch we will find out that 'Storm' was ethnic cleansing and Croatia did commit war crimes.Srebrenica was used and hyped to cover up the largest ethnic cleansing operation of the war that happened to have Serbs as victims.

The Croats will never be found guilty by the ICTY because this would mean that America was guilty of bombing Serbian postitions and paralyzing Serbian communications
during the attack.It would mean that all the MPRI generals are war criminals with as much or more Serbian blood on their hands as the Croats.

America and NATO took sides in a civil war and thus transformed NATO from a defensive alliance to and offensive force of American and German imperialism.

without NATO bombing Serbia and being drawn into the Bosnian war they would have never had the precident to use NATO for other imperial adventures in the Hindu Kush and Iraq.The world knows America is guilty but "might makes right" and no one YET is able to stop America's rampage.

Posted by: Jovan z | July 3, 2008 12:22 PM
Hello prn,

Sorry I missed your comments earlier.Having read some of your amazing research here on 'A Place To Stand' and elsewhere, I am quite flattered by your compliments.I have actually learned a lot from you and Neil on this subject.

Thanks also for posting the very informative articles and links;they make fascinating reading.

I concur with Neil Craig's view.It seems like just when I thought our leaders of the 'free world' couldn't possibly sink any lower into the moral abyss, yet another more sickening act of criminal depravity is uncovered.

This really is the era of NWO Fascism where Western powers and mainstream media are in bed with each other in perpetrating and covering up the crime of genocide, then blaming the victim as being responsible.
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